Foodie Friday! - Washington Version.

My boyfriend and i went to Washington DC a few weeks ago and my friend Jess brought us to Vapiano, a cute restaurant in their 'China Town' that specialized in home made pasta dishes. The atmosphere was dim light, spacious, with lots of high and low tables. There were some couch chairs and small tables in one corner and the place was PACKED!

I had these really fun squiggly pasta shapes, with scampi sauce, shrimp and added broccoli [my favorite!!]
They gave us fresh bread and olive oil, which was delicious. [almost always a winner in my book] The pasta dish was quite yummy; a nice amount of both shrimp and veggie, but the sauce was a tad bland for me. The pasta was a [smidgen] too al dente, but that's just my preference. 

The boy and Jess really enjoyed their meals too, and we totally enjoyed tasting each others pasta dishes. 

In a city with lots of expensive or fast food restaurants, i would recommend Vapiano's if you're looking for a pretty decent Italian place.

I wonder what shape of pasta i'll try next time we go to DC? 
Until then...!