I've been a BUSY bee!

Life has been such a crazy adventure, i can't barely keep up! After opening my new "Nightly Doodle" Etsy shop and blog, i decided i needed to really reVAMP all my shops! 

[four websites! oh my!!!!]
I'm having with the changes i've been making, and think it will be completely worth all the effort once i feel a little more caught up. 

These are some of the images from all my crafty business ventures... 

 Making new Jewels...

Re-photographing old Jewels...

Listing all of my Nightly Doodle greeting cards...

Adding new items to my supply shop...

You can click on each image to go to their proper shops. 

I'm so excited for all the changes, and i hope you are too. Stay tuned!

smiles and love,

Loosky Wednesday - Bunny X Productions.

While gandering through etsy today i stumbled upon Amy from Bunny X Productions. I just LOVE how fun her work is. All of her 'squidly' creations are hand made and priced very well.

Look how much attention to detail are in this piece! So stellar!!
Make sure to check out her Etsy shop to see more of her work!

Smiles and Blessings ya'll

Life is full of blessings...

You just have to keep your eyes peeled to appreciate them all.

I'm so sad that most of my posts were not the up-most-happiest they could be this year. My life is so full of blessings and i really have to appreciate this more. So below i list a bunch of lovely reasons to be thankful. :)

Just this morning....

I woke up to two sales...

A consignment check...

New crafty ideas to make at work..

I took a warm shower.
I made DELICIOUS fish tacos for breakfast. (yes ma'am, for BREAKFAST!)
I finished two necklaces.

And a really good friend is coming over to hang out before work today.

And THIS silly boy is visiting me tonight!! [and all weekend!]

Life is good. Being thankful and appreciate is key. And this mantra is something I'm going to do more of today. :)

Hope you all have a glorious day and weekend!!!

Jewelry; My creative declaration!

It's kind of scary...

It's almost November...i literally have just over a month to make dozens of pieces of jewelry, in hopes to make back what I've put into Cherry Runway this year. I'm trying not to think about it like this. Especially since i kind of took a CR hiatus to let life take a more adamant role in my well..life.

It's been a crazy year to say the least. But enough babble! ON TO THE JEWELRY! What do you think?
(ahem...Dan...comment!!) ;) (other people too may comment as well) :)

So simple, and yet, i love them so much!! I introduced a whole line of "Jenipher Lyn Jewelry" filled with copper goodness and fall inspired colors at Timothy's Gallery. I hope the jewelry does well! I made the price point more affordable as well.

These little darlings have been on my mind for over a year, and i just never made them. I LOVE how they turned out! Yay for liking CR jewelry! s'bout time! :)

I was really excited to just sit down on my "crafting floor" last night and just make this. A year ago, this would have been the most difficult task, and yet it [seems] so easy. The thought of making jewelry a year ago was terrifying...and yet I've been doing it for over a decade. Oh, what a year can do for a soul and spirit.

Such a year of blessing!!

New Pretties! New Bloggin'!

Okay folks! It's time...i am going to be a better blogger, for realz! I know I've said this over and over, but now i should have more time since they aren't giving me enough hours at work. :) At least the bright side to THAT is that i have no excuse now!

To be honest, I've been so inspired by all of your lovely blogs, that i didn't want to post if i didn't have something uniquely splendid, but i think I'm just going to go with the flow and hopefully inspire you the same way you inspire me!!

With the new ambition to blog, i have been creating up a storm which has been brilliant!


i heart snack

i heart snacks.


Love Lily

Love Lily.


Asian Copper Tensha

Asian Tensha set.

Chains of Garnet

Chains of Garnet.


I hope you are having a stellar Sunday!!

Smiles and Thanks!!

Jenipher :)

Fawn'n Around

So...obviously, i haven't been doing my part as an artist but I'm trying to play catch up now and blog and make pretty jewelry again! 2009 has been a crazy year for sure, but it's really time to start cracking down for before the holidays strike with a vengeance. ;)

SO! Exciting news time!!

Fawn is a wonderful, lovely shop in Sanford, Florida that houses beautiful hand crafted art by local folks, and an allure goodies for baby, children and mothers. She is opening and ready for business, and her grand opening is next weekend, so get ready you Florida folk! Come check out Fawn, in the Historic District, say hello to Freedom [please click that link! how amazing are her website skills!] and myself, and see my pretty jewels along with dozens of other eco-friendly and creative items!

Talented Artists + Baked Goods = Fun Art Market!

Jess from Son of a Gun had a really fun little market today called Colonial Market. I met some amazing, talented girls, had a fun time with my friend Stephanie and introduced Cherry Runway to some lovely folks. :)

Setting up my table is becoming more fun which is a lovely thing indeed! Alas, my table needs a total refresher course, if you have any ideas please let me know! :)

Foot Twins

Christina and I were foot twins..only her injury made mine look like a silly accident. Goodness..i hope you heal soon Christina!

Sara and Stephanie

Sara from Lily Flys Garden makes really fun jewelry for such affordable prices. I bought a sweet little headband from her too!

Stephanie from Polka Dots and Daisies Bakery
makes such amazing cakes and treats! Her cupcake pops were incredible and so tasty!


Teresa makes really sweet greeting cards, mustache pops, and jewelry!


Miranda had pretty jewelry, paintings and yummy sweets!

Pineapple Cupcake

Mmm...Miranda made this delicious pineapple cupcake, with a real pineapple slice and strudel on top. :)


Christina from Feather Head makes really cute barrettes with her friend Aaryn!

Alyson from Design du Jour

Alyson from Design du Jour makes adorable purses and flower hair clips.

Stephanie is super awesome, and woke up SUPER early to come to my house at 6am to get to the show.

I had a really great afternoon, and hope I get the privilege to see all these amazing ladies again. I am SO game for a craft day! Let me know when you're interested in having one! :)

Bad bad blogger and the snail ring!!

And here i thought i was going to be THE BEST BLOGGER since i returned from California. I mean, i had SO MUCH to share right? But then life gets in the way, and you cut your toe open and the meds made you sick and your soooo tired from the crutches and...what? Not your life? Oh! Just mine!! Phooey!

Anyways, there is much i shall share, but tonight i'll just take it easy and show you my FAVORITE thing i purchased while at Renegade.

If you really know me, you'll understand why i am SO VERY excited about this purchase.

Snail ring!!

I've been looking for a special "Jen Ring" for a few months now, and i was holding out until i found one that completely struck my fancy. It's been a long journey finding this ring but thanks for the lovely Christine from Chocolate and Steel, i finally found it!!

I <3 snails oh so much! So much to the point that when there are snails in the present, i kind of lose track of time and need to be reminded that we errands to run and a life to live.

Snail ring!!

This ring has made me a very happy camper. It symbolizes a lot for me, and has especially made me smile every two days when i have to take another trip to the clinic. :)

Make sure you check out Christine's web shop! She really is a very talented jewelry designer!!

Sweet Somethings..

I had a tooth pulled yesterday and the medicare they gave me for my sedation made me very ill. Alas, It's so easy to feel extreme joy after such a horrible previous day.

Unseen Beauty.

Joy number one: [from my co-worker]

"You're like who we all go to when we need cheering up around here. I was so happy you worked with me the other day, you really cheered me up."

Joy number two: [Katie from Etoile Boutique]:

"Bring in whatever jewelry you like. All of it is amazing and everyone loves it, so you can just bring in anything."

Highlight of my day:

My room mate and his girlfriend just broke up, so he joined Okcupid too. And today he sent me a girls page to see what i thought of her. I thought it was nice he wanted my opinion. :)


I leave in 8 DAYS!!!
Yay! Life is grand. Now..off to Kung Fu i go.. :)

Have a stellar day ya'll!

i <3 giving gifts

My friend Lauren has the most beautiful curly hair I've seen, and when i asked her what she uses to bring out her curls she bought me some. So to say thank you i make her a necklace i thought would strike her fancy!

Ha, it's seriously awesome being an artist! You ALWAYS have potential gifts at your finger tips! How cool is that?



Well, my fancy striking worked out, because later that day i got this message.

"I love love love the necklace! I've actually been looking for a new cross necklace, you read my mind :)"

Mission Accomplished. :)

Have you made any fun gifts for people lately?