What is the MOST read book on the subway?

...i have NO idea. :]

Now that i kinda consider myself a 'connoisseur' of the subway -- hey! i gave someone directions today!? 

Okay, I'm not. 
I'm totally lying.

BUT, i can tell you that in the past week, i've sat next to TWO different folks reading the 'Great Gatsby'. Being the nosy person i am, i started [reading] this guys book while on my journey to the city today and realized how VISUALLY written this book is.

Captivated, i knew i wanted to draw a quote from the book. This ^^ grabbed my attention and now, here lies today's 'nightly doodle'. 


Waking Up in the Land of Glitter

I know it's a little late, and i apologize, but life's craziness got in the way of blogging recently. And...i wanted to fully read this wonderful book and contemplate it before writing about it.

I can't express how long i've been holding out for a talented writer to create a novel with a good story line AND incorporate the craft world, and Kathy did JUST that!! I'm so impressed by how fun and easy to read "Waking Up in the Land of Glitter" is. The characters are easy to fall in love with, and I'm sure every crafter could relate to one [or all of them] in some way or another.

This book is a sincere view through the eyes of all the characters as they come to terms with themselves, those around them, and their art work. I love how Kathy Cano-Murillo expressed that the grass aint always greener, which is a harsh concept we all need to learn.

Star, one of the main characters in the book has the parents i always wish i had. They treated her with respect even in her darkest hours. I hope to some day emulate these traits when i have children.

PLUS at the end, Kathy shows you how to create your own love shrine, along with a few other crafty projects!! So fun! :D Weather you're looking for a book to help inspire you, or just something fun to read, i would highly recommend "Waking Up in the Land of Glitter"!



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I hope you all have a stellar day! Good luck to ya'll!

Smiles and Blessings,


Happy Birthday Riley!!


Last Sunday was Riley's birthday. It was a wonderful full day of activity, laughter and no stress on my part! (which is quite a feat in itself!) We woke up and went to church, then headed to see Wall-E. The movie was really cute, i recommend it to anyone who likes a sweet animation. It's actually quite cool that the movie had barely any actual talking it in, but still managed to show so much emotion. {and the fact, that it's about emotional robots}.

After the movie, we killed time at our favorite store. Barnes and Noble. Sigh...we can spend hours at bookstores. i love them! Kobe Steakhouse is a Asian place that does hibachi at the table and they offer $15.00 off on your birthday so we headed there next. They put on a little show while they cook your food and give you a whooole plate full. {I had enough to eat to be full and two days of left overs!} It's a fun place. Tis highly recommend.

We came home and went running, and then, sadly, the day was over. It was a great day though. Hope your weekend was brilliant as well!!