Bah Humbug!

Getting engaged is supposed to be this whirlwind of happy feelings. Love, devotion, joy. These feelings, the setting, this incredibly wonderful person in front of you. Life, in that moment, seems to be picture perfect.

Being engaged is supposed to feel like a new chapter. A chapter that shows your dedication to this one person, and preparing to start a real life with them. Forever. In most cases, I'm sure the act of becoming engaged starts a blissful new chapter for the couple.

In my case, it's what broke my relationship to pieces.

It's kind of a surreal feeling. Just sitting back and thinking about what can change in just a week. One week....

Exactly one week ago, i was sitting in my kitchen working out my relationship with my [obviously then] fiancee. We have had a tough month with quite a few tiffs, had a major fight, a five day separation [merely because i was already planning on visiting my mother that week]. But we were both game for taking time to work things out. He actually told me he was ready to work on it. He knew he let our issues coast before, but now he is finally 100% game to fix these "things". These tiffs.

So how am i single, and broken hearted one week later? You much as i tried to mentally prepare myself, i am still shocked and confused.

All i know is that we had one more talk, which lead to an argument, and the next day he told me "we tried our best, but i don't feel like trying anymore". We did our best? Since when did 7 days become enough time to work out multiple issues?

Everyone keeps telling me at least you found out now. At least your not married yet. But i still feel deceived. A week ago, the man i was going to spend the rest of my life was explaining how much he loved me and wanted to make our lives together better. And one mere week later, I'm single, confused and have a heart that needs more chocolate then i care to consume.

I know ill be okay. That, in time, this won't hurt so much. But right now, this freaking sucks.

*note* this is really personal, and most likely shouldn't be shared. Alas, i care to share it anyways*

*PS: It's also kind of odd, that my previous post was about my last date with him*

No...Thank You!!

My mom is throwing Riley and I an engagement party this Saturday. (Ahem...lets say that day again, February 14th! How cheesy?! ha!)


Regardless, it shall be a happy event. Our families are meeting for the first time, which is exciting. And, we're going to be surrounded by dozens and dozens of family and friends, amazing food, and lots of love.

Since everyone is asking what to get us, we knew we needed to have extra special Thank You notes.

I think they came out more then wonderful, and they reflect us to a T. ;)

I left a thankful g/f and came back and blessed fiancée!!


For the holidays, my family took us to New York for a few days in January. The trip was very fun, but the most exciting part was obviously when Riley purposed our first day.

central park

He took me to Central Park right after we got there and took me on a horse and buggie ride, then we walked around the park talking about our plans for the week. The ice skating rink in Central Park was a must because my favorite movie was filmed there. (Serendipity). (The ice cream place was a must too!!) During the horse ride it actually snowed a tad, which was very pretty.

Then when we were nice and chilled he brought me up to these rocks over looking the rink and asked me to marry him. It was so lovely!! It actually snowed for us then too. (The only two times the whole trip it snowed) I'm so excited and blessed and happy and....thankful. As cliched and overused a saying it is...i am seriously the luckiest women in the world. I have met my prince. :)


So, the ring came with us where ever we went. She certainly liked the Empire State building. The city is so beautiful up there. If you are ever in New York City, this is a must!!


Although my hand is just a tad icky do you get hands to look nice?? Isn't the ring gorgeous??

He actually designed it!! Go figure that!! My Riley is a talented fellow. (Poop, i was going to include the image of his drawing, but he brought his sketchbook to work today) I'll show you later!


Alright folks, more about my trip later. I just couldn't hold out any longer without sharing it with you..(maybe 6 readers?) ;)