12 FIRSTS in 12 months.

My friend Andrea from Paper Sparrow inspired me to post 12 photos from 2010. One from each day month of the year. AND almost all of these are FIRSTS. What a blessed year!

Above....my first. painting. ever.

My first time making pendents with clay! Thanks Patti!

THE first birthday i ever FULLY enjoyed! I am SO blessed!

My first printed "nightly doodles" EVER!

My first time eating this INCREDIBLE sandwich!

My first time painting SUCH a large doodle. AND! It was ON STAGE at church during worship. Ha. So stellar. Thanks Alex!! For asking me to do it, even though i said no. :)

My first time using real clay, and making beautiful pieces from molds. Thank you Rachel!

My first pieces that got accepted into Raphsodic Vegan Bakery. Katie's love and amazing sweet shop was one of my favorite parts of 2010. :) If you live in Orlando, you SHOULD go!

My first time in Jacksonville, visiting Chad and Georgia, with my friend Torin.
It was the Best. Trip. Ever!

I can't express how excited i am for 2011. There is already so much hope, and love, and opportunity, and I. Am. Ready. Thank you to all of those who loved me in 2010. I really couldn't have made it through without you!! I am forever grateful!!

Oodles of Love to all of you.
My readers, my friends, and everyone in between.
I feel blessed to know you all!
smiles to you,

Change O' Heart. Change O' Price.

I posted a blog post a while back about selling my photographs. After much deliberation, i am lowering the price to only $10.00!!


Variations of colors in one setting have always been my weakness. I just LOVE how magical images look when they showcase an abyss of beautiful colors.


I heart Cupcakes. But seriously, who doesn't? Live the calorie free life and enjoy this stellar cupcake print.

These prints are 8x10 but other sizes are available in other sizes.

What do ya think? Are they worthy of printing/buying? I hope so!!

I hope you're all having a stellar week!
<3 style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);">Jenipher :)

Looksy Wednesday - William Dohman

I spotted William Dohman's "Indian Spice" fine art print a while ago, and was captivated by his work. He has a great eye, and all of his images are stunning.

I found this bike love print on his Etsy, and thought it
was too humorous not to post as well. :)

I hope you are all having a glorious Wednesday!
Smiles to you!

Girls Art Day!

Some lovely craft lady folk came over last weekend to have a crafting day! Twas quite fun. We had delicious food, painted and a had a relaxing Saturday.

We decided to have a painting exchange. We all started a piece and then switched and switched until all 5 of helped create the final painting. It was a really cool idea and i hope we get to do it again soon!

We all set up shop in my stellar bed room and crafted for hours, listened to some good tunes, ate junk food and chatted.

We are at a really yummy organic, vegan, cafe in Orlando called Dandelion. Seriously! They have AMAZING food. I've never had a bad meal there. :D

A perdy image of our friend Amanda at Starbucks.

Playing "pass the painting" is actually a pretty neat activity. Highly recommended. :D It's really hard to start a piece of art and then ship it off to someone to finish. But it's good healthy challenge, i'd love to do again.

All and all it was a perdy stellar day. A day we're going to have MORE often right ladies? Like every month!!! :D [i hope!]

[no title]

I realized that i'm photo deprived. I used to take so many photographs. I used to love to photograph life, every piece of it. But i've been stuck in this weird place where i don't take my camera out as often, i don't take adventues like i used to. It's quite sad. I need to start living properly again. Camera and all!!

I miss me kitty.

I leave you with a really cute picture of my kitty (and Valentines Day flowers from Riley). Sigh.. i'm still visiting my mom and miss my baby. :)

Food Inspiring Goodness.

I have never found it SO incredibly hard to just pick a few images to post on my blog, but i have to tell you. It took me a very long time just to decide on a theme. My favorite beyond favorites. Fruits and vegetables! Featuring my all time favorite. The cherry.

Lara Ferroni is a breath taking food, lifestyle and travel photographer.

Lara Ferroni

"I didn’t really mean to become a photographer. But with the first photo that I took of a batch of homemade raspberry scones, I knew I was a goner. My family quickly learned to ask first before digging in with their forks as I became completely snap-happy around any kind of food. Family vacations were hijacked to make special trips to particularly photogenic markets or restaurants."

Lara seems like she's humble, has a wonderfully supportive family, and embraces all the gifts she's been given. She is a complete and total inspiration! For a food photography nut like me (who ended up not being good enough in the studio) her life seems like a dream come true. Indulge yourself in her amazing, well thought out portfolio, and make sure you look at her Flickr account as well.

You Captured My Fruit.

For as long as i can remember, food art, in any genre, has always captivated me. Well, obviously, looking at the name i chose for my own business. Produce (fruit and vegetable) artwork really tickles my fancy though. So, it's very understood why i adore them so much. Tim Chumley has a keen eye and works in many genre's.


How long have you been crafting?

I've been a photographer most of my life, receiving my first camera when I was six. But my interest in photography took off in high school and stayed pretty even until about five years ago, when the quality/cost ratio of digital imaging became reasonable. I quit my day job (teaching in grad school) 18 months ago to practice photography full time. I've been producing my own prints for sale for about a year.



Did you always craft in this genre?

I've never "crafted" before.


Who or what inspires you?

In fine art photography I appreciate photos that tell a story or evoke an emotion, or that offer a unique perspective on something traditional. My fruit series is an example of a different perspective. It's not expected, and because of that it draws a lot of attention.


What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

The promotion process never stops. I have to constantly look for new opportunities and outlets for my prints. For example, I recently started selling large framed prints on Amazon.com. The other lesson I've learned is: compliments don't pay the bills. Everyone who sees my work "loves my work," and it's rewarding to hear. I never get tired of compliments. Some days that's what keeps me moving forward. But those remarks don't put kids through college.


Head over to Tim's etsy for more images, and make sure to head over to his website to see all the other amazing images he's taken.

Ode To Food Photographers

When i was younger and people asked me what i wanted to be i had two answers. The most often answer of the two was a food photographer. I LOVE food photography, it just speaks to me! And boy oh boy, don't leave me along at the produce department or farmers market or i'll be there for ages.

I randomly found Janick on Flickr and was captured by her simple yet artistic expressions of her breakfast table. She photographs foods quite well and i love how she shows some of her jewelry in her shots. She makes wonderful jewelry as well, so you WILL want to check that out as well.


How long have you been crafting?

I remember doing macramé bracelets in early high school, so I guess my crafting days really "seriously" started around 12yo.



Did you always craft in this genre?

I've always had a thing for jewelry, I guess it's a woman thing! I've done mostly drawing, multi-media, painting, photography, jewelry and graphic design for a while now. Recently, I started knit and cross-stitch and I'm planing on roving and sewing very soon! I can never get enough of making things, learning new techniques and exploring a new craft!


Who or what inspires you?

Textures and materials inspire me mostly for my jewelry! I like trying out new ways to view a medium! Photography also inspires me a great deal. In that matter, thanks to the wonderful Flickr community, inspiration is only a few clicks away!



What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Since I started selling a year and half ago, I have found it more and more challenging to get noticed! The handmade community is growing soooo quickly, it's hard to keep up! I always try to find new ways to get noticed, but frankly, without my advertising and graphic design skills I learned in school, I would be really lost! Trying hard - and often failing! - motivates me to try different marketing ideas that are growing in my head!

Head over to her Flickr, say hello, look at her amazing photography and stop and see her beautiful jewelry. You won't be disappointed!

You'll WANT To Move To Kansas!

Jared from Jared In Kansas is a brilliant photography. His photographs are breath taking, each one even better then the next. I can honestly say I've never considered going to Kansas, but after viewing his stunning images, i might want to visit there one day. Anyone from a travel agency need a great nature photographer? Go to Jared's Etsy account!


1) How long have you been crafting?

My mom introduced me to photography when I was eight. I've been shooting off and on since then. It started just with me taking my camera on family vacations. I fell in love with national parks and photography all at the same time.


2) Did you always craft in this genre?

The main change that I've undergone recently is that I finally delved into digital photography about two years ago. Before that, I had only shot with film. Digital photography opens up a lot of doors, and it makes it possible to experiment wildly without worrying about the costs involved.



3) Who or what inspires you?

I'm constantly inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Over time, I am learning to appreciate the subtle beauty caused by the interaction of people with the natural world. I'm looking to explore that in more depth.


4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Very few. I've been very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place to share my work with others. It continues to humble me that others want to have my photographs on their walls


So take a minute, and head to Jared's Etsy account to view more of his images. You won't be disappointed!

Alas! Progression.

Looking at progress day by day doesn't mean a darn thing. I am quite hard on myself, i do know this. I just feel like i have so much potential, and i don't feel like I'm growing enough, fast enough. I feel like i should be so much further in my jewelry business, that i should have learned how to be organized and efficient by now. One thing is for sure though, my photography, ROCKS. I might not by the most artistic, the best at lighting, and i surely am not the best with Photoshop, but look how much i have improved since last year!!

Charming Art


antiqued art

Photo Kudos to me!

Monarch Awakens

Thea actually found my blog through my post about Georgia, and boy am i happy she did!! She owns a lovely shoppe called Monarch. Her gorgeous photographs are wonderful, but she took it up a notch, but turning her lovely artwork, into beautiful pieces of art you get to wear. And nothing gets me more then an amazing jewelry artists!


1) How long have you been crafting?

I started taking art classes in Woodstock, NY when I was 11 years old. My teacher held classes in her home and encouraged us to experiment with collage, sculpture, sewing, drawing and painting. In high school I majored in photography and art. I thought I would pursue graphic design in college but got sidetracked by my love of nature and ended up majoring in Biology instead. I took some years off from creating while in college. It wasn’t until 2005, when I took time off from teaching to stay home and raise my son, that I picked up my camera again. I haven’t put it down since.


2) Did you always craft in this genre?

Jewelry design is new to me. Last Christmas I decided to try my hand at making my art wearable and began experimenting with resin and jewelry design. Taking photographs is when I feel the most joy, although I still enjoy collage and drawing as well. I use jewelry design as a way of sharing my photographs.


3) Who or what inspires you?

This is a tough question because there are so many artists that have inspired me. I would have to say my mother has been my greatest inspiration. Her love of nature and photography were great passions that definitely trained my artistic eye. Next would have to be the artists I have met through blogging. Misty Mawn was one of the first bloggers that I connected with. Watching her work evolve and having her support and friendship really gave me courage to further explore my artistic passions. I have also been inspired following the journey of Kelly Rae Roberts. Her honesty, openness and willingness to share her journey has been invaluable to me. Watching her career blossom has been exciting and inspiring to me.

There are too many photographers that inspire me to list them all.

I am inspired by many art forms. Mary Oliver’s poems speak to my heart, and when editing a photograph sometimes one of her poems will come to mind. You will find many of my photographs have been dedicated to her poems.

Music also serves as inspiration. Listening to The Weepies gets my creative energy flowing like no other music I have ever listened to. I hope to create some drawings or photo collages based on some of their songs.

But the best inspiration for me comes from just being outside in the sun and fresh air, surrounded by nature. My camera helps me savor the details of my surroundings and is a practice of gratitude for the beauty around me.


4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Having very little experience in business and being a stay-at-home mom of a 2 ½ year old has been challenging – especially from a time management perspective. There is so much to learn about business management, web design, jewelry design and photography. Sometimes it is hard to know where to concentrate my time and energy. Start up costs are also a very real issue. Jewelry design has a lot of up-front costs associated with it.


So go up there and click on her links, she's a friendly gal, and would love to hear from you!