i AM a princess.

On Monday, my 89 year old GREAT aunt called to tell me she sent me a package.

Inside was the most beautiful card saying how i am their princess and expressing how much joy i bring to them. She said i should always feel like a princess and when i forget i should put on the tiara to remind myself.

Today is one of those days.

I have the best best best BEST aunt and uncle in the entire world. I love them so dearly.

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today...

* My heart was hurting in places i didn't know existed.
* I was in South Florida taking a two week "life" vacation.
* I was confused to the max about what my future was going to look like.
* I was angry and hopeful about the plans God had for my life.

But more importantly one year ago today,

* My mom bought me a pedicure. Which made my toe-seys look beautiful!!

* I ate a delicious salmon salad at a German restaurant.


* I got to spend a glorious day in Miami with my best friend and THESE delicious cupcakes.

It's amazing how many good things come on bad days. And how WONDERFUL a year can make you feel. I am so blessed. :D

I hope even through the bad, you can see the silver lining in your life!!

Smiles and Blessings to you my friends,

Jenipher :)

One Year Ago today...

[[or in the last couple days..]] :D

I was in South Florida, visiting my family, and learning how to cook from my GREAT italian aunt. She's wonderful, her and my uncle both are, and i miss them very much.

We were learning how to make a proper "Aioli". Which is a combination of garlic, onions, olive oil, olives, pine nuts, parsley and basil. She makes hers with macaroni and broccoli.

Aunt Kiki's Aioli

Put oil in pot, put heat on medium (this will be a sauce) (this is for less then 1/2lb or a package of macaroni) a little more then a quarter cup of oil.
Add 5 or 6 cloves of FRESH garlic
Slice them thin, and brown them.
Then add Parsley, a level table spoon.
1/2 teaspoon basil.
6 olives cut into small pieces. (quarter pieces)
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic.
Some pine nuts (or you can add walnuts). Add a table spoon.
Let it simmer on medium.
Boil macaroni for 10 minutes.
After 6 minutes take 3/4 cup of the pasta water and add it to the oil.
Take a little at the time so it doesn't splatter at you.
Drain macaroni, then put it in dish and poor the sauce over it.


Aunt Kiki Tip!! *Buy [very white] garlic, put it in the jar, whole with skin on, without cover to keep them up to 9 days.**

I learned MAD card skillz playing with my Aunt over the last 20 some years, and it's always cool to see how close the game gets AND to see who wins... I WIN!! :D :D

This meal is really great, and very inexpensive. Add whatever veggies you have on hand, add a different type of nuts, use your imagination! You will be happily surprised at how wonderful this pasta dish tastes. :D

A Year In Pictures...Part II

So..i know i am slightly behind on the [2009 picture memory] band wagon, but i still wanted to share my "highlights" of 2009. I'm weary of posting some of the impactful moments though... [so while i type this I'm debating which to put up here]

Well...i'm having issues with pictures not looking good if some are horizontal and some are vertical, so i present you with my life in horizontal pictures.

*My 25th Birthday * Decorating my Room * 80's Party with new "Cell" friends * Visiting Brian in California * Climbing a mountain * Getting Accepted to RENEGADE! * Trying new sushi's * Cutting my toe open * Being on crutches for 3 months * Not walking for almost five months * Art Group * Trying new crafts * Meeting Brian, Amanda and Alex * Counting Crows concert * Celebrating my 1/2 birthday * Trying coffee for the first time * Reconnecting with my old church [Wesley] * Atomic Bazaar * Volunteering at a local radio station * New Years eve with new friends. :)

A Year In Pictures...

So..i know i am slightly behind on the [2009 picture memory] band wagon, but i still wanted to share my "highlights" of 2009. I'm weary of posting some of the impactful moments though... [so while i type this I'm debating which to put up here]

Well...i'm having issues with pictures not looking good if some are horizontal and some are vertical, so i present you with my life in vertical pictures.

*Taking a metal smith class * Getting Engaged. [and un-engaged] * Doing art at my new clerical job * Getting into Renegade and meeting a favorite artist, Andrea * My "Jen" ring * Cutting open my toe in 4 places * Meeting my idol Mary Englebriet * Many MANY trips to the clinic * Lots of laughter with Alex, Brian and Amanda * Cooking again * Wearing shoes again [after 5 months] * Trunk show in Ocala * Cooking with Armond and Brian * Shrinky dinks with Alex * Trying new foods * Making sugar cookies for the first time * Drinking alcohol for the 1st time. *


My first post of 2010. So So Crazy!

2009 was a crazy year....and I'm so thankful for all the blessings [both bad and good blessings] 2009 provided.

I'm thankful to have 10 toes.
I'm thankful to be able to shower normally.
I'm thankful i can walk. Run. Roller Blade. Jump. Dance.
I'm thankful i have friends that love me. Support me.
I'm thankful to have my family in my life again.
I'm thankful Cherry Runway did well in 2009.
I'm thankful to have my job[s].
And really..I'm thankful for all the wonderful things God has taught me this year.

I leave you with a funny cartoon. :D I hope you all had a safe, and wonderful New Years Eve/Day!

Smiles and Blessings,

Operation: Become Human. PART II

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake Mmm Cupcake. :)

I'm back at a coffee shop that I've recently been frequenting. Although,the last time i was here i was in a completely different mind set. (lol which was March 17th, just over a month ago)

Since that post, i HAVE been better. I have been functioning, and realizing that I'm very thankful I'm not engaged anymore. The ache i was feeling then, is not longer. Now it's a different ache. One that doesn't control me completely. Although, i am functioning, I'm not really fully "living" yet. I'm still a partial zombie, trying to focus long enough to complete a single task.

I find it so incredible how I've ALWAYS stressed out heavily over my to do lists. Now I'm lucky if i focus long enough to accomplish ONE thing a day. (Like writing this blog, THIS is the task I've given myself today) (baby steps!)

So to celebrate my humanness, I'm here to tell you visually invite you to see the things that have made my life a little happier.

I Heart Rollarblading

Bright blue skies, the greenest green of grass, inspirational music to fill my ears and my roller blades made today, a better day.

Oh. The colors.

I think my favorite part of decorating the eggs this past Easter (which by the way, was my first time ever coloring eggs) was abundance cups of colorful dye.

I couldn't help myself taking more pictures of the dyes then my friends.

My Favorite Egg.

A lovely day with families of friends made not only me smile, but my egg too.

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake

My former boss from Anthropologie has a baking business. And my oh my, are his cupcakes amazing. You [might] remember my blog post about his deliriously delicious cookies. These were Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes, and what a treat they were!

Alas, there you have just a few things that have made these past few weeks much better. Stay tuned...!

Holiday Ho-Down!!

It's been a pretty busy time right now, which is funny considering how little I'm actually working at a job these days. In the last two months i went from working 45-50 hour weeks to working less then 30 hours. Last year at this time i was consumed by work, this year I'm begging for hours. It's incredible. I know I'm obviously not the only one struggling with this, and should consider myself lucky since i still have at least one of my two jobs, but its still scary.


Regardless, i still had a VERY nice Thanksgiving. I spent it with my lovely boyfriend, and his fab family. Their TG was quite different from my own. I never had a very big family, and our "family things" never lasted very long, so this was a new experience for me.

christmas holiday

Riley's mom gifted us with a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving, and we set up last Satuday. Isn't it pretty? We sure think so. So much, that we had a fun photo shoot that night.

Hope your having a nifty holiday season!

Better Late Then Not At All.

I've been an absolute blogging slacker. There has been much going on in my non-internet based reality and it's been quite overwhellming. In the past month or so since i've blogged i have enjoyed;

* A lovely birthday.
* A fun birthday party.
* A wonderful boyfriend.
* Meeting his family. eek!
* Two visits home. [including tonight]
* Being at my dad's 49th dinner party.
* Sick relitives.

[okay so i didn't enjoy this, in fact, it's killing me]

I'm sure there are more things, but right now i'm kind of cloudy minded, so i can't remember. This week i was happily asked to do Visual again at Antro for the next two weeks. This week i have...

* Been reaquiented with the evil 8 ft ladder.
* Made two sale signs that are on the sales floor.
* Leanred how to water ferns.
* Helped make and paint two wheel barrows for displays.

Next week, i'm helping make the new window displays. That shall be fun. Until then, Riley and I are driving back home to visit my Grandpa in the hospital. If your reading this, try and keep him in your thoughts, he's not doing very well. :(

Have a wonderful weekend blog land folk!

Over and Out.