Foodie Friday - Home Made Brusetta

My friends came over on Tuesday night for craft/cooking night. We made fresh brusettta. Twas delicious!


French Bread
Cherry Tomatoes
Mozzarella cheese
Oil and Vinegar

We got our produce and cheese from Whole foods and our bread from Publix.

First cut thick slices of fresh french bread.
Dice the Mozzarella and cut the cherry tomatoes in two.
Fill the bottom of a bowl with vinegar.
Add cheese and tomatoes to the bowl of vinegar.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Spread bread slices on a cookie sheet.
Add a decent amount of the cheese/tomatoes to each slice of bread
Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until the bread is crunchy and cheese is brown'd.
And ta-da! Deeelicious!
As you can see, WE really liked it! :p

What fun things have you cooked this week?

Food and Love to you dear friends!

Thankful Tuesday

1. BOGO Rainer Cherries!

2. seeing my friend Melody tonight! – Walmart “friend date”!

3. i love HULU.

4. Vanilla Bean Greek yogurt. – tastes like cheese cake!

5. Feeling better then yesterday. [physically] Thank God!

6. That the cream for my nerve damage on my toe seems to be working.

7. nice post office lady.

8. my cozy home.

9. “Blue Like Jazz” – don miller is a HOOT!

10. Good hair day.

What are YOU thankful for?

Love and Hope to all of you!


PS: Want to see more lists of being thankful? Good List Daily is stellar!

Life is pretty crazy. I am very thankful.

Life is a very hectic place for me right now. I'm glad i can take a few minutes and still realize [many, not all] the reasons i'm thankful.

[well...NOW saturday]


2. My INCREDIBLE co-workers/friends

3. That my parents are helping me find the doctors that can help me.


5. Feeling better then yesterday.

6. Cooking!! [with a new friend tonight]

7. Painting 3 paintings in my cube today.

8. Having a job i can paint during.

9. Art and chatter with an artist friend [later today]

10. laughter. smiles. puns. jokes. have i said smiles and laughter?

11. encouragement. love. music. positive affirmations.

12. strength. faith. hope. chabata bread.

13. God’s love.

14. Good list daily.

15. Being able to come up with 20+ reasons to be thankful!!

What are YOU thankful for?

smile, love and hugs to you!


Foodie Friday! - DJ and Carissa's house!

My friend's DJ and Carissa are super swell.

You may know
Carissa...she is an extremely! talented local artist i'm so glad i have the pleasure of knowing IRL. She draws very well, is uber creative and is one of the most inspiring people i know. Her partner DJ is a pretty nifty, artistic guy as well as a very good cook.

For months i've been inviting myself to taste Carissa's hand made lunches that DJ made her, because i want to try just about everything that he creates. So when i had the chance to spend the day with them, i was THRILLED to hear DJ was cooking us dinner. :D

Batsmati rice, fresh shrimp with a thick spiced cream sauce.

It was glorious! [and the perfect ending to a food filled adventure day!]
I w
ish i had a recipe to share with you, but alas, i do not. DJ, the amazing cook he is, wings it, but i do suggest trying to recreate this delicious dish on your own!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!
Smiles to you!

Foodie Friday! - USS Nemo

I went to visit my mom a couple weekends ago, and we took a mini vacation to Naples just the two of us. [this has not happened in...YEARS.] It was SUCH an amazing trip. Even though it was only for 24 hours, it was so relaxing it felt like a week, yet felt like not nearly long enough.

My mom, the uber foodie treated me to one of the most amazing restaurants i've ever been to. USS NEMO is an "creative" upscale seafood house in the heart of Naples.

The restaurant itself was a lovely sight. GORGEOUS, creative, with big windows and lots of intricate details. On the wooden walls you see, there are little boxes that look like fish tanks with little bubbles and whirl around.

I know you could have a Caesar salad anywhere, but they are one of my guilty pleasures. I love to order then because they are always different. But the Caesar at Nemo was the best one i've ever had. They used mustard in their dressing which i've never seen before, and it made the dressing light and flavorful.

Every dish on the menu is unique to NEMO, creatively explained. It was incredibly hard to figure out what i wanted to eat because i literally wanted to try everything.

For my main course i had a mushroom crusted salmon, "tempura" mashed potatoes and swiss chard. The fish had a purple grape sauce, which i've never seen before. It was magical for my taste buds. Everything was very flavorful, and the food styling looked like a plate from Bon Appetite; + 2 points for that!

All in all, if you ever want to splurge on an amazing restaurant that won't let you know, i would highly suggest going to USS Nemo.

What amazing restaurants have you been too?

Have a foodie filled friday ya'll!