Happy Birthday ME!!!

It's my birthday!!

Right now i am GALLIVANTING through South Carolina! I'm so excited! Tonight, i'll be eating at a stellar restaurant called Magnolias to celebrate!

Whoo hoo!! 
To celebrate with ya'll i'm offering 10% with the coupon code BIRTHDAY! I'll send your parcel when i return on the 2nd. Enjoy!
It's my birthday!!

Welcome to...."The week of an artist"!

I'm thinking of trying to have a weekly post of my favorite weekly photos.
[because MAN i take a lot of them!]

Thus......Welcome to the week of an artist! 

  • This chocolate peanut butter cupcake from 'The Bean" was DELICIOUS!
  • I felt SO pretty in my white lacey dress.
  • I love goofing off with the boy at night. This is one of the photos that came from that.
  • I have been wanting to paint my girl on a plate for a LONG TIME! finally!
 Have you had a nice creative week?
What have been your favorite part?

hope you're having a lovely day!

Inspired to Inspire.

My friend Andrea from Paper Sparrow is doing an 'April challenge' which has her painting a new image every day for the month of April...[aside from me just realizing it's May] I'm very intrigued! I've felt in a rut and over whelmed by general life so i've been trying to draw and color more of my doodles. I'm going to try and commit to posting them [and other posts] more often [CONSISTENTLY!] for a month. Hooray! Lets see how it goes.

Enjoy! ;)

Change O' Heart. Change O' Price.

I posted a blog post a while back about selling my photographs. After much deliberation, i am lowering the price to only $10.00!!


Variations of colors in one setting have always been my weakness. I just LOVE how magical images look when they showcase an abyss of beautiful colors.


I heart Cupcakes. But seriously, who doesn't? Live the calorie free life and enjoy this stellar cupcake print.

These prints are 8x10 but other sizes are available in other sizes.

What do ya think? Are they worthy of printing/buying? I hope so!!

I hope you're all having a stellar week!
<3 style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);">Jenipher :)

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today...

* My heart was hurting in places i didn't know existed.
* I was in South Florida taking a two week "life" vacation.
* I was confused to the max about what my future was going to look like.
* I was angry and hopeful about the plans God had for my life.

But more importantly one year ago today,

* My mom bought me a pedicure. Which made my toe-seys look beautiful!!

* I ate a delicious salmon salad at a German restaurant.


* I got to spend a glorious day in Miami with my best friend and THESE delicious cupcakes.

It's amazing how many good things come on bad days. And how WONDERFUL a year can make you feel. I am so blessed. :D

I hope even through the bad, you can see the silver lining in your life!!

Smiles and Blessings to you my friends,

Jenipher :)

Oh Cali, how i miss thee today...

So..i woke up this morning, reminising about California. I miss how beautiful it was there, the freedom of not having to be anywhere specific, the company :) , and just generally traveling.

I've never craved travel before in my life time, and since this trip and after meeting some travel emthusisit friends, i want to go EVERYWHERE now.

* Portland (THIS really should be soon!) (Crossing fingers!)
* New York City
* Brooklyn
* Savannah
* Chicago
* Seattle
* North Carolina

Those are all on the "soon i hope" list. :)

Oh yesh...I miss this too. :)

Shrink And Dink

Pre-cooked artwork!

My friend Alex came over this past Monday to collaborate our mad skillz and make some fun charms. Alex is a stellar drawer and created these lovelies in such a short span of time, twas awesome!


When Alex first told me he wanted to draw a black line around the cupcake, i thought he was nuts, but it looks stellar!!

Just Let Go

Growing Jar

Broken Hearted...

I am still amazed by this shrink plastic, it's so neat! And spending time with Alex creating is so fun! I've been yearning for friends to do art with my whole life, and i finally met them. It's just a matter of making plans to do the art, so this was such a blessing!

Alex & the mini's

I hope we get to craft again REALLY SOON! ::wink wink::

Talented Artists + Baked Goods = Fun Art Market!

Jess from Son of a Gun had a really fun little market today called Colonial Market. I met some amazing, talented girls, had a fun time with my friend Stephanie and introduced Cherry Runway to some lovely folks. :)

Setting up my table is becoming more fun which is a lovely thing indeed! Alas, my table needs a total refresher course, if you have any ideas please let me know! :)

Foot Twins

Christina and I were foot twins..only her injury made mine look like a silly accident. Goodness..i hope you heal soon Christina!

Sara and Stephanie

Sara from Lily Flys Garden makes really fun jewelry for such affordable prices. I bought a sweet little headband from her too!

Stephanie from Polka Dots and Daisies Bakery
makes such amazing cakes and treats! Her cupcake pops were incredible and so tasty!


Teresa makes really sweet greeting cards, mustache pops, and jewelry!


Miranda had pretty jewelry, paintings and yummy sweets!

Pineapple Cupcake

Mmm...Miranda made this delicious pineapple cupcake, with a real pineapple slice and strudel on top. :)


Christina from Feather Head makes really cute barrettes with her friend Aaryn!

Alyson from Design du Jour

Alyson from Design du Jour makes adorable purses and flower hair clips.

Stephanie is super awesome, and woke up SUPER early to come to my house at 6am to get to the show.

I had a really great afternoon, and hope I get the privilege to see all these amazing ladies again. I am SO game for a craft day! Let me know when you're interested in having one! :)

Operation: Become Human. PART II

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake Mmm Cupcake. :)

I'm back at a coffee shop that I've recently been frequenting. Although,the last time i was here i was in a completely different mind set. (lol which was March 17th, just over a month ago)

Since that post, i HAVE been better. I have been functioning, and realizing that I'm very thankful I'm not engaged anymore. The ache i was feeling then, is not longer. Now it's a different ache. One that doesn't control me completely. Although, i am functioning, I'm not really fully "living" yet. I'm still a partial zombie, trying to focus long enough to complete a single task.

I find it so incredible how I've ALWAYS stressed out heavily over my to do lists. Now I'm lucky if i focus long enough to accomplish ONE thing a day. (Like writing this blog, THIS is the task I've given myself today) (baby steps!)

So to celebrate my humanness, I'm here to tell you visually invite you to see the things that have made my life a little happier.

I Heart Rollarblading

Bright blue skies, the greenest green of grass, inspirational music to fill my ears and my roller blades made today, a better day.

Oh. The colors.

I think my favorite part of decorating the eggs this past Easter (which by the way, was my first time ever coloring eggs) was abundance cups of colorful dye.

I couldn't help myself taking more pictures of the dyes then my friends.

My Favorite Egg.

A lovely day with families of friends made not only me smile, but my egg too.

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake

My former boss from Anthropologie has a baking business. And my oh my, are his cupcakes amazing. You [might] remember my blog post about his deliriously delicious cookies. These were Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes, and what a treat they were!

Alas, there you have just a few things that have made these past few weeks much better. Stay tuned...!

[I <3 guilty pleasures]

Mrs. Mini and Mr. V-Spikes

I've been home now for a little over a week. There are been many highs and quite a few lows, but i think I'm processing and progressing little by little.

The best part about visiting your home town, is that people will actually go out of their way to make sure they see you. Which is a FAB feeling! I am blessed to have so many lovely folks i can call my friends.

So alas, here are my guilty pleasures for this week from South Florida. (yes, they are almost all food!) I finally was able to eat because i wanted to yesterday. It's been three weeks of no hunger, so it was kind of a nice change.

Fun Friends and ME!

Yolli and I saw "I love you, Man", which was really cute and relate able, plus Paul Rudd is a cutie. Then we had a midnight snack at Friday's while chatting about LA. (She's leaving me soon) :(

Camilo and I tried to find batting cages, failed, but ended up eating Mexican food and cupcakes.

Mrs. Mini

I've been craving Dairy Queen for ages now, and Aaron was nice enough to join me for some quality ice cream goodness. Mmmm...Mint, Fudge, Brownie Sunday. Time to hop back on the treadmill!

I <3 Dairy Queen

A couple days earlier i went to South Beach with my folks and friend Amanda (we didn't take any pictures of us) :( I had read an article about a lady named Misha who makes cupcakes and sells them to this really stellar bookstore on Lincoln Road, sooo, of course i had to test drive her cupcakes.

Misha Cupcakes

Why do all of my hang out sessions involve food?

And finally...one of my favorite guilty pleasures of this trip, which actually involve no food at all? Shh, ya ready?? A really wonderful midnight treadmill session while watching "Life with Derek". A show on Disney channel with a cute cast, and fun enough story lines that can keep me entertained for two miles.

I tired to find a good picture for the show, but couldn't find anything worthy of posting.

Alas, that is how my trip is going this week. I still have another week left, so who knows what other exciting foods..i mean adventuers i shall go on.

Hope your all having a stellar week!!

Afterthought: I just realized all of my friends in that picture have dimples. Random. :)

i heart cupcakes.

i heart cupcakes - earrings

Cupcake Earrings. $20.00

Two itty bitty handmade clay cupcakes, frosted and sprinkled with fun, and a Garnet cherry on top!! Daisy colored Freshwater Pearls dangle happily under the cake cups. All this goodness hanging on Silver toned, heart accented, ear wires.

i heart cupcakes - necklace

Cupcake Necklace. $30.00

The title rings true with this fab cupcake necklace!

Itty Bitty handmade clay cupcakes, frosted and sprinkled with fun, and a Garnet cherry on top!! Butterscotch colored Jade accents this necklace nicely.

Calorie Free Cupcakes

Jessie has a shoppe called Cake Spy. I've been happily reading her blog for some time now, and am quite pleased to write about her on my blog. Her drawing style is RIGHT up my ally! She has her own adorable drawing style, and humorous adventures her little "cake spy" takes.

I have been making stuff since before I can even remember! My mom has a picture of me in my high chair with pigtails, concentrating intensely and coloring happy faces.


That having been said, I am rather new to the crafting culture, and so far have only been doing framed pieces. I am looking to add cupcake plushies and figurines to my offerings soon.



I try to get inspiration from everyday life, in a flaneur-like fashion: bakery cases, cool buildings and architecture, and magazines and books. I also love a lot of "blogs" out there, from design-y ones like Oh Joy or Decor8 to foodie ones like Cupcakes Take the Cake, Whipped, Bake and Destroy and the Urban Housewife. In terms of art, I love great line drawings--some of my favorite artists are Saul Steinberg, James Thurber and William Steig; for painters, I adore Wayne Thiebaud (the cake guy!) and Jean Miro.



Some challenges I've found have been cost of goods--since I sell framed pieces, the costs can really add up so I have to be smart about that. Also, it might be a little bit outside of what you asked, but taxes!! It's a whole lot more to keep track of than if you had a day job and had your employer do it all for you. I have to mentally take 20% off of each sale for the taxman!


She's a very talented gal, so go check out her etsy, and then head over to Jessie's blog to read about the cake she spies. :)

I can tell you about NC in 6 images...

I returned home from North Carolina a couple of days ago, and it has been quite hard to adjust back to reality after being in a fantasy world [ie: vacation] for 13 days. My trip was definitely an interesting adventure. It was nice to get away, and i enjoyed seeing my friends. I had the best travel buddy, successfully learned how to use the NC bus and train system, and ate and drank a large abyss of wonderful goodies.



I believe one of the biggest differences between Florida and North Carolina are the trees. NC had the most amazing trees. There was such a variety, some flowering, some waiting patiently for spring time. This tree captivated me. This tree was found on a nature hike Mel, Camilo and I took in Charlotte.



I love this picture. I think it's one of my favorites. This image defines why my friends are so much fun.



Polka Dot Bakery had THE cutest ad in this local women's newspaper. Just based on the ad alone, i was determined to visit. I was slightly disapointed in the decor of this small, somewhat hidden bakery, but honestly, you MUST visit Polka Dot if your ever in town. The cupcakes were exquisite. Very flavorful. Great presentation. Highly recommended!



I have an obsession with houses. Doll Houses. Cottages. I love any home in a sweet spring time color. Honestly, one of my life's goals is to find and buy the perfect "doll house". There were many in NC that came close. This house was definitely a favorite, plus it had a ledge outside it which was perfect for taking timed images. This was my favorite pose when i was in middle school. Quality pose eh?



I really wanted to take touristy images, but there weren't really any touristy places in Charlotte. There were dozens of beautiful churches though. I wanted to take pictures in front of them waving and such, but they were just to terrible. I like this perspective of the church much better.



Pizza is one of my favorite foods, but honestly, 80% of pizza places suck. We had pizza three times in NC. Fuel pizza had a really cute atmosphere, but the pizza itself wasn't wonderful. We ate at a yummy pizza place (I'm sorry i can't find the name right now) in South End, close to Uptown Charlotte, and i was quite impressed. On the way back from Asheville Camilo and I stopped at the CUTEST town called Black Mountain. [More about Black Mountain later] and had salad and pizza. It was absolutely delicious. The pizza above is from "My Father's Pizza" place in Black Mountain.

Faux Cakes, Faux Calories

When i saw Jenni from Jenni B's shoppe, my 1st two thoughts were "Hey she has my name!" and "Aww cherry cupcakes!!" so why wouldn't those two facts give me enough reason to blog about her? The funny part is that i never realized how large of a fan base Jenni has. Martha Stewart herself asked Jenni to come and show her audience how to make faux treats. Isn't that amazing?


I've been crafting for a long, long time! My mom ran a seasonal craft fair when I was young and she would let my sister and I make crafts to sell. We thought it was a good deal because she would buy the supplies and we'd keep the money! I think my grandma really bought all of our items because she'd feel bad if we didn't sell anything. As far as faux food goes, I've been making it for less than a year.


I get my inspiration from lots of things! I try to get new ideas every day. My mom and I love to look at magazines together and get fun ideas. I've been looking at a lot of cookbooks to find pictures of yummy desserts. I also love shopping and going to craft stores so I just keep and open and creative mind when I'm out and about. My mom also comes up with new and fun ideas once in awhile that she'll share with me.


Selling your products can be so intimidating!! I think because you make them you have a personal attachment to them. And when someone says something critical about something you've made, you definitely take it to heart! After I finished making my first batch of faux chocolate truffles and cream tarts, I thought they were the cutest things in the world! I thought they belonged in every store! I thought up a list of some of my favorite local stores and set out to sell my wares. My mom was even nice enough to come with me for encouragement. We were out all day. And we weren't getting any takers! I was turned down time and time again. But guess what? The last store I went to (as it was closing up) had the nicest owner. She loved it all and bought every sample I had with me and I walked away with a $200 order for more! You never know what's going to happen.


My advice for anyone starting out with new products is to just believe in yourself and what you have to offer others. Make it a great product.

Back in October I had some items listed in my Etsy shop. Nothing fancy and photographs that were, well....lacking. But I thought my products were cute, even though I didn't have any buyers. Then I got an email from a producer of The Martha Stewart Show. I was sooo ecstatic! That was the biggest compliment I could ever receive for my product. She requested that I call her. Two months later I was on the set of the Martha Stewart Show, meeting Martha herself, and showing her how to make my products on LIVE National Television. Wow! I now have my own local crafting show and have been requested to teach some educational classes next Fall.

You really do never know where your path will take you. Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day)! That's my favorite saying right now. Take the gifts your God has blessed you with and use them.



Your are more then welcome to contact Jenni via her Etsy side or her personal website, www.jenniboriginals.com. :)