A post where my heart explodes with THANKS.

Good GOLLY friends!! I'm in AWE. I'm BURSTING at the seams and I am SO THANKFUL!!! My Kickstarter has been up for LESS than a week and i've been supported SO MUCH. I want to cry with excitement!! 

Who knew i'd come so far from being a sad, depressed, hopeless person!! If i can do it, EVERYONE CAN!!!! For serious! I just know this book is going to help so many people, and i can't WAIT to see it's effect!! 

I still have 27 days left and i have COMPLETE faith that i will be ready to print, and fully funded by then! But i would LOVE your help! If you think this will help anyone you know, [or even those you don't know!] please share it!! :) 

AND.... Share this doodle, tag it #doodledream and you can Win a print!! yay!!!

Thanks so much friends! You're helping my #doodledreams come true!

Jenipher :)


Today's ENCOURAGEMENT of the day! :D

Life is SUPER DUPER difficult. There are going to be a million things that get in your way, often ones that make you want to quit. But i strongly encourage you not to! Keep following your dreams!! Keep fighting for whats right! And PLEASE keep moving forward! It's so so important that you do. ..That's all i ask of you....today. 

Okay...maybe i'll ask that of you tomorrow too. :)

Smiles to you dear friends,

Best. Engagement. Photo. EVER!

I just got back last night from a four day trip to Florida, half to get EVERYTHING DONE and finished for our wedding, and half for my bridal shower [yay!!] 

There aren't many details left to work out for the wedding [thank God!!!] and now that I'm back in NY i can keep working on the work i love to do... which involves doggies who fart love hearts. ;) 

I hope ya'll have a gorgeous start to you week! Until then...

-Jenipher :)

This week...in Nightly Doodle land...

Lately I've been drawings and drawing and drawing! Which for me, means LOTS of time at cafes and silly conversations with boy and friends. :)

I just finished the FIRST page of my book a few days ago, which i LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'll post the page tomorrow or the next day, and i'd LOVE to know your feedback! 

Lately I've been contemplating making cute handmade watercolor earrings to go with my wedding dress... But I'm not sure if i should wear something a little more detailed instead....

It's crazy to think that my wedding is less than 60 days away!! 

On Wednesday i leave for Florida for my bridal shower... considering i've never been to a bridal shower, i'm not really sure what to expect, but i'm sure it will be fun. :)

I hope you're all having a GLORIOUS start to your week!
smiles to you,

Goodbye MATS1, Hello direction!

I can't believe how quickly 5 weeks have gone past! And that the Make Art That Sells course is over! Crazypants! 

Right now i'm trying to discern what i've learned and how my work has transitioned. This is my last piece i made for class, and honestly i really do like it! I think i would totally buy this if it were real! 

That's a good start right? :)

After stressing this morning that i didn't grow 'enough' in my MATS1 class, i feel SO MUCH better when all my work is laying next to each other like this.

I may not have GROWN that much via my style, but this class has been so challenging and i'm SUPER PROUD of myself to completing all the assignments even when i didn't want to. 

The last image was inspired by this class. I took my painting from week four and added it to the back of my new baby card. I love it. :) I never thought of doing that before!

Hooray for class! :D 
Till next time friends,
-Jenipher :)

Motivational Monday....Tuesday....Wednesday!!

I had The BEST morning MONDAY this week!

I'm trying SO HARD to publish blog posts on time, and the funny part is that i finished Thursdays post on Monday, but not Monday's post! 

Anyways... i spent about 4 hours at my FAVORITE cafe, drinking way TOO MUCH tea, and drawing/brain storming for Lilla's class! It was the perfect ME day!

Today also ties in PERFECTLY with last week's 'Declaration Of Youtopic; Self Care! 

Along with days like this morning i decided i really need to

* color more silly doodles, often!
* Make sure to see friends more.
* Paint my nails once a week. 
  [lets see if THAT actually happens!]

Well now that I'm posting this on Wednesday, i guess you'll get two for the price of one tomorrow! :D 

Happy Fourth of July friends!

PS: That whole wheat apple muffin was pretty yummy!

Let me TELL YOU about my.... BOOK!

What were you like when you were a teenager

Were you happy
An old soul?

Maybe you felt like me, and felt sad and alone most of the time...

 My goal is to write a super honest, encouraging, vibrant book with the intent to help teens feel less alone in this world. BUT a book that women [and men?!] in their 20's and beyond can enjoy as well!

 Right now I'm thinking format would be  quick sad or funny, truthful stories about my life and lots of my new "lovely girl" drawings. Think: getting made fun of for being a virgin then 10 years later being told I am strong and impressive for still "waiting". For waiting for the right person. Or not realizing I literally wasn't dumb until 2010. I want to share how to take hurts and turn them into joys.

Ultimately, my goal to make THE BOOK i WISH i had when i was younger. Something easy to read and relate to, something that's visually stimulating! Something RAW and HONEST and not all sunshine and butterflies.

I hope you'll continue to follow this journey with me. I'd love to hear YOUR stories!

  • What were YOUR teen years like?! 
  • What you want to MAKE SURE your children know?
  • What do you WISH someone KNOCKED INTO YOUR HEAD!?! 

Add a comment or Email me if you'd like to share! (Jenipherlyn@gmail.com) I'd love to hear from you!

Smiles to you DEAR DEAR Friends!

Your "Lovely Girl" of the day. :)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll notice i've been posting a lot of these little lovlies. 

Meet Layla, from my "Lovely Girl" Series! It is surely becoming a series indeed! I now have about 20 of them and some others hand watered colored. I love them! These super honest girls are truly my inner most thoughts. I hope you enjoy them and relate to them as much as i enjoy drawing them!

Smiles to you friends,

Lately I've been....

1. Doing my "Make Art That Sells" homework. 
^ {woah the colors look SO different on my blog then oh Facebook/Photoshop] eek!^
2. Writing a LOT for my book.

3. Writing a LOT for my book.

4. Did i mention, writing a LOT for my book?

5. And, Planning random wedding stuff...

like THESE amazing shoes! Crossing my FINGERS and toes they fit! 

All of this planning makes me feel like this.


What have YOU been up to?

Hard Work and Forgotten Thoughts...

Lately, I'm either I'm just oozing out brain thoughts to write here [while I'm not home] or i can't figure out how to express what i want to share when i am near a computer. 

It reminds me of this doodle i made a couple months ago...

There's been so much brain storming here in Nightly Doodle land, and it's been over working my brain to the point where i haven't had too much time for much else [other then filling all the orders i had to package and make for "Better Than Jam" and "Stray Vintage". 

 Alas, it's time to sleep. To keep telling myself the hard work IS WORTH IT... sigh lol when sometimes it feels it isn't... ya know? :)

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!  - Jenipher 

It's Motivational [NOT] Monday!

Ahhh i didn't realize how much i missed this blog until JUST NOW as i type this!

It's been a CRAZY month! Hardcore yo!
I finished painting [and hanging!!!] my artwork at Modca last night. whoo!!!


Fun Insta's from the past couple weeks. LOTS of painting! Zine Making, and a DELICIOUS meal Aimee from Artsyville made for a ladies craft day! 

While i have your attention, i want to tell you that this blog has been COMBINED with my other blog, Nightly Doodles! Together, this blog will take over the world! 
[and will have more consistent content!]

All of my paintings will be at Modca Cafe in Brooklyn for the WHOLE month of May! Go see them if you're near ANDDDD come to my opeining! 

Now it's time to prep for Etsy NY Spring Calvecade which is THIS Saturday from 10-6! ANDD... then! Hop on an airplane at 9:30 for my ENGAGEMENT PARTY! Whooo! 

Happy Motivational Thursday friends!

DIVE INto you Dreams!

shh... this post will ACTUALLY be posted on my "Nightly Doodles" blog tomorrow so don't tell! 


It's time to take action and DIVE IN to your dreams!

I drew this doodle during one of Jen Lee's Right Brain video summit call last week. And THEN i colored it while listening to a "Grown Up Gigs" call by Michelle Ward.

SO MUCH listening lately.
So many doodles! :D
Happy Thursday!


I'm applying to win a #RBBIZ scolorship which is really why I'm sharing the same post on both blogs. 

So, here is a terrible video explaining WHY i want this scholarship. Sorry about my hair!! [hey, i work from home!] ;)  

After watching my own video:
ACK! lol i talk really fast, and ramble... Ha. This is so scary. 


Today. Was. Glorious!

Good golly! Today has been SUCH a good day! 
This week has actually been STUPENDOUS!! So much to share...!! [I'll just post about today though.]

 This week is week one of Jenn Lee's video summit and day 3 spoke DIRECTLY to my heart! The video was with Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nicholls, and it was INCREDIBLE

Today instead of Hulu-ing, i decided to listen to a bunch of Michelle Ward's videos, which was quite exhilarating. It was seriously a great start to the day. 

^ City Reliquary // My Dream Series collection! Now sold at << ^

By 9:30am this morning i finished all of my mandatory work, and did a TON of other work before meeting boy for cookies, and reading Jessica Swift's E-book.

Between Jess's confident nature and support from my friend Margot, i did something i never thought i would! I signed up for Lilla Roger's class. AHHHH!!! 

So. Freaking. Crazy.
I was SO excited i got hiccups! 

After that excitement i dropped off my work at City Reliquary!!! [which NOW sells my Dream Series and some pendents Billy and I created!!!!] and then off to Dumbo for an Etsy NY team meeting. :D 

I met great friends, i got a FREE brownie after telling the guy at the West Elm cafe about my art show at Modca, and i purchased a new mini plant at a children's shop I've always wanted to go to.    

All in all, today was glorious! I feel excited for the next few weeks of my journey! :D

What's new with you? 
-Jenipher :)

Motivational Monday! YAY!!

^^ eeeee i'm SO excited to show you more of these...but FIRST... ^^

I know it's late and i need to keep more of a schedule for blogging, but it's REALLY important to me to blog my Motivational Monday post ON Monday. [and not the night before]. It's a great way for me to actually reflect on a whole work week to see what's new and exciting!

So this week as UBER productive!
My work got accepted into THREE more shops in addition to the Modca show i wrote about last Monday! [which is now going to be displayed in May, not June]
So! That's a total (5)!!! shops I've gotten into in LESS than a year! And one i can add more by the end of February! 

How freaking cool is that?!

 On Saturday i got my 1st shipment of canvas' for my art show and i spent almost all of Sunday painting painting painting!! 

I can't express to you HOW excited i am to get the opportunity to paint these and show all of them in a few month! I've only painted these few and have gotten SUCH good feedback to far!

Off to keep on painting! 
[and watching Big Bang Theory!!] 

What's new and exciting with you?

"Monday" Motivation!

Okay...i know it's not Monday, but i had too many meetings yesterday to blog!

Coming back to NY has been a lot busier then i originally thought. Luckily, it's all been GREAT!

I've gotten a TON done, and made a bunch of progress. 

 1. worked a TON on my Etsy shops and actually got a sale on my Nightly Doodles site!

2. I got accepted into a REALLY great shop in Brooklyn! More about that in February!!
[i will tell you that it DOES involve THIS print] 
3. I'm going to have a solo show at Modca! My FAVORITE cafe in New York!!! [it's in June!]

^ THIS ^ 
painting is the inspiration, so in the next few months i will be painting LOADS of canvas' to make a complete collection! 

4. Last night i tried to teach myself how to draw little hands for my ASL paintings. I ACTUALLY got better the more i tried. YAY!!

Today was JUST as busy [and exciting!] but I'll share more with you later in the week.

What have YOU been up to?


The (5) Regrets of Dying.

The (5) regrets of Dying..

I read this article around Christmas time and i was completely intrigued by it!

"Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. As many of her patients approached their final days, she would ask if they had regrets or things they would do differently.

Ware was so surprised by the phenomenal clarity of vision people gained at the end of their lives that she began documenting their responses."

I was so inspired that i started drawing the statements and posting them on the Nightly Doodles blog for the next week. 

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

[doodle above]

I decided that the FIRST thing I'm going to work on in 2013 is allowing myself more happiness, and so far i think I've done an okay. :)

What do you think??

PS: All of these prints are on my Socity6 shop or my Nightly Doodles etsy shop. :)

PS: I know i posted most of these Monday, so i'm sorry! :) :)

Monday Motivation anyone?

This week on the Nightly Doodles blog, i finally blogged for the whole week! phew! FINALLY!

It was a really good mix of silly doodles and inspirational doodles if i do say so myself. :)

This one ^^ is BY FAR my favorite of the bunch though. :) 

I hope this motivates you at least a little this morning. It helped me some... it SERIOUSLY feels like a Monday today!

here's to a GREAT week!

Monday Motivation!

This is the lovely assortment of "doodles" posted on my Nightly Doodles blog this past week.

This first one is my favorite i've made in a long while, and i'll be adding it to my Etsy shop this week.

And yes... i know i spelled concur wrong. I think... well no, i didn't know, but after my boyfriend, a girlfriend from back home AND a guy i haven't talked to in a LONG time messaged me to tell me... i guess it's spelled wrong.

Ha. It's soo typical of me to have spelling mistakes, i've just learned to EMBRACE them!

I hope ya'll have an amazing Monday! 

Stay Motivated!