Hooray! It's Monday!

 Happy Monday friends! 
How crazy! I'm posting this post EARLY! ;)
But I'm babysitting most of the day, i won't have time to post later.

So.. this week wasn't quite as 'eventful' as last week, but i still did a bunch of fun projects as you can see!
I tried painting ala my friend Carissa Paige, and relized all of my tension about making the 'perfect' zine by JUST DOING IT! 

I made a super cute unicorn doodle, and make a BUNCH of jewelry! Last but not least, i sold one of my first Bar Mitzvah cards this week. [hooray!]
What did you do this week friends?
Hopefully fun things!
-Jenipher :)

This Scardy Kat TRIUMPHS.

I feel paralyzed

^ thanks Dan Lugo ^ 
For the last few days I've wanted to blog, I've made leaps and bounds giving myself GRACE in what i feel I'm going to do with my blog in the upcoming year... I've come up with ideas on paper, and now...

I can't.
to blog.

I keep fighting with myself that barely anyone reads my Cherry Runway or my Nightly Doodles blog anyways, so why is this so hard for me... :(
This week i joined the Clubhouse.  

A group for artistic, business minded, determined women and men who need some community and coaching to make their lives and business' better and more efficient

So far I've already been so very blessed by the folks I've met so far, and the coaching call from today. Which is giving me the motivation to blog right now

It's scary, but the only thing i can do now is persevere... and persevere i WILL!

Thank you for reading my honesty friends.. I'm about to post my Foodie Friday post with even MORE honesty, so please bare with me. :)

Smiles and SO MUCH THANKS,

Promos, Postcards .... WICKED!

Oh man... only 7 minutes until Wednesday! Late on blogging AGAIN...

Well, at least i have good reason! 
Boyfriend and i just WON two tickets in the lottery to see 'WICKED' the musical. We got our tickets discounted because of it and JUST arrived home. [more on that later!]

These last two weeks, boyfriend and i have been working really hard making new promotional postcards to send to future wholesalers [i hope!] and to current customers as a thank you postcard. 

I love how they came out and i can't wait to start sending them!

Tune in soon for some stellar photo collages of our super amazing New York day!

-Jenipher :)

Uncommon Goods: Jewlery Contest!

This past Tuesday i went to a STELLAR branding event held by Uncommon Goods in Brooklyn, NY. I can't wait to blog about the event [later today?] but first i wanted to share my progress this morning!

I had the privilege to chat with co-founder Thomas Epting at the event and he recommended i submit my work to their jewelry design competition.

So...i did! I literally JUST pressed send! This is what i said about my necklace "Organic Tiger"...

"When i was 9 years old, i started cutting the pull chains off my mom's fans to make 'jewelry'.

20 years later, and LOTS of new collections and journeys later, I'm still making jewelry!  But now, instead of hunting for fan pull chains, I hunt for really unique stones and treasures to create unique jewelry that's great for everyday, and easy to dress up or down.

'Organic Tiger' was
COMPLETELY inspired by the incredible Carnelian pendant i found. The texture and shape of this pendant was so unique, that the necklace kind of made itself. An organic mix of Jasper, Crystal Quartz, and Swarovski Crystals dangle off of a textured oxidized Sterling chain.

I hand wrapped the pendent and individually wrap each stone and crystal using a technique called a rosary turn.

To continue the unique journey of this necklace, i put a lobster clasp on the end of the chain so it can be worn like a lariat, in many different lengths.

My company,
Cherry Runway has come SO FAR since i was 9! In the last 20 years, i have created two unique jewelry lines and am constantly adding to these collections. In addition, i have started drawing motivational, colorful illustrations to encourage people to know they are not alone in this world."

Eek! I'm really proud of me for being brave enough to send in my application and so honored Thomas thought my work was unique enough to recommend the contest to me!

On top of the world,
Jenipher :)

Exciting News!!!

Who ELSE has been .w a. i t i n g. for hand drawn doodle necklaces!!? I've recently collaborated with my AMAZING [and talented] friend Billie from Zu-Li Designs.

How super SWEET is this necklace? 
And this is just the first one! I've worn it every single day since Billie sent it to me. [thank you lady!]

More images on the way too!


Hope you are too!

Forever With You.

I'm super sappy these days. But really, i always have been. This is another one of 'those doodles' that i actually drew at the auction before i moved to NY, but didn't color it until yesterday. :)

I REALLY like it!
I'm starting to REALLY LOVE these simplistic, colorless backround doodles. They make me super happy. 

I think later today I'm going to draw more simple doodles.

Is there anything you'd like me to doodle?
Happy Thursday!


Atomic HERE we COME! [art shows

I'm getting ready for a SUPER fun weekend with these crazy cats, and a few other wonderful souls. In just under 2 hours, i'll be heading out to Sarasota, Florida for the weekend for The Atomic Bazaar.

If you live locally to Sarasota i really hope you come out and see all the VERY talented folk that show their wares there, and please make sure to stop by and say hello!

I hope you have a FUN weekend FILLED with love, friendship and silly photographs. :D

Mucho love,

Hooray! NEW card images!

My INCREDIBLE friend Alyssa showed me how to create new product images of my cards and prints and they look SO AMAZING! I'm excited, and i wanted to share them with you! 

Clearly, these are all my holiday cards, but i'm [ s l o w l y ] working on making ALL of my cards look a nice as these! 

I hope you have a LOVELY thanksgiving folks! 
smiles to you,

Holy Encouragment!

I'm still in awe.

I can't believe the amazing turn out last night at my art show.

I had the AMAZING opportunity to have my FIRST solo show at a STELLAR cafe called Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux in Winter Park.

"Had so much fun at your Art opening!! It was so Beauty-fulllll & sweet... just like YOU! ♥" - Carissa
^the beautiful and talented Carissa Paige.

^By Golly, were my friends interested in my art! ;)

"Getting ready to go to my FIRST art OPENING!!! to support Jenipher Lyn.
She's crazy talented so you should come check it out." - Ana

"congrats girlie! so proud! :)" - Kisha
^super talented Kisha and Alex and me!

"WOO00oo! Get your art on tonight!" - Lee

"@JenipherLyn you ARE loved! Fun show! And I love my necklace." - jen_rose
^my friends Jen and Shari, and Mrs. Rose. :]

"Your art opening was so lovely! I hope you sell everything! Let's get together soon, okay! :) luv u!" - Julissa
^sooo many people! and not even EVERYBODY!

"So proud of Jenipher Lyn and her fabulous artwork! Check it out at Bikes, Beans, and Bordeaux now through June 26th!!!" - Rachel

"i'm so so so proud of you miss Jen" - Torin [plaid]

"Congrats, Jen!!! I have yet to perfect my jump drive machine, so I can't magically appear in Orlando, but I would if I could!" - Jane

So obviously i wont be able to go lol BUT i am so proud of you Jen. It's incredible what your doing.
I want to hear all about it and see pictures. Lots of love, hugs and luck for this month my friend xxx" - Yolli

AMAZING. Just amazing! Such a neato experience. I am extreamly thankful. I sold 7 things!!! whooo!!
And my show will be up until June 26th. HOoray!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day friends!

Jenipher :]

My FIRST showing at a Coffee Shop!

i CAN'T express HOW stoked i am!! Drunken Monkey, in Orlando, just hung up FOUR of my pieces today!! HUZZAHHH! :D

My friend Bobby is the "curator" at this funky cool coffee shop. He plays the banjo in a really awesome band called the Mud Flappers. If you like folksy tunes, you'll totally DIG them!

Have an inspired Sunday!

Change O' Heart. Change O' Price.

I posted a blog post a while back about selling my photographs. After much deliberation, i am lowering the price to only $10.00!!


Variations of colors in one setting have always been my weakness. I just LOVE how magical images look when they showcase an abyss of beautiful colors.


I heart Cupcakes. But seriously, who doesn't? Live the calorie free life and enjoy this stellar cupcake print.

These prints are 8x10 but other sizes are available in other sizes.

What do ya think? Are they worthy of printing/buying? I hope so!!

I hope you're all having a stellar week!
<3 style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);">Jenipher :)

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today...i challenged myself to make mismatched earrings. At the time it was really difficult for me since i liked everything to be symmetrical.

But after that first pair...i never wanted to venture away. I started making a whole bunch of mix and match earrings and deemed them "Junk Jar Jewels".

Now, they are one of my best sellers at craft shows! It's so amazing what a little challenge did for my business! Huzzah! :)

One year ago today...my best friend came to visit me. It was a challenging day indeed, BUT it included this amazing pizza from a local place called Lazy Moon. DELICIOUS!!

I hope you're all having a relaxing, challenging, worth while, weekend!

Smiles to you!

Hardware Dangles

Cherry Runway Presents....

The "Steam-ish Punk-ish" Collection!

What do you get when you mix mini washers, clasps, springs, garnet glass beads and a miniature broken fork?

Fun earrings of course!!

These stellar earrings are few of a kind and are different enough to stand from a crowd while still being neutral so you can wear them with anything!

Earrings are approx 2.5 inches long and will come in a pretty green drawstring baggie.