One Year Ago Today...The Hospital

One Year ago today...i was in excruciating pain. I had just come back from California and happened to kick a couple pieces of glass. I cut my pinky toe open in four places.

[who the CRAP can cut such a tiny toe that many times?]

They could only put four stitches in it since i did such a bad job, and couldn't even sew up the top of my toe. A shame too, since i am still having pain and nerve problems with that silly toe. :[

Anyways...during this time, i was very blessed with some special friends. Some of whom are still in my life. Others who are not. Regardless...i am so thankful for these special people. Last summer was magical and I'm so thankful for it.

I spent the next 5 months on crutches, had to clean my wound more times then i could count. Battled MANY tears. But it taught me that i am so much stronger then i EVER anticipated.

It sucks [royally] that i am still in pain. BUT I'm so thankful for the lessons i learned while taking care of myself during this year ago starting today.

One year is still crazy.

There are [many] days i still feel like my life is falling apart. But even in the "worst of days"..

..i am still very thankful for all the blessings, in my life.
[past, present and future]

I hope you are having a lovely day that doesn't involve hospitals!
Peace, Love, and PBJ,

From MY heart to YOUR eyes.

i feel really loved this morning. last night too.

but it worries me because i don’t want to WANT OR NEED the love of others to make me feel loved or be in a good mood. it’s very hard not to let life and the complications in it get you down. it’s hard to know when it’s okay to just let those emotions in case you and let yourself be sad. the feelings have to come out, i understand, but i can’t let them continuous control me. i just need to be thankful for the good days and be thankful i’m strong enough to get through the bad.

but even more so...i’m so thankful for the constant support in my life. even on the days when i don’t feel like it’s there. it is. and i’m so so blessed for it.

my blessing for ya’ll is that you have people who are there for you!
on the good, bad, and indifferent days!

Peace Love Hugs and Smile,

^ last night's nightly doodle. :)

10 good things.

When i came across the "Good Things Daily" blog, it helped me tremendously! Whenever i can remember, i try to come up with 10 blessings. It's a brilliant way to stay positive and so great to read everyone's daily blessings.

I seriously HEART my new drawing!!

It's official!
I am seriously OBSESSED with PB+J.

My free sub was delicious, and [i think?] healthy! AND it fed me twice! How stellar is that!!
All in all, today was a GREAT day!

What are YOU thankful for??

Smiles and Blessings to you all,


My first post of 2010. So So Crazy!

2009 was a crazy year....and I'm so thankful for all the blessings [both bad and good blessings] 2009 provided.

I'm thankful to have 10 toes.
I'm thankful to be able to shower normally.
I'm thankful i can walk. Run. Roller Blade. Jump. Dance.
I'm thankful i have friends that love me. Support me.
I'm thankful to have my family in my life again.
I'm thankful Cherry Runway did well in 2009.
I'm thankful to have my job[s].
And really..I'm thankful for all the wonderful things God has taught me this year.

I leave you with a funny cartoon. :D I hope you all had a safe, and wonderful New Years Eve/Day!

Smiles and Blessings,

Hark! A new stage!

These past few weeks have been such a blessing, and such a gratifying growing experience. I'm in THE best place I've ever been in, in my short 25 years. I have finally come to a place where i am confident and comfortable; with my true age, with my progress of my business, with myself. I finally learned that i don't need a man or a successful (ie: money making) business to make me happy. I deserve to be happy without those things. I finally learned that i do enjoy making jewelry, and although i hope to grow with my skills, I'm satisfied with my Cherry Runway jewels for now. Jewelry making is finally enjoyable again, and it's nice not to feel stressed about my show on Saturday.

Oh, yeah, you Orlando Folk, come to my (our) show on Saturday at Dandelion Cafe on Colonial. It's called World Fair Trade Day!

I Heart Rollarblading ha, now where have you seen THIS picture before?

I've been roller-blading every day for the last few weeks (with a couple exceptions when i staying over at peoples houses) which is a feat I'm quite proud of! Especially those mornings i realllly didn't want to go skating at 7:30 in the morning. I have still been consistent and have enjoyed it so. (ok, with the exception of yesterday.. lol)

Okay..I'm through with my mushy feelings.