Looksy Wednesday! - Claudia Pearson

I stumbled upon the wonderful works of Claudia Pearson a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to write about her. Not only does she have a very distinctive style, but she also draws food! And we all know how much that intrigues me!

I love how simple-ish, yet accurate her illustrations are! And i LOVE LOVE the recipes on her blog that she illustrates. :D

She also has a neato coloring book and calender on all the produce that's fresh each month.

Make sure to check out her etsy shop, and her website to see more of her beautiful works.

Jenipher with a splash of Cherry Runway

I've been trying to mix up all of the craftiness in my world by creating loads of different genres of work. Right now i really love these nightly doodles and have enjoyed drawing every day.

i <3 flowers.

This is one of my favorite nightly doodles I've done.

Hee. So simple and still makes me smile.

I love art.

Chains of Smokey Garnet




It's hard to make sure I'm devoting enough time to Cherry Runway right now, especially since I've been enjoying other art venues so much right now, but I've still had time to create some new designs.

So what do ya'll think?? :)

Smiles and Blessings,


Study Break!

It's so easy to get distracted while working, so i've been trying to meet friends to "study" with. I live in college town so it's easy to find people on a general basis. So for the past couple weeks my friends have been meeting me at Panera to "study". They study, and i study beads. :) (Or my blog)

Creative Endevors

Lindsey @ Panera

*ME* @ Panera

Courtney @ Panera

Behold...what i have made during these creative endevors!!!

Food Inspiring Goodness.

I have never found it SO incredibly hard to just pick a few images to post on my blog, but i have to tell you. It took me a very long time just to decide on a theme. My favorite beyond favorites. Fruits and vegetables! Featuring my all time favorite. The cherry.

Lara Ferroni is a breath taking food, lifestyle and travel photographer.

Lara Ferroni

"I didn’t really mean to become a photographer. But with the first photo that I took of a batch of homemade raspberry scones, I knew I was a goner. My family quickly learned to ask first before digging in with their forks as I became completely snap-happy around any kind of food. Family vacations were hijacked to make special trips to particularly photogenic markets or restaurants."

Lara seems like she's humble, has a wonderfully supportive family, and embraces all the gifts she's been given. She is a complete and total inspiration! For a food photography nut like me (who ended up not being good enough in the studio) her life seems like a dream come true. Indulge yourself in her amazing, well thought out portfolio, and make sure you look at her Flickr account as well.