Antiqued Love

Antiqued Love

I am completely having jewelry withdrawals, i haven't been able to make any new items in forever and a day. This is one of the charm bracelets i recently received back from a store i was in, so it's not new. It's just "new" to my Flickr. :) Antique inspired charms dangle off of a neat [and also antique inspired] chain,

What an Artsy Man!

Loving Man

I see these earrings and i think of a sculpture at the museum. It's such a unique charm, and i was excited when i found it.

This Copper man wears his face on his sleeve and has a loving face. Show off a true art piece in earring formation, and proudly wear these Loving Man earrings.

One Bird A Hummin'

One Bird A Hummin'

Did you know that hummingbirds are not only the worlds smallest bird, but they also have the worlds fastest metabolism. Their metabolism is so incredibly fast that they need to refuel about every 10 minutes. Each day they consume 50 percent of their body weight just to maintain their normal weight.

These cute multicolored, enamel charms won't help raise your metabolism, but they will bring a smile to your face. They float happily on Sterling Silver ear wires.

Alas! Progression.

Looking at progress day by day doesn't mean a darn thing. I am quite hard on myself, i do know this. I just feel like i have so much potential, and i don't feel like I'm growing enough, fast enough. I feel like i should be so much further in my jewelry business, that i should have learned how to be organized and efficient by now. One thing is for sure though, my photography, ROCKS. I might not by the most artistic, the best at lighting, and i surely am not the best with Photoshop, but look how much i have improved since last year!!

Charming Art


antiqued art

Photo Kudos to me!