Forever With You.

I'm super sappy these days. But really, i always have been. This is another one of 'those doodles' that i actually drew at the auction before i moved to NY, but didn't color it until yesterday. :)

I REALLY like it!
I'm starting to REALLY LOVE these simplistic, colorless backround doodles. They make me super happy. 

I think later today I'm going to draw more simple doodles.

Is there anything you'd like me to doodle?
Happy Thursday!


wedding seasons = wedding greetings

It's the season of weddings! It's weird being 'that age' where all your friends are starting to seriously couple off and settle down.

Thus! With weddings on the brain [ALWAYS], I just finished making these cute little wedding greeting cards. and..I {{l o v e }} them!

I tried to make sure i had hair combos for every couple time i know of right now, but surely i've missed a few options. If you'd like one with different colored hair, just let me know! :D 

Happy Thursday friends!

I've been a BUSY bee!

Life has been such a crazy adventure, i can't barely keep up! After opening my new "Nightly Doodle" Etsy shop and blog, i decided i needed to really reVAMP all my shops! 

[four websites! oh my!!!!]
I'm having with the changes i've been making, and think it will be completely worth all the effort once i feel a little more caught up. 

These are some of the images from all my crafty business ventures... 

 Making new Jewels...

Re-photographing old Jewels...

Listing all of my Nightly Doodle greeting cards...

Adding new items to my supply shop...

You can click on each image to go to their proper shops. 

I'm so excited for all the changes, and i hope you are too. Stay tuned!

smiles and love,

The snow[man] butler is HERE!

A couple weeks ago i was INSPIRED to create a whole line of Holiday cards. I made 6 in two days, and i'm SO VERY proud of them!

This one is by far my favorite!
I shall show you some more tomorrow, but until then, i hope you have a GLORIOUSLY festive evening. 


BEHOLD! Nightly Doodle Greetings

ALAS, i have finally made quite a few "nightly doodle" greeting cards. I have many more to show, but for now, a brilliant sentiment, and a lovely way to send the sentiment. ;D

These "mini prints" are on this card with four clear corners so you can take the print off and frame it if you like.

Let me know if you would like any. :D

Smiles and Huzzahs to you friends,

From Art to Zink!

Joan from ArtZink
creates a mixtured of colorful collages using random clippings and cozy sentiments. I was instantly drawn to her simple beauties and had to post about them. She has prints and greeting cards in a varitey of color schemes and quotes.

Go check out her pretties in her etsy shop!

Greetings Nightly Doodles!

I am LOVING my "NIghtly Doodles", and so are many other awesome folks, so with YOUR suggestions, i present you with the first batch of "Nightly Doodle" greeting cards. Yay! :D

I shall be taking more pictures and posting them on my website/etsy soon, and hope to get good feedback from them.

Thanks for your suggestions! I appreciate them.

Smiles and Blessings,


Sweet, Awe-Inspired Cards...

I came across Erin from Noulou Cards and Paper's work ages ago. Her work captivated me right away, for I, just like Erin herself, enjoy "child like" imagery. Once i got to chatting with her, i realized how sweet and wonderful she was, which makes me love her work even more!! Enjoy this wonderful interview from a very talented lady. :)

I am IN LOVE with these wedding invitations. I want day. :)


I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, spending many a night in my bedroom growing up, drawing the scenes from the back of Disney movie cases. I still have them all in a folder, and one is even hanging in my little girl's room!

I used to LOVE play dough, and I've more recently tried out shaping little ornaments and figures out of clay. I would love to learn to sew someday, and try out different printmaking techniques. And I really should try to start making scrapbooks for my kids, I suppose!



Most of my work has a noticeable "childlike" quality, which I guess is due to the many children that have overtaken my family in the past couple of years. (My sister will soon have four, and then there is my two!) I really enjoy observing the people and places around me, and all things from nature. Lately, I've also really been enjoying all things I guess I like nature, with a little bit of fancy!

Following the birth of my daughter, I had a difficult time with leaving her to return to the "work force". So, with the help of an incredibly supportive family, I was able to pursue a career from home doing something I truly loved. Plus, with a rapidly growing family, someones got to do all of those birthday invitations, right!

Learning how to manage all of the financial aspects of a small business has proved very difficult for me, as I am a total right brainier! Luckily I know a wonderful accountant, who has been of a tremendous help.

I'm afraid it's not too exciting, but... if you found your way to Baton Rouge, I would recommend visits to The Red Stick Farmers Market on Saturday morning, Sushi Yama for lunch (the best sushi by far around here!), the quad at LSU (to lay on a bench under the shady trees), and a craw fish boil at my aunts house (because you just have to in South Louisiana).




Check out her shoppe, see her other creations are be awed. :)

These are a few of my favorite things....

I've always taken a liking to that song, so alas, i might as well take a liking to sharing some pretties i have found!!

Blogged 5/18/08

1. "Remember" by Geninne. These colorful drawings are absolutely amazing!

2. "Cherry Baby" by Jen Nale. This plate is right up my ally! Can anyone guess why?

3. "Sorry" by PressaRussa is by far the coolest sentiment for sorry I've seen. -card

4. "Make Art" by Melissa Vest is a bag everyone should carry!

5. "Into the Woods" by Eva Soehjar. Her style, her jewelry, every things adorable!

Paper-tabulos!!! i have a weakness for paper goodies. But, when they are handmade paper products? Well, now there's my kryptonite. Asa has a BRILLIANT shoppe called Inky Livie. She has a wonderful drawing style and can create cards in so many different genres.


How long have you been crafting?

I have been drawing all my life, and have always loved putting my hands to work on paper. The very first invites I made though, were for my best friend's 18th birthday-- if I remember right, I handmade about 50-60 invites, all individually (and painstakingly)handcut, handdrawn and handwritten! Needless to say, I loved it :)



Did you always craft in this genre?

Yes. I love paper. Although many, many times I find myself wishing I knew how to sew or knit or crochet.


Who or what inspires you?

You will see a lot of artist's bios say that everything that surrounds them inspires them, and cliche as it may sound, it's true. Once you are in this world of art and craft, you cannot help but look around you with an artist's or designer's eye. I am inspired by the various forms of art-- from architecture to music to fashion design , and at the same time, by the everyday things that surround me.



What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

I think that the biggest challenge, as with any parent, has been trying to keep a balance between my homelife and my work. I am a full-time mom first, a businesswoman second. It was critical for me to create a work schedule for myself that will not take away from my taking care of my children (Inow do all my work at night starting at 8pm-- my kids' bedtime). It is especially difficult when you are running a business from home, because it is so easy to switch into "work" mode by stepping into my studio, or sitting in fornt of my computer. I am getting better, though, at NOT working during the weekends that I am just home :) And I am lucky because I have had the support of my husband ever since I started my shop-- i.e., he puts the kids to bed as I start my "workday", or rather, "worknight".


Although, i do think Asa has gorgeous images of her work, these small sizes don't do her justice. Head over to her Etsy account to really see her beautiful work! :)

The Crafting Avenue.

I first met Avery about a year ago, Avery has a shoppe called Avenue Handmade. She makes cool recycled jewelry out of spoons and hand stitches greeting cards to give them a textured effect.


How long have you been crafting?

My whole life, it seems! Being homeschooled from kindergarten on, I can't remember a time when I wasn't finding creative ways to occupy myself, coming up with projects or games to do with my brother and sister, or making toys or gifts out of miscellaneous household items. I once made an entire dollhouse out of cardboard boxes and furnished it with furniture (and dolls!) I made out of popsicle sticks, glue, and fabric scraps. Oh, and there was that switchboard system I created out of a cardboard box and a set of airplane earphones…I guess one of my favorite materials was cardboard. *grin* I also loved origami as a kid. And friendship bracelets—I think making those was pretty much a rite of passage for almost every girl growing up in the nineties. Friendship bracelets were the first craft I ever sold, I think. I was a Girl Scout in middle school, which is when I learned how to use a sewing machine and read a pattern—I think the first thing I made was a culotte set! Haha. In high school and beyond I learned to crochet, and continued to make things (clothes, jewelry, cards) for my own use, partly out of thriftiness, but also because most mass-produced items just didn't appeal to me in one way or another. I always handmade most of my Christmas gifts because I never had much money to buy things. The year I learned to crochet, everyone I knew got a crocheted scarf or hat or purse! In the past year or so I've kind of found my niche as far as jewelry goes. As my personal tastes and interests have evolved, I've developed a more distinct style in what I create—which ends up incorporating mostly vintage or recycled household items, so I guess you could say I've simply returned to my childhood roots. Recycled silverware jewelry isn't such a far cry from dollhouse furniture made of popsicle sticks, when you think about it.


Did you always craft in this genre?

Which genre? See above. :)



Who or what inspires you?

Well, there's the obvious: color, texture, pattern, shape--when I'm working on jewelry or making a scarf, my most immediate sources of inspiration are probably visual ones. But on a whole, I am inspired by stories--the stories inherent in old things (whose hand held the spoon handle I turned into a pendant? whose clothing was held on by one of my vintage buttons? who found their way with an old map that I made into a collage?), the stories that we create around objects that are important to us, the stories we tell about ourselves with what we create, or how we style ourselves. My husband and family inspire me to work hard, and to have confidence in myself.


What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

I think I was a bit naive when I began trying to sell my jewelry. I had no idea that the marketplace for handmade goods was so large--and so competitive. I struggled for a while, and it took me some time to find my own unique niche and style among the thousands and thousands of other artists who are already out there, being successful. It was a challenge to keep making what I love (rather than what I thought would sell) when I suddenly realized that my creations were just a tiny speck in an ocean, not the rare, unique things I had thought they were. Fortunately, I have some incredible friends who are not afraid to tell it like it is and who really helped me get some perspective on the issue, and although I may not be as successful as I'd hoped by this point, I feel like I am beginning to really come into my own as a designer and artist--and that's so much more important.

Marketing is a challenge for me. It's not in my nature to self-promote. But I'm learning. Also, I'm not a very business-minded person, so I have always been pretty intimidated at the thought of getting incorporated and paying taxes and treating my craft like the legitimate business that it is. I'd much rather just go back to the barter system or something...keep it simple, right? But that's not the world we live in, so I'm trying to adapt. I just officially incorporated my business! Now I have to start collecting and reporting sales tax...but that's a challenge I don't want to think about right now.


I'm sure she'd love to hear from you! Let her know what you think of her perdy jewels! :)

Love is in the Cards!

It was incredible difficult to limit myself to posting all of the items in Jill's shoppe Brownington Forest. All of her drawings are RIGHT up my alley. She has such a cute style and i love the colors she uses. She is also lovely to chat with.


How long have you been crafting?

I have been crafting and drawing my entire life. My mother was a big lover of crafting and a huge believer in the importance of imagination, so I started young.


Did you always craft in this genre?

Throughout my childhood I was always drawing and writing and at home we did so many different arts and crafts projects.
I continued to do arts and crafts in college, especially with the children I would nanny for. In college I minored in art instead of majoring in it because I thought there was no future in art. After college I did faux finishing and decorative house painting for a while and then went back to school for textile design, which I did for a few years.
Last summer I gave up the career in textile design to work on my own artwork. In late October of this year is when I first started selling my artwork.


Who or what inspires you?

Nature and animals have always inspired me. I spent most of my childhood outside in the woods around my house. Since I was young I adored all animals and insects, they make me smile. I feel most alive and happy when I am outside and close to nature. Everyday life and people also inspire me.


What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Sometimes it feels like I face many challenges, just figuring out how to run a business of art and what exactly do do with my art is a challenge because there are so many possibilities and no guidebook! Some of my challenges may stem from my tendency to think too much about things. One challenge I have had is finding great quality art paper that is either recycled or made of organic cotton! I still have not found anything.
But the biggest challenge of all for me is how to make money doing what I love- I am still trying to figure that out. Although it seems like I have been trying to figure that out my whole life, really I have just begun trying to sell my art and products a few months ago. These challenges are good, with them I grow and learn. If everything were easy I wouldn't grow at all. Also because of them I can appreciate my accomplishments so much more.


I suggest peeking at her Etsy shoppe to see the rest of her swell art work!

Some nifty new cards!

I've been trying to make some cute and quick cards to make to send to Gallery owners when i send them information about Cherry Runway. These are my three favorites i just made. What do you think?




In other news..i've been wanting to post more interviews about stellar artists, but Etsy hasn't worked for me in DAYS!!! It's driving me nuts. I can't look at any of the images! I this happening to anyone else?

Made - with love - in Lowell.

Liz has a sweet gift shoppe on Etsy called Made in Lowell. When i started looking more and more at the work, i was quite intrigued. Not only were there unique jewelry pieces, hand painted eggs and barrettes, there were these incredible drawings on greeting cards. Which i later found out, were her mother's drawings. I was immediately drawn to learn more.


How long have you been crafting?

1) I have made things since I could hold a pencil. My mom being an artist influenced me greatly, but I think I was born with the interest in creating and have spent the rest of my life honing my skills. When I was a little kid, my older sister showed me how to make miniatures for my dollhouse. I would make more than I needed and set up a table in the living room and sell the extras to my mom.

Did you always craft in this genre?

2) I’ve always refused to pick a medium, even in college I was considered unfocused because I took painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, unheard of! I am always learning new techniques and media. I love applying my fine arts education to the creation of crafts. Currently I am interested in felt that I make myself and polymer clay which I have been working with for 20 years. I have a constant thirst to learn new skills.


Who or what inspires you?

3) Well, my mom of course, in the greater sense. But on a practical daily basis, looking at pictures in craft books and magazines is very inspiring to me. If I feel at all blocked all I have to do is see an image that fires my neurons and I am off and running again. I don’t mean to say that I make copies of what I see in these pictures, it’s just something about the colors, the lighting, the idea that something is being made that gets me going. Going to craft supply shops too, wow! I have to bring a notebook to write down the ideas that flood into my brain.


4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

The biggest challenge has been learning all the paperwork aspects; collecting sales tax, getting an account to accept credit cards, etc. Each of the tasks alone turned out not to be so difficult, but thinking of all the things you don’t know at once is very intimidating! I’m still in the start-up phase and setting up systems to keep track of the paperwork. I look forward to the day when it is all second nature!


Marilyn Smith Rosenfeld’s answers:

I had been painting with oil on canvas for about 20 years, then, in 1984, I took a class with the artist Claire Walker Leslie, "Drawing from Nature." Her approach was, "Keep a nature journal, and just draw!" She inspired me to try pen, ink, watercolor, and colored pencils.

When my daughter began choosing pages from my journals to make into note cards, I was delighted. Liz's interest in my work inspires me greatly, keeps me drawing, gives me fresh ideas.


There is honestly nothing i want more then to work with my mother in the future, so i quite envy Liz and Marilyn's work relationship. So, head over to Made In Lowell and shower them both with you love!