Every once in a while, you have one of those weeks...

Every once in a while, you have one of  weeks... one of those LIFE AFFIRMING, AMAZING things happening, opportunity FILLED weeks... and it's SUCH a blessing. And you sit back at that end of the week, and you think "Goodness. I'm so thankful that i'm on the right path'. 

This week was NOT one of those weeks...

HAH just kidding! It totally was!! 

I mentioned Story NYC a few months ago when they carried my onesies! Well, once a month they have a pitch night, and i was determined to talk about my brand AND my book!

And it went SWIMMINGLY!!!
I'm so thankful! I don't exactly know what this means yet with Story NYC but i am very excited for the possibility!

Being a nervous, scared, but VERY ambitious girl is working to my advantage! KEEP WORKING HARD! Seriously!! Things with come to fruition when the timing is right!! 

And THAT is my encouragement this lovely Friday!! 


Painting, and Zines and Smiles, oh my!

I've been painting up a STORM! And drawing a TON of hands. Yay American Sign Language!


I'm super excited how all of them are coming out, and STOKED I'm feeling a little more comfortable with my canvas friends. :)
I can't believe how quickly my show at Modca is coming up! The flyer is right below so please please come if you're nearby NY! I would LOVE THAT!
I'd also like to share that I'm vending at   

* Brooklyn Zine Fest, April 21st &
* Etsy NY's Spring Calvecade, May 4th


Well i have your attention [thank you for that!], i also want to share that you can NOW find "Nightly Doodle" onesies at Story NYC! YAY!!!

^ This is my FAVORITE onesie i make! ^

 A few nights ago, the Boy and i went to the Brooklyn museum. It was a 1st Saturday and the Brooklyn Zine Fest was having a recipe zine workshop!

May i add that Boy is famous now!! You can see his Salmon Sandwich recipe on the BZF blog

How freaking cool is this flyer for the event we went to? Ah so awesome.

Okay! Enough for now! 
...again i realize it's not Monday anymore, but I'd rather take the time to write a post I'm proud of, then rush to make Monday. :)

Thanks for your support friends!
Happy "Monday!"

"Monday" Motivation!

Okay...i know it's not Monday, but i had too many meetings yesterday to blog!

Coming back to NY has been a lot busier then i originally thought. Luckily, it's all been GREAT!

I've gotten a TON done, and made a bunch of progress. 

 1. worked a TON on my Etsy shops and actually got a sale on my Nightly Doodles site!

2. I got accepted into a REALLY great shop in Brooklyn! More about that in February!!
[i will tell you that it DOES involve THIS print] 
3. I'm going to have a solo show at Modca! My FAVORITE cafe in New York!!! [it's in June!]

^ THIS ^ 
painting is the inspiration, so in the next few months i will be painting LOADS of canvas' to make a complete collection! 

4. Last night i tried to teach myself how to draw little hands for my ASL paintings. I ACTUALLY got better the more i tried. YAY!!

Today was JUST as busy [and exciting!] but I'll share more with you later in the week.

What have YOU been up to?


Ready for some Monday Motivation?

Hi! Happy Monday!
This doodle week on ze blog was really all over the place in terms of what i posted!

Above is a print of a collage painting i finished a couple weeks ago! It looks so snazzy!


This print i custom made for a super cool customer for his mother. His mom was visiting this weekend so he brought her over to Chelsea Market and i got to meet her! 

{{so cool !}}

I love my job. :)
I hope i get to do it forever.

Happy Monday friends!!
until tomorrow...