Looksy Wednesday - Prettiest House I've Ever Seen!

My friend Carissa posted about Jane's BEAUTIFUL home a couple days ago.

I finally had the chance to check out her images and blog today and BOY am i glad i did!!

Her home, is GORGEOUS-ly creative, inspiring, and relaxing. It's lovely!

Her blog is wonderful as well. It's clean lines, and pretty images are very inspirational. Go check it out!

Peace, Love and PBJ,

I've been blogged about! Huzzah!

Yesterday was a wonderful confidence filled day.

I had an acquaintance-y friend tell me that my nightly doodles are a daily part of his Facebook reading routine.

My co-worker told me i was really talented when i showed her some random doodles i did while working.

AND....i was featured in a blog! Huzzah!! What a lovely day!

Mission Possible.

Elke has a neato blog and Etsy shop. On her shop "Sweet Twee Lab" she sells home made kits and other fun items, and on her blog she posts daily "random word" etsy pickin's. The word she choose to find my lovely astronaut was "possible".

The coolest part about her is that she is a scientist by day, and a crafter by night. I LOVE it when folks have the brains and the crafty talent. That's so exciting to me! It seems you have the best of both worlds. :D

Thank you so much for featuring me. I appreciate it. :D

'I Do Solemnly Swear' Summer Art Journal Class

Elsie's blog had a Blog Party all day long with fun challenges and surveys and give away's. It was so fun and what was even fun-er was winning this AMAZING class from Rachel!! It was SUCH a wonderful treat!


Life > Work

It's been a while....

Life has been getting in the way of my own work. My jobs, family and boyfriend are taking up all of my time. I really am trying to blog more. I went home and had a ton of blogging ideas, but annoyingly, my family's internet was down. Thus, i wasn't able to blog at all. More about that later. Today i FINALLY updated my website, and Etsy site with new items.

What ya think?

What a WONDERFUL feature!!

Picture 7

Stella has a brilliant blog called Laundry Shop! She chooses really great artists, and always has stellar images. I was stoked when she wrote me to tell me she wanted to feature my work on her blog, but was floored when i saw her write up. She wrote a really amazing feature and included my "Up Up & Away" necklace!

Picture 8

Stella is also a brilliant graphic designer. Some of her work is below, but please check out her website! It's adorable! All the pieces below are availble on her Etsy site! A girl named Stella.

Blogged 6/7/08

Peace Out.

Green Peace

I just need to chill out, have peace, and get back into the groove of things. It's been a long week indeed, and I'm still not recharged from my trip. It's quite ridiculous.

On the bright side, Jessie from Cake Spy, just mentioned my blog. She blogged about the publicity she's had recently, and mentioned my interview with her. Thanks for the mention!

Calorie Free Cupcakes

Jessie has a shoppe called Cake Spy. I've been happily reading her blog for some time now, and am quite pleased to write about her on my blog. Her drawing style is RIGHT up my ally! She has her own adorable drawing style, and humorous adventures her little "cake spy" takes.

I have been making stuff since before I can even remember! My mom has a picture of me in my high chair with pigtails, concentrating intensely and coloring happy faces.


That having been said, I am rather new to the crafting culture, and so far have only been doing framed pieces. I am looking to add cupcake plushies and figurines to my offerings soon.



I try to get inspiration from everyday life, in a flaneur-like fashion: bakery cases, cool buildings and architecture, and magazines and books. I also love a lot of "blogs" out there, from design-y ones like Oh Joy or Decor8 to foodie ones like Cupcakes Take the Cake, Whipped, Bake and Destroy and the Urban Housewife. In terms of art, I love great line drawings--some of my favorite artists are Saul Steinberg, James Thurber and William Steig; for painters, I adore Wayne Thiebaud (the cake guy!) and Jean Miro.



Some challenges I've found have been cost of goods--since I sell framed pieces, the costs can really add up so I have to be smart about that. Also, it might be a little bit outside of what you asked, but taxes!! It's a whole lot more to keep track of than if you had a day job and had your employer do it all for you. I have to mentally take 20% off of each sale for the taxman!


She's a very talented gal, so go check out her etsy, and then head over to Jessie's blog to read about the cake she spies. :)