Handmade Chandelier! (Moody Monday)

                      Source: blogesteix-chandeliers.blogspot.com via Tessa on Pinterest

How can you be "Moody" on a Monday after seeing such a pretty Chandelier. :) This one is apparently made from old perfume bottles and is SUCH a delight to look at. One day i hope to make a nifty chandelier out of recycled items!  
Have a creative day!

MOODY Monday: Erin Ashley Art

STAND BACK Moody Monday! You just can't have a bad moment after seeing this beautiful/COLORFUL painting! I LOVE it! It's not SUPER often that i have to STOP what I'm doing to blog about a piece of art i love, but in this case, i just had to!

This piece is called "Metro Mix 4" and it's by Erin Ashley. 

Gorgeous on white or blue walls! Hooray! One day, when am settled, i would LOVE a piece like this for my home. :) 

Have you been inspired by any art work lately? 
I'd love to hear about it!

smiles to you DEAR friends,

These are a few of my favorite things....

I've always taken a liking to that song, so alas, i might as well take a liking to sharing some pretties i have found!!

Blogged 5/18/08

1. "Remember" by Geninne. These colorful drawings are absolutely amazing!

2. "Cherry Baby" by Jen Nale. This plate is right up my ally! Can anyone guess why?

3. "Sorry" by PressaRussa is by far the coolest sentiment for sorry I've seen. -card

4. "Make Art" by Melissa Vest is a bag everyone should carry!

5. "Into the Woods" by Eva Soehjar. Her style, her jewelry, every things adorable!