12 FIRSTS in 12 months.

My friend Andrea from Paper Sparrow inspired me to post 12 photos from 2010. One from each day month of the year. AND almost all of these are FIRSTS. What a blessed year!

Above....my first. painting. ever.

My first time making pendents with clay! Thanks Patti!

THE first birthday i ever FULLY enjoyed! I am SO blessed!

My first printed "nightly doodles" EVER!

My first time eating this INCREDIBLE sandwich!

My first time painting SUCH a large doodle. AND! It was ON STAGE at church during worship. Ha. So stellar. Thanks Alex!! For asking me to do it, even though i said no. :)

My first time using real clay, and making beautiful pieces from molds. Thank you Rachel!

My first pieces that got accepted into Raphsodic Vegan Bakery. Katie's love and amazing sweet shop was one of my favorite parts of 2010. :) If you live in Orlando, you SHOULD go!

My first time in Jacksonville, visiting Chad and Georgia, with my friend Torin.
It was the Best. Trip. Ever!

I can't express how excited i am for 2011. There is already so much hope, and love, and opportunity, and I. Am. Ready. Thank you to all of those who loved me in 2010. I really couldn't have made it through without you!! I am forever grateful!!

Oodles of Love to all of you.
My readers, my friends, and everyone in between.
I feel blessed to know you all!
smiles to you,

The Creative Empire

I recently joined the brand-spankn' new community, the creative empire. It is AMAZING! I was lucky enough to join this community while they were still in their testing/trial phase. From the get-go this community has been informative, supportive, friendly...every thing small business owners like us need from an online community! The official launch of the creative empire is TOMORROW...I can only imagine how much more exciting and amazing this community will be as it grows.

If you are a small business owner trying to 'do it all', this community is for you! Help, advice, support, all from people who have been and are currently in the same boat as you.

Go, go! Check it out HERE!

Looksy Wednesday - Prettiest House I've Ever Seen!

My friend Carissa posted about Jane's BEAUTIFUL home a couple days ago.

I finally had the chance to check out her images and blog today and BOY am i glad i did!!

Her home, is GORGEOUS-ly creative, inspiring, and relaxing. It's lovely!

Her blog is wonderful as well. It's clean lines, and pretty images are very inspirational. Go check it out!

Peace, Love and PBJ,

Yum for One! - Foodie Friday

I love food. I love to cook. I love reading about other folks food related adventures. I want to be part of that adventure! Ha. Thus!! "Foodie Friday" is born. I know i generally talk about food related things quite often on here, but i will try [[operative word is try!]] to limit my love for food related things to Friday's blog spot.

Enter "Crunchy French Toast". Crunchy French Toast is something my mom used to make us growing up, and a food i still love 20 something years later. Essentially, it's french toast with frosted flakes on it, but it's SO MUCH MORE too! :D

I peeled and sliced one apple [i like fugi-ish type apples for this] and sauteed them with honey and butter and a smidgen of brown sugar. I like my apples al' dente, but you can cook them as long as you like. I put them in a bowl with a litte cinnamon and more honey if you'd like.

I then drudged one piece of Arnold's 7 grain bread in an egg with a little milk and cinnamon in it. Then dipped it into a plate of Frosted Flakes. I put the slice of french toast frosted flake side down on the grill and put more Frosted Flakes on the other side.

Make sure to cook the slice long enough that the egg cooks [i seem to get impatient and take it off the burner/flip too soon] but not too long to burn the bread.

And Voila! YUM for ONE! :)

Is there anything YOU like to cook for yourself?

Smiles and Blessings to you friends!

Clay Bodies and Beyond!!

Hello friends! I hope you're having a creative day!!

My very talented friend Rachel made this SUPER AWESOME piece ^^. Isn't it stellar!! I've known her for a year or two now and she invited me over to teach me the basics of clay.

For most of these we used clay molds [she's never used them so we both wanted to try] and pretty much jammed the clay into the molds and then created pieces for jewelry with them. There's a fancier, more efficient way to use molds, but since we were mostly just messing around, this is the way we "played".

I am really excited to show you some of the stellar creations i'm going to make with these gems. YAY! Next we have to bisque them, and then glaze them. So TBC folks!! :p

Thank you Rachel! Can't wait to hang out again soon!

Smiles and Blessings to YOU my friends!
Jenipher :)

I've been blogged about! Huzzah!

Yesterday was a wonderful confidence filled day.

I had an acquaintance-y friend tell me that my nightly doodles are a daily part of his Facebook reading routine.

My co-worker told me i was really talented when i showed her some random doodles i did while working.

AND....i was featured in a blog! Huzzah!! What a lovely day!

Mission Possible.

Elke has a neato blog and Etsy shop. On her shop "Sweet Twee Lab" she sells home made kits and other fun items, and on her blog she posts daily "random word" etsy pickin's. The word she choose to find my lovely astronaut was "possible".

The coolest part about her is that she is a scientist by day, and a crafter by night. I LOVE it when folks have the brains and the crafty talent. That's so exciting to me! It seems you have the best of both worlds. :D

Thank you so much for featuring me. I appreciate it. :D

Wake Up In Glitter!!

I met Kathy aka Crafty Chika at a Michael's Craft Convention last year [walked around for 10 hours on crutches!]. When i sat down to rest, she down next to me and was twittering, so OF COURSE i had to tweet that i was tweeting next to the Crafty Chika.

She added me on twitter and we've been twitter friends ever since. I've always admired her work, but since getting to know her through her blog and tweets [and the fact that she replies to messages] is absolutely stellar. She is such a lovely, talented, creative person, and if you don't know her work yet, i know you'll love it!

She concurs every craft imaginable and always has another craft up her sleeve...so when i found out she was writing a novel, i was hooked! "Waking in the Land of Glitter" has just been published, and i am waiting eagerly to receive and read my copy of the book!

In the mean time..please head over to her website, check out her work, say hello via twitter and just generally enjoy her talents. :D

Below are some of the snazzy comments people have to say about her new novel. But "don't take my word for it", go read it yourself! Tell me what you think!! :D [Tell Kathy too!}


"A fun read about stumbling into love, honoring friendship, and celebrating the power of craft. Full of good cheer!" (Kate Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club )

"Every word in this hilarious, fun read sparkles. Kathy Cano-Murillo is certainly an author to watch. I woke up in the land of happy reading!" (Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author )

"Waking Up in the Land of Glitter is wildly addictive! Funny, sweet, and slyly wicked, it draws you in so deeply that you're not even remotely mad you've spent the night on the couch, reading, and missed all of your shows on Bravo." (Laurie Notaro, New York Times bestselling author )

"Kathy Cano-Murillo is an amazing storyteller--her narrative is as bejeweled as her crafty creations!" (Alberto Ferreras, author of B as in Beauty )

"Kathy's novel dazzles! Through Ofie's purity of heart, Chloe's emotional transformation and Star's awakening to the shine that was always there, Waking Up in the Land of Glitter weaves a story of friendship, trust and self-discovery. Whether you're a painter, crocheter, sewer or have nary the crafty bone in your body you'll leave reading this book with the feeling that creativity is key, but love conquers all! A must-read for crafty women of all generations!" (Vickie Howell, host of DIY Network's Knitty Gritty and author of Pop Goes Crochet )

"Who knew that glitter really does make the world a better place? Kathy's book is creative, inspirational and empowering, just like she is. I couldn't put it down!" (Terri O, TV Personality, Spokesperson, Craft Expert www.terriocraftprojects.com )

Musical Masterpiece!

How incredible are these ukuleles! Oh my gosh..I literally stopped what i was doing to blog about these! [which is a rarity for me]

These beauties are hand-made by Celentano Woodworks. A gentleman in Ashville North Carolina.

Wow...okay. So there you have what i found most inspiring on this fine Sunday. I hope your having a lovely, inspiring one as well!


JENipher :)

Fawn'n Around

So...obviously, i haven't been doing my part as an artist but I'm trying to play catch up now and blog and make pretty jewelry again! 2009 has been a crazy year for sure, but it's really time to start cracking down for before the holidays strike with a vengeance. ;)

SO! Exciting news time!!

Fawn is a wonderful, lovely shop in Sanford, Florida that houses beautiful hand crafted art by local folks, and an allure goodies for baby, children and mothers. She is opening and ready for business, and her grand opening is next weekend, so get ready you Florida folk! Come check out Fawn, in the Historic District, say hello to Freedom [please click that link! how amazing are her website skills!] and myself, and see my pretty jewels along with dozens of other eco-friendly and creative items!

Panera Endevors.. :)

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

I don't know about you, but i love Saturday mornings...mostly because i LOVE the Farmers Market!

Look around you, there are dozens of fresh fruit and veggie booths here, their colorful allure so striking! But look! back in that corner is ....a pizza vendor?? Although you are generally a fruit and veggie gal, (or try to be) don't get bummed out.Calories don't count on a Saturday morning slice of pizza.



Delilah is your inner diva. She's your classy Manhattan sweet heart. She loves a French Roast expresso, indulges in only the best strawberries, and wear high heels, the higher the better. [Preferably Manolo]

While not all of us could embrace her life style, your alter ego "Delilah" is here to help. These earrings will keep you grounded while dreaming of your life in another world.


I really like these earring sets and I hope you do too!! :)

Let me know what you think!

Study Break!

It's so easy to get distracted while working, so i've been trying to meet friends to "study" with. I live in college town so it's easy to find people on a general basis. So for the past couple weeks my friends have been meeting me at Panera to "study". They study, and i study beads. :) (Or my blog)

Creative Endevors

Lindsey @ Panera

*ME* @ Panera

Courtney @ Panera

Behold...what i have made during these creative endevors!!!

Sickly Apologies.

I have not felt that well the past couple days, so ive been lacking of blogs (and Etsy'n sadly). I feel better today, and actually have a TON of plans!! Way more then any usual Jen has plans. I have plans ALLLL DAY.

* I have a online chat with my class mates and teachers which is very exciting. (starts at 10am)
* I am meeting friends to start an "Art Guild" (which also, starts at 10am)
* I have a friend's suprize BBQ at 6pm.

Whew!! Long wonderfully fun day! I hope yours is equally as great!


JENipher :)

Clutch On To Those Animals!!

Okay, i am beyond excited about Meg's animal clutches!! Meg's shoppe, Tsurbride is where she sells her sweet leather animal bags and wallets. Her husband is also an artist, so make sure to check out his Etsy too!!


*How long have you been crafting?

My mom first taught me how to sew when I was 7 years old, so it's been about 20 years now. I started by making some pretty terrible looking clothes for my Barbie dolls. Eventually, after much guidance I got better and ended up going to college for fashion design. Since I graduated I've been working a technical designer for various fashion brands (it's sort of like being an engineer but for clothes). Once I started working I put my sewing on the back burner, but my step-daughter got my going again when she asked me to make some clothes for her Bratz dolls. Once I started back up I couldn't stop!


*Did you always craft in this genre?

Pretty much. I always like to dabble in different things though such as photography, painting, and even jewelry making - my mother-in-law taught me how, and it was with the jewelry I made that I first started my Etsy store. I have a blog where I like to post the crafty things my husband and I get up to: www.tsurubride.com.

*Who or what inspires you?

I come from a very artistic family. Both my grandmothers were big sewers, my brother and I would always draw cartoons or build things growing up, and my mother has always inspired me through her endless encouragement. Now my husband inspires me too. He was the one who really pushed me into started my own business and is always doing what he can to help me out. Coco Chanel was one of my early inspiration, her start as a millener to one of the greatest fashion houses - a real rag to riches story - and while my aspirations have never been that lofty, it can't help but move you and make you try your best.


*What defining moment made you decide to turn your hobby into a business?

As I started above, my husband was always encouraging me to grown my hobby. With the purses, they just kinda started taking off on their own. First one friend wanted one, then another. I would go out on the town on the weekends, and people would ask me where I got my purse from, and after enough requests I realized that maybe I could expand my hobby into more. It's been a gradual transition, starting the business as made to order, but now I'm trying to create stock and apply to some craft shows.


*What changes were made to your regular schedule to make this go from a hobby to a business?

I still work full time but my nights and weekends have definitely gotten busier! Some of the steps I can do just chilling out watching TV, like tracing out patterns and cutting out fabric, and then I try to set aside some nights and weekend hours to just sewing. Things are moving at a good pace for me though: time to work, time to craft, and time to relax. It's a healthy balance.

* You have an amazing talent, with great product! What do you find is the best way to market yourself?

Thanks so much! I'm still starting out so my marketing will need to continue to grow as I do. Word of mouth is still a big part of my business, my blog attracts some traffic, and every now and then I'll buy a showcase on Etsy. My biggest marketing force is my husband. He also has a blog that talks about music (www.tsururadio.com) and he gets a lot of traffic. He has a ad for my blog, and he always talks about me in posts, and he's also a member of a number of forums that he uses to pimp out my shop. He's a marvel. I also find always carrying my product is a simple and free form of marketing. Whether I'm out during the week with my tote, or out at night with a clutch, you never know who might stop you and ask you where you got it. I always carry business cards, just in case. I've also just joined an Etsy Street Team for Columbus, who are all about cross-promoting, and who are also just a great group of people.


*What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

I think the hardest thing is having people place value on the idea of something being homemade. People don't always realize the time that goes into something, and so they expect to be able to get your product on the cheap. I have had a couple offers for wholesale, but the asking rate is so low that it would just cover my cost of materials, and forget about labor! There's also cold calling on stores, asking if they're interested in your product, it's never an easy thing to do, and I can get stage fright sometimes.


*If someone from out of town were visitng you, what key places would you bring them to?
(galleries, coffee shops, parks, museums, etc)

The Short North area for sure. It's just North of the downtown core and filled with great galleries, restaurants and shops. I've always lived close by the area since I moved to Columbus and whether I'm walking there or biking there I love having such a great little area close by. I also love the Topiary Garden - they're sculptures are a representation of Georges Seurat's painting "A Sunday On The Island Of La Grande Jatte" -- makes for some great photos!

Whether your an animal fan or not, you'll surely love these fun bags! So head over to Meg's etsy to see her sweet treats!

As the song i dislike says "...It's been a while..." (since i last posted)

Nothing majorly exciting happening in Cherry Runway land right now. I've been trying to make and photograph like a fiend so portions of my catalog is actually complete. I'm actually having to make three different ones, because I'm sending catalogs to three different types of bouqties and galleries. So, that's quite time consuming, but it's fun, so it's worth it.

Vintage LoveOrganic TigerEleuthera

Other then that, I've mostly been trying my best to stay motivated, but getting distracted by Izzie, my beautiful acoustic guitar, she takes away my concentration. On the bright side, i've writen two new songs as of late.

Okay, well, i hope everyone is doing well!! Craft on!