Blissful Delicacies .

Small bites of happiness in my word. A large and lovely abyss of Tazo Chai tea at work and a delectable veggie sandwich from "Hoovers" in Altamonte Springs.

I hope you had a weekend full of wonderful delicacies of life!
Smiles to you all.

Opperation Become Human. :)

Okay, so obviously if you've read the past few posts of my blog then you know that i'm having a rough time right now. For the past two weeks i've just been this emotional lump. This is such a crazy process, and has been much more tramatizing them i ever imaged. I never quite realized how much i relied on Riley. I had no idea how helpless i could feel. I used to be such an indipendant person. I loved alone time, but still rejoiced time with friends and family. Where did that girl go? I lost her.

Artistic Tea

But alas, after finally getting the closure i needed, i realize that life will go on. It just has to. is day one of "Opperation Become Human". (otherwise known to me as OBH) I have been running eronds all day today, bringing jewelry to shops that ive been needing to replenish all month, and going to a coffee shop just becuase i want to.

My day has actually been pretty wonderful. Here's the run down.

Pumpkin Tea.

*Went to bed with the feeling "I can finally look in the mirror and see a girl who knows everything will be okay."

* Actually slept.

* Woke up, cleaned a bit, and ate breakfast. (mmm good breakfast, vegan corn chili)

* Went to the gallery i used to work at and talked to the fine ladies there. Dropped off "Jenipher Lyn" jewels.

* Made plans with a friend to have lunch and go to the museum tomorrow. Yay!

* Drove to the coffee shop and finally got some work done. (FINALLY!!)

* Randomly sold a harmonica to a nice gentleman who works at the coffee shop.

* Picked up a very nice consignment check from a lovely indie shop i'm in.

* R&R. Relaxed and Read magazines at B&N, just for me, nothing to do with Cherry Runway.

* My friend is coming over in ONE HOUR! to spend time with me and have dinner. Hopefully i'll make her go for a walk with me. :)

* Picked up my mail. Which has been empty for days. Today was a wonderful mail day though!

- The beautiful journals for a craft swap with the talented ladies in my online class.

- A really sweet note from two of the gals. Thank you so so much Laura and Ashley!

- A free sub coupon for Firehouse for my birthday.

- A consignment check from the gallery! Surprise surprise!

- A Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. (always fun, especially with all the gift cards i have from there)

Yummy Cookies

I think that pretty much sums up my day. Today was a bright one. Tomorrow may be a hard one. I don't know really..i just know i need to lift my chin, realize it's all just going to be okay, and live my life.

I leave you with a quote from my room mate Josh...

People are going to live their life. You just have to live yours. - Josh

Tea Party Blessings


It has been a very stressful week to be honest.

On Wednesday my friend Cynthia invited me over for a tea party. And what a tea party it was! It was such a blessing. So inspiring too! It helped me get into taking pictures again, which is something I've really missed! Alas, here are a few images to inspire you.

She went out and decorated her table so nicely, made her "famous" pasta salad and bought some really yummy rainbow colored cookies. It was a lovely tea party. We had these beautiful triangle shaped teas, which I'm trying to look up online and can't figure out the brand.
Thank you Cynthia! I'm quite excited for our Monday meeting. :)

I hope your all having a wonderful blessing filled week! In case you need your tea fill, here are some lovely items to strike your fancy.


Tea Time Tensha

Tea Party

Inspiration Wanted!!

I'm having trouble paying attention today. I'm at my favorite tea house, drinking wonderful tea and eating my FAVORITE cookie, and yet, i can't concentrate. I'm having inspiration block, having issues writing descriptions to update my Etsy and website. It's bumming me out! No worries though. I'm thankful i still have the whole beautiful day ahead of me, plenty of things to get done, and a fun date planned for Riley and I later tonight.

I hope your all having a inspirational day!!

Tea Today, Hot Chocolate Tomorrow.

Tea Party

On my trip, i went coffee house hopping. I drank many wonderful drinks, but when hopping, atmosphere is key. I found two coffee shops that win my vote. In Charlotte, there is one called The Smelly Cat in North Davidson we frequented quite a few times. They make a mean milkshake, and pretty good brownies. It has a cute interior, with a nice staff and some nice photographs on the walls. I never did get to taste my signature drink there, which actually makes me kind of sad.

Soy Mint Hot Chocolate, was my hardcore drink of choice in NC. [Actually, it's my drink of choice outside of Charlotte too]

I think my favorite over all was The Dripolator in Black Mountain. It was cute and quaint. They had a comfortable environment and seating. The staff was friendly and helpful, art on the walls, a great menu selection and loads of customers inside to affirm my decision that i chose the right coffee shop in Black Mountain.

Harmonious Paintings!

I was recently introduced to Harmony when she made a comment on my blog. I'm always intrigued when people i haven't met yet find my blog. [even more so, when they post a comment and say hello.] So of course, i had to check out her blog. As soon as i saw the beautiful tea pot paintings, i knew i had to write about her. Harmony has a shoppe called Harmony Vanlue Tanguay and has beautiful oil paintings. Not only does she paint lovely tea pots, but has a great style, painting angles and objects that are sometimes missed in everyday life as art.


1. I have been creating in one form or another all of my life. My mom is a seamstress (and fellow Etsian - uniquelynancy) and my dad is a carpenter, so I don't think a week went by as a kid when we weren't doing some sort of craft project.


2. No, painting is actually a fairly new pursuit for me. I went to school for theatre, graduated and moved to New York. While there, I began figure modeling for artists to make money while I auditioned. I became increasingly interested in the visual arts as a result, and eventually ended up studying with two of the teachers I had modeled for in the fall of 2006. That was my first official art class. I've been painting seriously for about 3 years now.


3. Oh man, so many people and things. I see potential paintings pretty much everywhere I look - the open doorway of my bathroom, the spices on my kitchen shelf, the faces of my friends and relatives, the landscapes of my town. There is really so much beauty everywhere, and in the simplest of subjects. It's overwhelming. I actually have a list of things waiting in line to be painted right now! I'm also inspired by other painters, past and present. Seeing great work inspires me to work harder and improve with every painting I make.



4. It's been challenging for me because art is a tough market to get into, and because this is a relatively new venture for me. Buying art is a very personal experience for people, and I know my work isn't going to appeal to everyone. But I take comfort in knowing that someday the right person will come along and fall in love with one of my pieces and give it a great home! I've gotten wonderful feedback from buyers so far, and that makes it all worth it!


Check out her Etsy site, and look at her paintings of silverware, they are really swell too! :) Oh, and say hello to Harmony, she's very nice!

Knit and Tea

When i saw these cute Tea holder at Etsy, i sat back and though, how clever!! At the time, i was bringing tea and sugar to work frequently and had a hard time keeping them all together. Jacqueline from Jacqueline Knitcreated this cute creation, along with fun other knitted items that make life a little more practical and a little more fun!

1) How long have you been crafting?

I've been knitting for as long as I can remember (I was taught by my mother)


2) Did you always craft in this genre?

I've done other needlework like embroidery, sewing, cross stitch and crochet, but knitting is by far my favourite. I'd like to try rug hooking at some point as well.


3) Who or what inspires you?

I like to make things that are useful. My house is at the maximum for space so anything that comes in has to either replace something already there or have a use. So my knitting kind of follows along these lines too. (The fruit jackets stop bruising, the tea bag holder replaces plastic baggies (that's what my friend was using when I thought of the idea to knit her one!), etc.)




4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Having to learn how to take good quality pictures (I'm still working on this) has been a bit time-consuming and frustrating. Also determining price was difficult at the start. As well, I've still got some work to do on finding various ways to promote my shop.


Head over to Jacqueline's Etsy page and check out the rest of her knitted goodies! :)

Tea Party!


Seriously! How much fun did you have playing tea party when you were little. Heck! I still have fun, only now my plastic cups are china. Carry the nostalgia of having your own tea party, but wearing this cute ecclectic necklace!

Would you like your tea with one lump or two?

So much to do!! :)

Howdy ya'll..

Strawberry Peace

[Strawberry Peace] necklace. So perdy. Strawberry quartz, Sterling Silver, and Swarovski crystals. How divine! :)

My goodness, so much is happening in my cheery Cherry world. Currently I'm quite serene, i just came back from my FAVORITE tea house! I'm in love with this tea house, and can spend hours there. They have brilliant selection of teas, a wonderful staff and the most delicious biscotti I've ever had.

Oh Honey! You'll LOVE this tea!

Other then that, my website is in the last stages. It's taking WAY LONGER then i have ever anticipated. I've been uploading and fixing images, writing descriptions and inputting all of the info on my site for about 10 hours and not even slightly finished. It's quite overwhelming.

A Little Bit of Every Nothing.

So...nothing OVERLY exciting to write about. There have been a few blog worthy events, but because i waited so long to dispurse the information, they don't seem as exciting. Oh well! Events that happened this week....

*I bought the most beautiful table. I bought it from a store in College Park called "The Gathering" which is the most amazing store! It's a mix of antique and new-antique everything. From funiture to linens to pottery, it's just splendid. I didn't relize the women i was speaking to there was the owener and we were chatting for a while. I mentioned i made jewelry, she loved the necklace i was wearing, and now she want's to put my jewelry in her shop! I'm really stoked, but don't like to count chickens, so be happier once i can go there and see my jewelry in the window. :)

My New AntiqueTable.

How do you properly photograph a table?? Hmm.....

On the way to "The Gathering" of course i had to stop by Infusion Tea again and recreate the serene essence i had last time i went there. I think it was quite successful. They have the BEST honey there too!

Oh Honey! You'll LOVE this tea!

THE best cookie!

*I finally met with a web designer, so hopefully my website will be up and running soon. I know i will at least have a home page by July 2nd. My jewlery will be in a Fashion Show at Tatame, (By Winter Park Ave) on July 2nd. So, that's quite exciting! Come out and see! there are seven designers and two or three jewelry designers, myself inluded. :)

Off to the gallery i go. Have a stellar weekend!!

A day of rejuvenation!

Everyone needs to have a relaxing day, a day to go out exploring new places, and a cool friend in tow. Luckily, in Orlando, we have quite a few of fun places worth exploring. Today my friend Jenny and I went to "College Park". A quaint town with ecclectic stores, the best and most relaxing tea room, and a few places that will hopefully be interested in carrying my jewelry. It was a brillent day, but the jouney back to my house was overwhellming thinking about all the things that needed to be accomplished. Many added that were suposed to take place during this day off.

Infusion Tea ( is one of the coolest cafe type places i've been to in a while! They just moved to a larger location. They have a GREAT selection of tea, many of them made in house, and super delicious looking menu offering an arrary of vegetarian selctions. (My friend Jenny is not a vegetarian and she was drooling reading the menu. The biscotti cookie i had (Chocolate and Cranberry), was by far, the best cookie i've had in a long time! It is ABSOLUTLY worth a visit and a revisit next time your in College Park.

Infusion Tea!

After having our morning chill out session, we walked around to all the cool shops on the strip. We went to Bead Bar (, a local bead shop. They were friendly staffed and had a great selection of beads. At the last shop we visited, "Annabelle Hart", i found this nifty tube of lotion. The package and art of the tube in so different, and key on top is by far the cutest idea! The lovley lady who worked there, said that "Essence of Heaven" have won awards for their supior packaging. Lastly, i found the most incredible doggy treat at Dog & Friend ( Not only does it have my business logo on it, BUT it's my favorite cheesecake, only for my doggy to enjoy!

Cool New Beads!

Cool New Charms

Essence Of Heaven