Dan Jazzia's work = AMAZING!

                                                                                             Source: portfotolio.net via Jenipher on Pinterest

I just found Dan Jazzia's amazing work this morning and it inspired me OODLES. I've never quite seen a style his and his use of color is pretty darn snazzy.
                                                                                           Source: portfotolio.net via Jenipher on Pinterest

                                                                                           Source: portfotolio.net via Jenipher on Pinterest

I really like this drawing above. It has such a 70's retro vibe, which is one of my favorite decades. :D
I hope you have an UBER inspired, COLORFUL weekend friends!
Do something fun, challenging, and delicious!

Tunes Tuesday! {A-Dele-A-Doodle}

My friend StanlEy and I have decided that THE SONG since October was Adele's "Someone Like You" and since then it has been VERY MUCH overplayed to the point where i decided we need a new THE SONG.
I haven't quite figured out what can compare to the awesomeness of Adele, but i'm sure once i move to NY i'll figure it out.

Happy Tunes Tuesday!

It does not {ALL} have to be done today!

Good GOLLY this doodle is needed in my daily life. If you are like me, you worry and stress about finishing not one, not two, but ALL of your to-do lists....EVERY single DAY. I have to constantly remind myself this TRUTH.. that is TRULY does NOT have to be done today. It doesn't!
It doesn't doesn't DOESN'T!

[Moody Monday] Flowers on ME mind.

Moody Monday: adj; For those Mondays where you need something to brighten your day.

Flowers make my heart smile.
Colors bring me such joy.
I find Un "traditional" decorating fascinating. 

Source: caribbeanlivingblog.com via Channing on Pinterest//
I would like to go to a field, and lay among the gorgeous rows of flowers. How i wish we actually had those fields here in Florida. Alas, we do not. Thus, i shall stare at this glorious image of the flowers i will one day lay beside.

Source: eatdrinkchic.com via Ashley on Pinterest

This is so pretty! I can't even BELIEVE it's a watercolor! I can't wait to continue water coloring, and hopefully one day, my water colors will be post worthy!

I hope you have a COLORFULGLORIOUS week! Go out and smell the flowers!
Smiles to you dear friends!


I thoroughly enjoy cameras. I studied Photography for the small amount of college i attended, but my love for captivating images has never gone away. In certain cultures they believe that taking pictures will steal your soul.   

Does anyone know where this came from? It's from Tumblr.
[mine] :)  
How super cool is that Camera Lens Mug?! I want to get one of those for myself. I don't care if it, or the beverage inside steals my soul, it's the coolest coffee mug I'VE ever seen.

Do you have any really nifty camera related awesomeness? I'd love to see!
Have a creative day friends! 
Jenipher :)