Love and Hate.

Today's been a hard day.
I know i said that in my last post.

So my daily colored doodle is a little on the sadder side.
But honest none-the-less.

I'm wondering who else could understand this statement. I know i can't be alone in the boat, yet i wish i was. It would be silly to think i was though. I truly wish we ALL understood what beautiful, talented people we were.

I'm learning it more every day.
And i hope you are too.

Much Love,
Jenipher :]

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today...

* My heart was hurting in places i didn't know existed.
* I was in South Florida taking a two week "life" vacation.
* I was confused to the max about what my future was going to look like.
* I was angry and hopeful about the plans God had for my life.

But more importantly one year ago today,

* My mom bought me a pedicure. Which made my toe-seys look beautiful!!

* I ate a delicious salmon salad at a German restaurant.


* I got to spend a glorious day in Miami with my best friend and THESE delicious cupcakes.

It's amazing how many good things come on bad days. And how WONDERFUL a year can make you feel. I am so blessed. :D

I hope even through the bad, you can see the silver lining in your life!!

Smiles and Blessings to you my friends,

Jenipher :)

The month of Romance.. much as i would love for ALL of you in internet land to purchase lovely Valentines Day gifts for everyone you know, i do have to admit, that i'm not a hugh fan of the holiday. It's cliche, and over stated, but i am a firm believer is loving someone [and showing you do] everyday of the year...

...BUT if this holiday really allows people who would not have showed their affection before to really show someone how much they love them, then by all means.... :D THIS holiday is for YOU!

Alas...some Valentines Goodies for you to purchase for someone you love!

Long Hearted Tiger.

BIG Heart.

Charming Love

Choose Your Own Valentine
or $32.00

Long Hearted Zebra

There are quite a few more lovely choices on my website, and of course i would LOVE to custom make anything your little heart desires. :D

Thanks for reading! Happy FEBRUARY!

<3 Jenipher

Shrink And Dink

Pre-cooked artwork!

My friend Alex came over this past Monday to collaborate our mad skillz and make some fun charms. Alex is a stellar drawer and created these lovelies in such a short span of time, twas awesome!


When Alex first told me he wanted to draw a black line around the cupcake, i thought he was nuts, but it looks stellar!!

Just Let Go

Growing Jar

Broken Hearted...

I am still amazed by this shrink plastic, it's so neat! And spending time with Alex creating is so fun! I've been yearning for friends to do art with my whole life, and i finally met them. It's just a matter of making plans to do the art, so this was such a blessing!

Alex & the mini's

I hope we get to craft again REALLY SOON! ::wink wink::

Scrapbook Challenge

I signed up for a swell scrapbook swap with my Red Velvet class mates.

This was very good for me. It pushed me to really make something with a time limit. Which is something i need right now.

Scrapbook I

Scrapbook I

Obviously, when is started these pages last week i was in a very sad state. I'm not quite as sad as these pages project, but i still have a lot of healing to do.

I know i have a lot of work to do, creativity to find, and enough supplies to own an art store, so I'm hoping over time I'll get better and really enjoy crafts again.

Scrapbook II

Scrapbook II

Two of my class mates, Ashley and Laura started a scrapbook challenge blog that i'm very excited about! Check them out!!

Bah Humbug!

Getting engaged is supposed to be this whirlwind of happy feelings. Love, devotion, joy. These feelings, the setting, this incredibly wonderful person in front of you. Life, in that moment, seems to be picture perfect.

Being engaged is supposed to feel like a new chapter. A chapter that shows your dedication to this one person, and preparing to start a real life with them. Forever. In most cases, I'm sure the act of becoming engaged starts a blissful new chapter for the couple.

In my case, it's what broke my relationship to pieces.

It's kind of a surreal feeling. Just sitting back and thinking about what can change in just a week. One week....

Exactly one week ago, i was sitting in my kitchen working out my relationship with my [obviously then] fiancee. We have had a tough month with quite a few tiffs, had a major fight, a five day separation [merely because i was already planning on visiting my mother that week]. But we were both game for taking time to work things out. He actually told me he was ready to work on it. He knew he let our issues coast before, but now he is finally 100% game to fix these "things". These tiffs.

So how am i single, and broken hearted one week later? You much as i tried to mentally prepare myself, i am still shocked and confused.

All i know is that we had one more talk, which lead to an argument, and the next day he told me "we tried our best, but i don't feel like trying anymore". We did our best? Since when did 7 days become enough time to work out multiple issues?

Everyone keeps telling me at least you found out now. At least your not married yet. But i still feel deceived. A week ago, the man i was going to spend the rest of my life was explaining how much he loved me and wanted to make our lives together better. And one mere week later, I'm single, confused and have a heart that needs more chocolate then i care to consume.

I know ill be okay. That, in time, this won't hurt so much. But right now, this freaking sucks.

*note* this is really personal, and most likely shouldn't be shared. Alas, i care to share it anyways*

*PS: It's also kind of odd, that my previous post was about my last date with him*