To New York! And beyond. :)

So..... i just came back from New York. I had the most incredible time. I've been living in nostalgia the whole week i've been back.

Camilo took me on lots of adventures; we were literally 'adventuring' from 10am to 4am every day i was there. CRAZY!


I stayed in Astoria, Queens, which i think might be my favorite 'borough' in NY. I LOVE the quaint brick houses, and that it's still full of people, yet not over crowded and intimidating like the city.

Although all the 2011 sketchbooks were on tour already when i got there, i got to enjoy the 2010 sketchbooks from the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. What a pretty store!!

I also got to enjoy Renegade Craft Fair which was PRETTY STELLAR! I'm going to apply to it next year. ::crossing my fingers!!:: 

This was my first time riding a real train. It was kind of like a grey hound, only much larger. Double decker in fact! I made friends with the tattoo'd pierced, bald, ticket collector man. He was my peep!

I seriously can't wait to go back!!! I miss my friends terribly, and can't wait to run a muck with them in the fall!
Have you adventured anwhere recently? I'd love to hear about it!
Over and out,
Jenipher :)

BEHOLD! Nightly Doodle Greetings

ALAS, i have finally made quite a few "nightly doodle" greeting cards. I have many more to show, but for now, a brilliant sentiment, and a lovely way to send the sentiment. ;D

These "mini prints" are on this card with four clear corners so you can take the print off and frame it if you like.

Let me know if you would like any. :D

Smiles and Huzzahs to you friends,

I've been blogged about! Huzzah!

Yesterday was a wonderful confidence filled day.

I had an acquaintance-y friend tell me that my nightly doodles are a daily part of his Facebook reading routine.

My co-worker told me i was really talented when i showed her some random doodles i did while working.

AND....i was featured in a blog! Huzzah!! What a lovely day!

Mission Possible.

Elke has a neato blog and Etsy shop. On her shop "Sweet Twee Lab" she sells home made kits and other fun items, and on her blog she posts daily "random word" etsy pickin's. The word she choose to find my lovely astronaut was "possible".

The coolest part about her is that she is a scientist by day, and a crafter by night. I LOVE it when folks have the brains and the crafty talent. That's so exciting to me! It seems you have the best of both worlds. :D

Thank you so much for featuring me. I appreciate it. :D

Greetings Nightly Doodles!

I am LOVING my "NIghtly Doodles", and so are many other awesome folks, so with YOUR suggestions, i present you with the first batch of "Nightly Doodle" greeting cards. Yay! :D

I shall be taking more pictures and posting them on my website/etsy soon, and hope to get good feedback from them.

Thanks for your suggestions! I appreciate them.

Smiles and Blessings,


Nightly Doodles.

To keep the creative juices flowing fluidly, i've been making sure i draw at least twice a day. During work during the days and one "nightly doodle" before bedtime. Usually, the nightly doodles and quick and silly and honestly, stellar! :D

Here are the ones from this week.

I enjoy them. My friends seem to be enjoying my nightly randomness all is well in doodle-world.

I hope you are all having creative week[ends] too!!

Thanks for reading!


JENipher :)