Cakeballs, Friendships and NYcity.

Today started with a cakeball.
Okay...maybe it didn't START with a cakeball, but my taste buds were VERY happy and content around cakeball time... 

see that pretty lady there, ALSO holding a cakeball? That's Laura from Le Animale. She's makes these stinkin' cute animal totems.

^See!! I told you! How cute!^

We spent a little while this afternoon cruising around Union Square, chatting about life the ins and outs of our business'. 

The piece of advice that has stuck with me and stressed me out [already?!!?] is learning to blog CONSISTENTLY! Sigh..I'm so terrible at this. I've blogged about it OVER and OVER. lol

ALAS... i've come up with something manageable! [i think?]

Posts to keep the Monday blues from coming. Inspiring things i think will bring joy to your day!

I've had so much progress with my Nightly Doodles blog, THUS i want to show off share these whimsical, encouraging doodles with you here on this blog as well. :)
New things are happening ALL the time in my little tiny NY studio! On Tuesdays, i'll show you what's happening and share my new projects!

I will [always] continue with my food obsession. Fridays on the blog are all about what i made, what to make, or ate this week!

Ha, just wanted to show you the cakeball ONE more time. ;) 

There may be a few other blog posts i sneak in there too, but you will now always? YES! Always hear from me on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

If you find i'm slacking off, slap me!! Or just tell me you miss my posts? Or...i guess slapping will work too after all. ;)

Hope you have an inspired day!
jenipher :)

The good kind of Overwhellmed. :)

One YEAR ago {{today}} my bestest bud Amanda Leigh said this to me while i'm guessing i was coming over for the weekend. 

It makes me kind of sad that i don't feel overwhelmed by fun... mostly by 


Worrying i'm not doing enough, or doing too much of the wrong things.

But, starting today, i'm really going to try to EMBRACE a new type of overwhelmed.

The fun kind. :)

I reccomend you try it with me!! :D
smiles to you dear friends,

life is so SO good.

It's been so crazy here. But SOOOO good crazy! I've been traveling to see my family and handle some grown up things in Florida. I just got back a few days ago!

While i was there, this LOVELY lady with the pink DO had her SECOND!! art show [in ONE MONTH!] I'm so freaking proud of her, and SO THANKFUL to call her my friend! 

Good golly Carissa, i love you. 
Her work is amazing, you just MUST look at it.
[here!] and [here!]

I also went from having NO sales in my 'Nightly Doodles' etsy shop, to having not 1... but FIVE!! sales, and a custom order for an original painting! HOORAY!

[i'll show you all of those images tomorrow!]
Amazing things happened while i was in Florida!! I'm still running on the high of greatness!! But instead of being in Floria , I'm doing it while being back home with the boy i love in the city I'm still getting used to. 

Life is good. :)


Brownies, Friendship and Inspiration.

I am so overjoyingly happy!
(yes...that's a word!)
I know it's only three pm (when i wrote this lol, but now it is 4:30) but today has made my heart burst into pieces in a wonderful way.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee from Artsyville today (and her adorable, smart daughter Audrey. I got to take her to my favorite cafe in NY, The Bean, share fudge-y brownies and chat about out life, art, and having kids.

Audrey was more inspiring then i even thought possible. And the way she described her other daughter brought more nostalgia then I've felt in a while.

This doodle is for you scientist Audrey!

I hope you're having an inspired day, or at least have a day coming up where you can fill up your heart with joy, love, and motivation!

Much love friends,

May Life Serve You CHEESE!

I have a really 'cheesy' picture of my boyfriend and i on my Facebook profile. I'm in love with this photo, as it's SO CUTE!  One of my friends, Tim, said this to me as a comment below the photo and i knew it had to be my next colored drawing.

It rings true for so many things for me. I love cheesy; photos, jokes, dancing, etc etc... and i [truly] hope, i have a lifetime of the finest cheese


In case you wanted to see it ^^^ Here it is. Cheeeeesey! I love it! It was taken by the boy on my birth of days. What a happy day that was. [so blessed!]

Hope you have an inspired cheese flavored day!
-jenipher :D

2011: "My Year In Images"

This year has been an AMAZING year! Good gracious so many incredible things have happened!
In January i won a [grant] from United Arts.

In February i got in my [first] car accident. #w00t

In March i had a ME day!!

In April helped the talented Robin, hang an art show. 
In May, I hung my VERY [FIRST art show]at B3 Cafe!

In June i went to [the BIG apple] and saw ^them^! 

In July, i spent the weekend with these GREAT peoples!

In August i hung my [2nd!!] art show at Raphsodic Bakery!! 

In September we all sang in Rainy Day Revival!  
the choir band at my church!
In October...two words: DIM SUM!!!
My Art was HUNG at the Orlando Museum of Art!

In December i started to date my best friend.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world. :) :)

I'm happy that it's almost 2012 and am excited for all the adventures to come... but am so #thankful 2011 had so many blessings in it.

Thank you to all of my incredible friends, all the amazing people who supported Cherry Runway, and to my family. I'm a very lucky girl!

Much love and blessings to you!

Atomic HERE we COME! [art shows

I'm getting ready for a SUPER fun weekend with these crazy cats, and a few other wonderful souls. In just under 2 hours, i'll be heading out to Sarasota, Florida for the weekend for The Atomic Bazaar.

If you live locally to Sarasota i really hope you come out and see all the VERY talented folk that show their wares there, and please make sure to stop by and say hello!

I hope you have a FUN weekend FILLED with love, friendship and silly photographs. :D

Mucho love,

Nightly Noodles

Camilo: sorry, i was reading nightly noodles
it's a blog kind of like yours
but about noodles
for dinner and breakfast

Jen: LOL are you serious? 

Camilo: lol no i was reading nightly doodles
can I make a spoof of your blog?
is that legal.. will I be ok?"

Jen: hahahaha yes!! i would LOVE that!

I'm in NEW YORK!

I know i've been kinda of MIA after being pretty consistant for a little while, but i wanted to say hello from THE BIG APPLE! I'm staying with two of my favorite people in Queens, NY, enjoying the 'fall weather' AKA warm tempatures in the AM, cool in the evenings... 

But it's been a GREAT time thus far!
I hope you're having a lovely week!

Jenipher :)

Hello, Help Me, and Hooray.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind... so many things happening, most not so great, that i feel lost in the shuffle of life. It's so draining, and saddening when things are out of your control and yet you have to take the fall for them. I recently had room mate.... 'troubles' and had to ask them both to leave. This is a huge issue for me seeing as i have a whole house to pay for, and not enough income to support it. After they [finally!!!!!!] left, i noticed a ton of damages done to my house, they didn't pay me all the rent money they owed me and my camera is missing.

It seems so sad that heart is breaking so much over the loss of camera... way more then the missing chunk of my DO YOU crack a sink?!?! And why woudn't you tell someone you broke said sink?

Anyways....since i'm out hundreds of dollars [pre-repairs], don't think i can buy a new camera right now, and without a camera, i can't color new doodles. [my camera is my 'scanner'.] 

Aside from all the trauma/drama in my house hold life, I'm getting more and more scared that now my ears have hurt me for 10 months now. I've been putting off seeing a specialist until i had a little bit more money saved, but i think i just need to book the appointment already. I'm actually really scared, i don't know whats wrong and my doctor can't see anything that looks out of the norm, which terrifies me more.

Even during all this mess, i really am thankful that i have such good friends. New and old friends have been pretty supportive, lended me MANY OF ears to babble on to, or to cry and cheer with. So although i am very out of sorts right now, i feel blessed at least that I'm not going through it all alone.

I hope you are all doing well, and having stress free weeks, and if for some reason you're going through a rocky time, i hope you do in fact have people that are standing by you to hug you and hold your hand. ...or at least to bring you ice cream.

Have a day full of sunshine dear friends.
Jenipher :)

[Foodie Friday] Pasion del Cielo!

You know when you just walk into a cafe and it feels "homey". That's how it felt when my friend Mandy and I walked into Pasion del Cielo in Coral Gables. It's cute and quint, and had enough traffic where they seemed to be doing pretty well, without seemed over crowded, which made it a perfect place to relax and recharge for an afternoon.

The atmosphere was just lovely, with the sunshine grazing all the walls in the cafe, proving a yellow tinge all around us while we read and i drew doodles. The staff seemed nice, and the customers were very friendly. There seemed to be a great mix of regulars and newbies, like ourselves. I can't wait to go back next time I'm in Miami!

Holy Encouragment!

I'm still in awe.

I can't believe the amazing turn out last night at my art show.

I had the AMAZING opportunity to have my FIRST solo show at a STELLAR cafe called Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux in Winter Park.

"Had so much fun at your Art opening!! It was so Beauty-fulllll & sweet... just like YOU! ♥" - Carissa
^the beautiful and talented Carissa Paige.

^By Golly, were my friends interested in my art! ;)

"Getting ready to go to my FIRST art OPENING!!! to support Jenipher Lyn.
She's crazy talented so you should come check it out." - Ana

"congrats girlie! so proud! :)" - Kisha
^super talented Kisha and Alex and me!

"WOO00oo! Get your art on tonight!" - Lee

"@JenipherLyn you ARE loved! Fun show! And I love my necklace." - jen_rose
^my friends Jen and Shari, and Mrs. Rose. :]

"Your art opening was so lovely! I hope you sell everything! Let's get together soon, okay! :) luv u!" - Julissa
^sooo many people! and not even EVERYBODY!

"So proud of Jenipher Lyn and her fabulous artwork! Check it out at Bikes, Beans, and Bordeaux now through June 26th!!!" - Rachel

"i'm so so so proud of you miss Jen" - Torin [plaid]

"Congrats, Jen!!! I have yet to perfect my jump drive machine, so I can't magically appear in Orlando, but I would if I could!" - Jane

So obviously i wont be able to go lol BUT i am so proud of you Jen. It's incredible what your doing.
I want to hear all about it and see pictures. Lots of love, hugs and luck for this month my friend xxx" - Yolli

AMAZING. Just amazing! Such a neato experience. I am extreamly thankful. I sold 7 things!!! whooo!!
And my show will be up until June 26th. HOoray!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day friends!

Jenipher :]

Social Media; pros and cons.

[[brian and I in 2005]]

I was talking to my [talented] friend Brian tonight via video chat. Goodness, how amazing is that? I got to SEE him, and we live about as far as we can from each other in America. We were talking about our goals, what we're doing right now, etc... but the more i got to thinking the more overwhelmed i got.

I was raised in a entrepreneurial house hold, it's all i know. But since the internet is our primary market for advertising now, a lot of the advice i was given is null. I feel like i'm drowning in social media... How does ANYONE keep up with it all?!

* facebook
* tumblr
* Carbon Made
* Flickr
* personal website
* blog
* big cartel
* etsy
* zazzle

This is only the beginning. How does everyone work SMARTER at this genre of marketing? I want to continue to grow my business and meet new people, but it seems endless.

* reading blogs consistently
* blog commenting
* catching up with people
[in real life and online life]

Considering I'm barely afloat in my current day by day life, it seems like the internet ocean is going to swallow me whole. Many days i just want to say screw it, get offline, and try something different all together; unrelated to the Internets.

But most days i realize how rewarding it is to not only meet dozens of incredibly talented people but have the chance to inspire others though my work; courtesy of my handy computer. I suppose i'll just have to keep working at it, working at my pace, and learn what works and what's a waste of time in this crazy world of social media.

Until then...
Have a FAB start of the week.
Smiles to YOU!

[[brian and i now]]

12 FIRSTS in 12 months.

My friend Andrea from Paper Sparrow inspired me to post 12 photos from 2010. One from each day month of the year. AND almost all of these are FIRSTS. What a blessed year! first. painting. ever.

My first time making pendents with clay! Thanks Patti!

THE first birthday i ever FULLY enjoyed! I am SO blessed!

My first printed "nightly doodles" EVER!

My first time eating this INCREDIBLE sandwich!

My first time painting SUCH a large doodle. AND! It was ON STAGE at church during worship. Ha. So stellar. Thanks Alex!! For asking me to do it, even though i said no. :)

My first time using real clay, and making beautiful pieces from molds. Thank you Rachel!

My first pieces that got accepted into Raphsodic Vegan Bakery. Katie's love and amazing sweet shop was one of my favorite parts of 2010. :) If you live in Orlando, you SHOULD go!

My first time in Jacksonville, visiting Chad and Georgia, with my friend Torin.
It was the Best. Trip. Ever!

I can't express how excited i am for 2011. There is already so much hope, and love, and opportunity, and I. Am. Ready. Thank you to all of those who loved me in 2010. I really couldn't have made it through without you!! I am forever grateful!!

Oodles of Love to all of you.
My readers, my friends, and everyone in between.
I feel blessed to know you all!
smiles to you,

Glorious Atomic Bazaar! Glorious weekend!

I had an art show in Sarasota this weekend called Atomic Bazaar. I got the privilege to stay with my friend Chip and bring my friend Lindsey to help me. I express HOW imperative it was to have a weekend away from Orlando. It was good for my soul, my heart, and my business.

I have the best friends ever. I really really appreciate the two of you so much. I appreciate all the amazing people i met at the show. [[I'll post another post about all of them!!]]

Let's just say i was really blessed. I had amazing encouragement, more sales then i realized, and lots of love from friends and strangers.
I hope you all get the chance MANY MANY TIMES to feel the love i have felt. I really do.

Blessings to all of you.

I'm a thankful girl. :)


Rachel helping me with my grant

My beautiful pottery Rachel helped me make!

Fish tacos

Reconciliation with special people from my past

Quick work day

My nutritionist

Today’s a new day.


Things said in love.

Helping hands.

Writing e-mails at work.


Cranberry juice

Zucchini bread


Being on time for work even after running around

My car and air conditioning


getting more sales! Yay!

Allowing myself time to draw.

I stayed in bed till 8:30am

My house

Trying to let go.

What are YOU thankful for friends?

with love,


Colorful thanks this week. :)


  1. Seeing Lindsey
  2. Easy drive back to Orlando.
  3. @whatsyourstatus service/music
  4. Knowing people at Status! Finally!
  5. Our family breakfast this morning. – went REALLY well!
  6. the BEST grilled cheese @Lucillesdiner
  7. Cinnimon strusel muffins. Mmmm…
  8. my room mates
  9. HUGS.
  10. SO MUCH FOOD from my trip! [[fed me all week!!]]

8, 9, 10 :)

  1. Email responses
  2. LOVE
  3. 49’er pancakes
  4. Amazing leftovers! – YUM!
  5. Mid-night creating.
  6. Harry Potter books! – I heart Ron Weasley
  7. Baby, my kitty.
  8. Journaling at work.
  9. Friendship
  10. texts/e-mails at work
  11. nice customers!


  1. My counselor got engaged!!
  2. I’m in a REALLY REALLY great place right now!!
  3. Crafts with Kristin and Jessica tonight!
  4. I felt creative last night. :D
  5. Luna Bar. Mmm…mint chocolate protein!
  7. Friendship
  8. Thank You” – I <3>
  9. God’s consistent love.
  10. No headaches today!!
  11. Easy jobs.
  1. My Treadmill. – BEST birthday present.

Foodie Friday: Operation: Waffles

My friend Courtney and I were in the mood the mood to make waffles from scratch. We used pancake batter and spread it inside the waffle maker.

Which...apparently there are some "special tricks" since our batter didn't seem to want to be INSIDE the waffle maker.

Eventually we did make some pretty "perfect" waffles.

Although...the 1st [broken] one, browned even more and had more waffle attributes we like, we still enjoyed our almost perfect whole waffles. :D

What fun cooking adventures have YOU gone on?

Anything come out FAB? Any flubs?

I'd LOVE to hear about it!

Have a creative, delicious day!

Foodie Friday - Home Made Brusetta

My friends came over on Tuesday night for craft/cooking night. We made fresh brusettta. Twas delicious!


French Bread
Cherry Tomatoes
Mozzarella cheese
Oil and Vinegar

We got our produce and cheese from Whole foods and our bread from Publix.

First cut thick slices of fresh french bread.
Dice the Mozzarella and cut the cherry tomatoes in two.
Fill the bottom of a bowl with vinegar.
Add cheese and tomatoes to the bowl of vinegar.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Spread bread slices on a cookie sheet.
Add a decent amount of the cheese/tomatoes to each slice of bread
Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until the bread is crunchy and cheese is brown'd.
And ta-da! Deeelicious!
As you can see, WE really liked it! :p

What fun things have you cooked this week?

Food and Love to you dear friends!

I'm thankful, are YOU?

1. Home made waffles

2. Breakfast with my friend Courtney – I’ve missed her!!

3. It’s Friday! – no work tomorrow!!!!

4. Thinking of relaxing after work. – M&M’s and tea please!

5. Art/fun plans this tomorrow – with @carissa_paige

6. Tea with sugar – relaxation in a cup

7. New internet friends – and Twitter/iphones for letting us chat today

8. Perspective – always intrigues me.

9. My friend Aamir’s e-mail – kept me distracted at work

10. My friend Michelle thinking I’m a real business person. :) PERSPECTIVE!