Canvas', Cafes, and First art shows...

My show looks so swell! I'm so thankful! I've updated it a few times in the last two months and each time add more and more hand made canvas' and water colors. It's glorious having a space to hang my work, and i hope to have the privilege to do it again!
I truly LOVE how this canvas came out! So pretty, and cute. I love it!! <3

I am SO grateful for United Arts. I couldn't have done ANY of this without them. Just filling out the grant application gave me the COURAGE to apply to have my work at B3, the grant i won this year provided me with materials to make this show come true. I am so very blessed. I have sold originals, and prints at B3, Drunken Monkey, and Timothy's Gallery. 

Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux has the BEST egg/cheese sandwich I've ever had.

I am SO blessed. Thank you to Jen and Darrell at B3, and to all my friends and family who have supported me, and purchased my art. I am honored, and so thankful for your support. It really does mean THE WORLD to me. :)

Much love,
Jenipher :)

To New York! And beyond. :)

So..... i just came back from New York. I had the most incredible time. I've been living in nostalgia the whole week i've been back.

Camilo took me on lots of adventures; we were literally 'adventuring' from 10am to 4am every day i was there. CRAZY!


I stayed in Astoria, Queens, which i think might be my favorite 'borough' in NY. I LOVE the quaint brick houses, and that it's still full of people, yet not over crowded and intimidating like the city.

Although all the 2011 sketchbooks were on tour already when i got there, i got to enjoy the 2010 sketchbooks from the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. What a pretty store!!

I also got to enjoy Renegade Craft Fair which was PRETTY STELLAR! I'm going to apply to it next year. ::crossing my fingers!!:: 

This was my first time riding a real train. It was kind of like a grey hound, only much larger. Double decker in fact! I made friends with the tattoo'd pierced, bald, ticket collector man. He was my peep!

I seriously can't wait to go back!!! I miss my friends terribly, and can't wait to run a muck with them in the fall!
Have you adventured anwhere recently? I'd love to hear about it!
Over and out,
Jenipher :)

Life is pretty crazy. I am very thankful.

Life is a very hectic place for me right now. I'm glad i can take a few minutes and still realize [many, not all] the reasons i'm thankful.

[well...NOW saturday]


2. My INCREDIBLE co-workers/friends

3. That my parents are helping me find the doctors that can help me.


5. Feeling better then yesterday.

6. Cooking!! [with a new friend tonight]

7. Painting 3 paintings in my cube today.

8. Having a job i can paint during.

9. Art and chatter with an artist friend [later today]

10. laughter. smiles. puns. jokes. have i said smiles and laughter?

11. encouragement. love. music. positive affirmations.

12. strength. faith. hope. chabata bread.

13. God’s love.

14. Good list daily.

15. Being able to come up with 20+ reasons to be thankful!!

What are YOU thankful for?

smile, love and hugs to you!


Foodie Friday! - Baked Brie Bread Bowl.

Say that four times fast!!!

Oh...Brie Bread were a wonderfully horrible thing.

It's so simple, i highly recommend it! But i'm giving you a fair warning. Make sure to invite MANY friends over when you make this. It was SO delicious that my friend Jenny and I DEVOURED it. I said it friends, you have been WARNED! :)

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

We were searching for Sour Dough round loaf, but found a "semi-sour dough" variety. [i found it to be very good. my friends said it was so-so] First step is to cut out a lid/top of the bread.

Hallow out a decent amount from the inside of the bread to make...ta da! a bowl. Put a wrapped brie round inside the "bread bowl". Add preserves on top. We used Current preserves, but apricot should be very good as well. We added pecans on top as well, but they are purely optional. Then put the bread "lid" on top. Cover it in tin foil and put on a cookie sheet.

Now...i just realized, i have NO idea how long we put that in there for. Ha! I think it was 20 mins. I will have to ask my friend Jenny... Either way, the bread should be a little crispy and the brie should be gooey.

I mean could you NOT want to eat that?? Mmm...

I forgot a step. The KEY to this dish... The essence that makes it SO delightful is a secret i will share with you... Make sure to invite your friend over to cook, and then have him sleep on the floor with his legs on the couch...kind of like THIS.

Somehow my friend Chip found this very comfortable. He missed out on not only cooking this delicious dish, BUT he missed out on eating it too. lol

I wonder how long it will be before Chip notices i posted this picture of him on here. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Have a wonderful friday!
Peace, love and PBJ,

I'm thankful, are YOU?

It’s a [friday!] wednesday!

1. Being away from Orlando for a few days.

2. My AMAZING co-worker/friends!

3. Grapes and Tuna…MMMMMMM!

4. My printed “Nightly Doodles”.

5. My room mates watching my kitty.

6. My friend Torin’s silly comments.

7. Tumblr!! It’s so stellar! I’m!

8. A nice smooth 4 [.5] hr drive down here.

9. Friends who all seem to move to California kept me company via phone on my drive.

10. I made one medium potato last three meals!

10 things, even on the hard days...

1) Options. – i have them.

2) Hope. – i have it too!

3) Friends. – they DO care.

4) Status – I love my Church.

5) Wesley. – still feels like home.

6) Rainer Cherries. – They make me happy.

7) God. – I thank him often.

8). My home.

9) My room. – it’s my favorite get away.

10) My imagin-ation.

10.5) Finding 10 things. [even on the hard days]

Foodie Friday! - DJ and Carissa's house!

My friend's DJ and Carissa are super swell.

You may know
Carissa...she is an extremely! talented local artist i'm so glad i have the pleasure of knowing IRL. She draws very well, is uber creative and is one of the most inspiring people i know. Her partner DJ is a pretty nifty, artistic guy as well as a very good cook.

For months i've been inviting myself to taste Carissa's hand made lunches that DJ made her, because i want to try just about everything that he creates. So when i had the chance to spend the day with them, i was THRILLED to hear DJ was cooking us dinner. :D

Batsmati rice, fresh shrimp with a thick spiced cream sauce.

It was glorious! [and the perfect ending to a food filled adventure day!]
I w
ish i had a recipe to share with you, but alas, i do not. DJ, the amazing cook he is, wings it, but i do suggest trying to recreate this delicious dish on your own!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!
Smiles to you!

One Year Ago Today...

...I was celebrating my and Amanda's birthday [among other "life celebrations"] at Melting Pot!! Twas great fun!

We ate like Queens! I got a veggie and tofu platter and Mandy got some meats and veggies.


...had THESE amazing treats that we dipped in this incredible Peanut Butter chocolate mixture with nuts in it. We kept asking for refills of the delicious treats to dip in the chocolate. YUM!! :D

I hope you had a delicious food filled day!
Smiles and Blessings to YOU!

<3 JENipher

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today...

* My heart was hurting in places i didn't know existed.
* I was in South Florida taking a two week "life" vacation.
* I was confused to the max about what my future was going to look like.
* I was angry and hopeful about the plans God had for my life.

But more importantly one year ago today,

* My mom bought me a pedicure. Which made my toe-seys look beautiful!!

* I ate a delicious salmon salad at a German restaurant.


* I got to spend a glorious day in Miami with my best friend and THESE delicious cupcakes.

It's amazing how many good things come on bad days. And how WONDERFUL a year can make you feel. I am so blessed. :D

I hope even through the bad, you can see the silver lining in your life!!

Smiles and Blessings to you my friends,

Jenipher :)

Eeek! I'm 26 now!

I am so so blessed!! I had SUCH a wonderful birthday. FINALLY!!! HUZZAH!!!! I can't say i hate birthdays anymore after this one. I spent hours with some of my closest friends in Orlando.

We had a vegetarian pot luck picnic [[sooo delicious!]] at "Big Tree Park" where one of the top 10, largest trees in America live!! We took 419 pictures!!

Next stop was the batting cages! Growing up i wanted to be a pro-baseball player and thank goodness i didn't, because i suuuuckkkk but not as horribly as my friend Torin. [[green shirt]] [ha! good thing he doesn't read my blog] ;)

It was great fun, really. I've been wanting to go for three years, and it was so stellar that i finally did!!

Next off to a Japanese Hibachi grill place called Kobe, where it's free for your birthday. So so good! I treated myself to a Pina Colada [which i didn't really like, lol] and tried both of my friends drinks [both icky!].

Then we went back to my place and read cheesy pick up lines and talked for a few hours. All and all, i had a gloriously fun birthday!! Thank you all so so so much! I am so lucky to have you all in my life! <3<3<3

Baldwin Park Art Show - Part II

I have more photos to share, and more reasons to be thankful about Baldwin Park Art Show. :)

This lovely lady is beyond a blessing!! She is a craft show SUPER HERO!! Seriously, i don't think that i could have done this show with out her. Thank you so so much Amanda! I sincerely appreciate it! I wish i could take you with me to all of my shows.

I'm so thankful that i don't have a pinpointed demographic. Women [and even men] of all ages enjoyed my jewelry at this show. It was incredible! My younger customer [no joke!] was four and my oldest..well i won't say. But either way, i am very thankful.

Courtney and Ana are super dooper and came to say hello both wearing smashing sunglasses courteous of Courtney's sunglasses collection.

My friend Cynthia came to visit and wander around the art show. Cynthia is a super talented artist, and can make anything beautiful [from plating food, to jewelry to scrap-booking, she's so talented!], and hopefully she will grace you with her talented endeavors online soon!

Thank you to all who attended the show, came by to say hello, gave me those positive affirmations and purchased from me. Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue Cherry Runway. :D

Smiles and Blessings,

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago...THIS was my life. Oh, how quickly a year flies by.

I can't even recall what this is, but i'm sure it was delicious! :p

I've never had a drum stick before this day, one year ago, and wow! was it delicious! I'm still hoping to have another one some day. YUM!

This is my friend Courtney, we made enchiladas i think, went for a walk and enjoyed delicious ice cream. :)

Ricky Frank is an uber talented artist and i had the honor of helping him at the Winter Park Art Festival. It was an amazing experience, and i learned a lot from him.

I hope i get the opportunity to work with him again some time.

Have a glorious weekend friends!

Smiles and Blessings,

Baldwin Park Art Show - Part I

The Baldwin Park Art show is a yearly event held in the beautifully [Pleasentville esk] town of Baldwin Park. I've been participating in this show for the last three years and every year it's had a different out come.

This year, by far, was the most successful show i've done in Orlando, and it completely took me by surprise!!

I had so many friends come visit, a wonderful lady ask me to consign my work [and buy a mini "Nightly Doodle" print], and had more faithful, confidence boosting customer's then I'm certainly used too! It was SUCH a blessing!!

Three of the coolest ladies!! They were by far, my biggest fans at the Baldwin Park art show, and such a confidence boost! Lisa and Alicia, and Caitlin were super dooper, fun to chat with, and very enthusiastic. Not only did they come over to my booth four times, they bought quite a stash of my jewelry, and i am very very thankful! :D

I can't wait to see you ladies again at my next show!

Lauren from Breakfast Brunch Handmade came out to say hello, per-ruse the art show, and buy a really swell pair of my locket dangle earrings.

This lovely gal's folks were almost persistent on purchasing my "Steam Punk" necklace for their daughter, which i found stellar!! Even though she liked it, and liked some other pieces they really wanted to have her enjoy this one of kind piece instead

I thought it was really sweet when her dad helped her put on the necklace. :)

I had a really great show and i'm really thankful. Stay tuned for more images, some new work and some really fun new doodles as well. Huzzah!

Smiles and Blessings,


Paper Bead Making!!

I was inspired by a blog post i read at "A Story Book Life". Pearl posted about an artist named Helen who made her own paper beads. The images were so gorgeous and the idea seemed so simple yet so beautiful.

So i gathered some of my fun artsy friends, and let the bead making start!

The ink in the newspaper actually stains your nails, so beware! :D

Step #1 – Rip up newspaper into small pieces

Step #2 – Put the pieces of newspaper in a large stock pot

Step #3 – Pour enough boiling water over the paper to cover

Step #4 – Allow to sit for an hour or so

Step #5 – Stir the paper to help break it down a bit

Step #6 – Drain as much water out of the paper as you can

Step #7 – Add enough glue to the paper to help it hold together in a ball shape (any glue that is clear when dry – such as Elmer’s, or PVA)

Step #8 – Roll the paper into round balls being sure to squeeze out as much moisture as you can while rolling (you can make any size you would like)

Step #9 – Let them dry for a few days – rolling them every several hours – until they are completely dry

and Carissa are stellar-ly talented ladies!! They are inspirations to me and i know they will inspire you too! Check out their crafty blogs.

This project was super cheap and super fun!! I highly recomend it!! I can't wait to make more myself.

Smiles and Blessings Ya'll!


Life's Happy Quotes

The happy and inspiring things my friends have said to me today..BEHOLD.

In a way. But, you're trying to fight it. Most people don't. You're one strong and inspiring little lady. - Georgia

I only give them because I like your art. You show me so many different things but none of them are ever the same. They all have their own flair and ideas you put into them. You think about your art and it shows. You don't just churn out variations of the same idea. - Torin, on how he's always so complimentary towards my art work.

I think you're pretty open minded. You take other people's view points and put them into action a lot more than other people I know. People usually ask for advice and still just do whatever THEY want to do.. - Georgia

I hope you have a splendid, creative weekend ya'll!!

Smiles and Blessings,

Be a brave brave gal.

Oh my...did i need this tonight.

I joined the "Brave Girls" e-mail list because my artsy friend Carissa, sent me one that was brilliant for my heart. These two women are absolutely incredible.

I WISH i had enough money for their retreat. It sounds spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. In the mean time, i will relish in their daily "truth" e-mails. :D

A Year In Pictures...Part II

So..i know i am slightly behind on the [2009 picture memory] band wagon, but i still wanted to share my "highlights" of 2009. I'm weary of posting some of the impactful moments though... [so while i type this I'm debating which to put up here]

Well...i'm having issues with pictures not looking good if some are horizontal and some are vertical, so i present you with my life in horizontal pictures.

*My 25th Birthday * Decorating my Room * 80's Party with new "Cell" friends * Visiting Brian in California * Climbing a mountain * Getting Accepted to RENEGADE! * Trying new sushi's * Cutting my toe open * Being on crutches for 3 months * Not walking for almost five months * Art Group * Trying new crafts * Meeting Brian, Amanda and Alex * Counting Crows concert * Celebrating my 1/2 birthday * Trying coffee for the first time * Reconnecting with my old church [Wesley] * Atomic Bazaar * Volunteering at a local radio station * New Years eve with new friends. :)

A Year In Pictures...

So..i know i am slightly behind on the [2009 picture memory] band wagon, but i still wanted to share my "highlights" of 2009. I'm weary of posting some of the impactful moments though... [so while i type this I'm debating which to put up here]

Well...i'm having issues with pictures not looking good if some are horizontal and some are vertical, so i present you with my life in vertical pictures.

*Taking a metal smith class * Getting Engaged. [and un-engaged] * Doing art at my new clerical job * Getting into Renegade and meeting a favorite artist, Andrea * My "Jen" ring * Cutting open my toe in 4 places * Meeting my idol Mary Englebriet * Many MANY trips to the clinic * Lots of laughter with Alex, Brian and Amanda * Cooking again * Wearing shoes again [after 5 months] * Trunk show in Ocala * Cooking with Armond and Brian * Shrinky dinks with Alex * Trying new foods * Making sugar cookies for the first time * Drinking alcohol for the 1st time. *


My first post of 2010. So So Crazy!

2009 was a crazy year....and I'm so thankful for all the blessings [both bad and good blessings] 2009 provided.

I'm thankful to have 10 toes.
I'm thankful to be able to shower normally.
I'm thankful i can walk. Run. Roller Blade. Jump. Dance.
I'm thankful i have friends that love me. Support me.
I'm thankful to have my family in my life again.
I'm thankful Cherry Runway did well in 2009.
I'm thankful to have my job[s].
And really..I'm thankful for all the wonderful things God has taught me this year.

I leave you with a funny cartoon. :D I hope you all had a safe, and wonderful New Years Eve/Day!

Smiles and Blessings,