Looksy Wednesday - Laure Designs

it was purely by accident i came across Laure Designs' shop today...

well maybe not COMPLETE accident. I typed in snail, and while she does have snails in her shop, i was captivated by this light bright print. How STELLAR is this!!

I love how all of her cards have a slight retro feel to them, and how simply lovely they are!!

This one made me giggle. :D I hope you enjoy her work as much as i do. She has loads more in her Etsy shop!

Have a creative day!

Sweet, Awe-Inspired Cards...

I came across Erin from Noulou Cards and Paper's work ages ago. Her work captivated me right away, for I, just like Erin herself, enjoy "child like" imagery. Once i got to chatting with her, i realized how sweet and wonderful she was, which makes me love her work even more!! Enjoy this wonderful interview from a very talented lady. :)

I am IN LOVE with these wedding invitations. I want them....one day. :)


I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, spending many a night in my bedroom growing up, drawing the scenes from the back of Disney movie cases. I still have them all in a folder, and one is even hanging in my little girl's room!

I used to LOVE play dough, and I've more recently tried out shaping little ornaments and figures out of clay. I would love to learn to sew someday, and try out different printmaking techniques. And I really should try to start making scrapbooks for my kids, I suppose!



Most of my work has a noticeable "childlike" quality, which I guess is due to the many children that have overtaken my family in the past couple of years. (My sister will soon have four, and then there is my two!) I really enjoy observing the people and places around me, and all things from nature. Lately, I've also really been enjoying all things French...so I guess I like nature, with a little bit of fancy!

Following the birth of my daughter, I had a difficult time with leaving her to return to the "work force". So, with the help of an incredibly supportive family, I was able to pursue a career from home doing something I truly loved. Plus, with a rapidly growing family, someones got to do all of those birthday invitations, right!

Learning how to manage all of the financial aspects of a small business has proved very difficult for me, as I am a total right brainier! Luckily I know a wonderful accountant, who has been of a tremendous help.

I'm afraid it's not too exciting, but... if you found your way to Baton Rouge, I would recommend visits to The Red Stick Farmers Market on Saturday morning, Sushi Yama for lunch (the best sushi by far around here!), the quad at LSU (to lay on a bench under the shady trees), and a craw fish boil at my aunts house (because you just have to in South Louisiana).




Check out her shoppe, see her other creations are be awed. :)

These are a few of my favorite things....

I've always taken a liking to that song, so alas, i might as well take a liking to sharing some pretties i have found!!

Blogged 5/18/08

1. "Remember" by Geninne. These colorful drawings are absolutely amazing!

2. "Cherry Baby" by Jen Nale. This plate is right up my ally! Can anyone guess why?

3. "Sorry" by PressaRussa is by far the coolest sentiment for sorry I've seen. -card

4. "Make Art" by Melissa Vest is a bag everyone should carry!

5. "Into the Woods" by Eva Soehjar. Her style, her jewelry, every things adorable!

Love is in the Cards!

It was incredible difficult to limit myself to posting all of the items in Jill's shoppe Brownington Forest. All of her drawings are RIGHT up my alley. She has such a cute style and i love the colors she uses. She is also lovely to chat with.


How long have you been crafting?

I have been crafting and drawing my entire life. My mother was a big lover of crafting and a huge believer in the importance of imagination, so I started young.


Did you always craft in this genre?

Throughout my childhood I was always drawing and writing and at home we did so many different arts and crafts projects.
I continued to do arts and crafts in college, especially with the children I would nanny for. In college I minored in art instead of majoring in it because I thought there was no future in art. After college I did faux finishing and decorative house painting for a while and then went back to school for textile design, which I did for a few years.
Last summer I gave up the career in textile design to work on my own artwork. In late October of this year is when I first started selling my artwork.


Who or what inspires you?

Nature and animals have always inspired me. I spent most of my childhood outside in the woods around my house. Since I was young I adored all animals and insects, they make me smile. I feel most alive and happy when I am outside and close to nature. Everyday life and people also inspire me.


What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Sometimes it feels like I face many challenges, just figuring out how to run a business of art and what exactly do do with my art is a challenge because there are so many possibilities and no guidebook! Some of my challenges may stem from my tendency to think too much about things. One challenge I have had is finding great quality art paper that is either recycled or made of organic cotton! I still have not found anything.
But the biggest challenge of all for me is how to make money doing what I love- I am still trying to figure that out. Although it seems like I have been trying to figure that out my whole life, really I have just begun trying to sell my art and products a few months ago. These challenges are good, with them I grow and learn. If everything were easy I wouldn't grow at all. Also because of them I can appreciate my accomplishments so much more.


I suggest peeking at her Etsy shoppe to see the rest of her swell art work!

Some nifty new cards!

I've been trying to make some cute and quick cards to make to send to Gallery owners when i send them information about Cherry Runway. These are my three favorites i just made. What do you think?




In other news..i've been wanting to post more interviews about stellar artists, but Etsy hasn't worked for me in DAYS!!! It's driving me nuts. I can't look at any of the images! I this happening to anyone else?

How Stellar!!


This morning, i hopped on the computer at work and was extreamly excited that my "Rest Easy" chair necklace was being featured! I've never been featured before and it was a brilliant treat! I then checked my messages and Andrea from Munieca told me she featured me. Twas a briliant way to start the day!!

Thank you so much Andrea, you ROCK!

[And Thank You to Riley for [skipping class?] to run to the library to save this Etsy page for me. Your stellar too!]

See the Spray Blue Artwork.

Katrin from Sea Spray Blue is a wonderful painter. I was interested in her work once i saw her "..And then he kissed me." print.

1. I've been drawing since August 2007. I sold my first print in the beginning of September 2007.


2. Before August 2007 I've been more into photography. I really enjoyed working the whole night alone in my own dark room (our bathroom). Also I had specified plans for a short movie with my friends.


3. Music inspires me. Some years ago I was listening to the Morrissey song "Lifeguard sleeping girl drowning". After listening I had a picture in my mind how I imagine the scenery of this sound. I kept it in my mind for three years and then painted it in acrylic as a gift for my boyfriend. Now it's hanging in our living room.
Also going for a walk with my little son in his baby buggy and looking at the surroundings or people. 'I can wait' came into my mind this way.
And in the very moment before falling asleep there are sometimes pictures that come into my mind. The most impressive ones I can still remember when I wake up again. For the 'coming home' print I even switched the light on again.



4. Until now I found no challenges. Far from that. I'm glad that some people like you find my artwork and make it visible to a broader community beyond etsy. I've never done a bigger promotion (except on etsy) by myself. But this year I go for having my own first website. I guess this will be my first challenge in my new artwork life.


She has many other beautiful prints and cards for sale in her Etsy shop. I think you will find them inspiring! :)

I love you like i love.....Uccello Curioso

Andrea from Uccello
and I have just been chatting. I originally messaged her when i found this adorable Avocado card. My co-worker always stated that avocado's were her favorite, and thought it was so neat someone else thought so too. :)


How long have you been crafting?

1) I have been making things with my hands for ages, but the earliest memory I have of making greeting cards is in high school. Each one of my close friends and I were heading off to a different college, so at graduation I made a custom collage greeting card for each girl. I must have gotten hooked, because I have been making greeting cards ever since then.


Did you always craft in this genre?

2) Well, cardmaking has been the only craft genre where I have actually gone into selling what I create. Most of my cards are made on my trusty gocco, some even with some watercolor detailing.
I love exploring other forms of artwork and crafts, though, and have dabbled in ceramics(so therapeutic, but I find that 3D is much more challenging for me!). I also absolutely love printmaking--especially etching. Although that's stepping more into the realm of fine art, I just love the whole process of getting your hands dirty, and all the specific steps that go in to creating a finished print.


Who or what inspires you?

3) Oftentimes, I am very inspired by the everyday, sometimes even by things that others would call the mundane: restaurant tabletops, little creatures, edible things. I also pay a great deal of attention to food, as well as the change of the seasons, and the urban environment around me.

What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

4) I think my biggest personal challenge is balancing my 'real-life' job and my crafting. It is really easy for me to just get sucked in to the daily grind, and continuously push off the crafting for when I'll have 'more' time! Also, because I am not currently able to commit as much time and energy as I'd like to the card-making, it has been difficult to regularly add products to my etsy shop and properly build my brand. Oh, but when I am able to sit down and just put my ideas down and create, I completely lose myself in it!


Andrea also makes custom greeting cards, like these wonderful bridal shower cards (see above). She's also very nice, and would love to hear from you! :)

Art For Dreamers

Cari owns a great shoppe called Sea Dream Art. When i saw these amazing tree painting, i saved it as a favorite for quite a while. It's just amazing! When i finally wrote a messege Cari, she was so sweet!! She not only wrote me a reply, she went out of her way and sent me the art card!! I was floored. Thank you so much Cari! I hung it on my way.:)


How long have I been painting?



Did you always craft in this genre?

I pretty much will paint anything that doesn't move. Sometimes even things that do move...my cat Jules is a good example...he likes to "help" me paint. :)

Who or what inspires me?

Poets. Especially Rumi, Hafiz, Victor Hugo, Poe, etc. Musicians.Especially Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Don Henley, Stevie Winwood.



What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Hmmm, probably just the very act of marketing it. I would be happy if I could just stay in my studio and paint all day and have someone else do that part, but I know it's a necessary evil so I do it.


Check out Cari's other prints and paintings at her Etsy shop!! She would love to hear from you!