Forever With You.

I'm super sappy these days. But really, i always have been. This is another one of 'those doodles' that i actually drew at the auction before i moved to NY, but didn't color it until yesterday. :)

I REALLY like it!
I'm starting to REALLY LOVE these simplistic, colorless backround doodles. They make me super happy. 

I think later today I'm going to draw more simple doodles.

Is there anything you'd like me to doodle?
Happy Thursday!


thinking about paint.

Thinking about painting; and how very much i miss doing it.
I don't understand how i can enjoy doing something so much, and yet, feel... trapped and overwhelled at the thought of it.

Maybe this weekend i can try picking up those brushes again and take them for a spin! 

I'm hoping i'm not the only one that feels this way. :D

Have a lovely day!

[Moody Monday] Flowers on ME mind.

Moody Monday: adj; For those Mondays where you need something to brighten your day.

Flowers make my heart smile.
Colors bring me such joy.
I find Un "traditional" decorating fascinating. 

Source: via Channing on Pinterest//
I would like to go to a field, and lay among the gorgeous rows of flowers. How i wish we actually had those fields here in Florida. Alas, we do not. Thus, i shall stare at this glorious image of the flowers i will one day lay beside.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

This is so pretty! I can't even BELIEVE it's a watercolor! I can't wait to continue water coloring, and hopefully one day, my water colors will be post worthy!

I hope you have a COLORFULGLORIOUS week! Go out and smell the flowers!
Smiles to you dear friends!

Love and Hate.

Today's been a hard day.
I know i said that in my last post.

So my daily colored doodle is a little on the sadder side.
But honest none-the-less.

I'm wondering who else could understand this statement. I know i can't be alone in the boat, yet i wish i was. It would be silly to think i was though. I truly wish we ALL understood what beautiful, talented people we were.

I'm learning it more every day.
And i hope you are too.

Much Love,
Jenipher :]

A weeks worth of nightly doodles...


i have to admit it was bothering me to have both vertical and horizontal images, so i just posted all of the horizontal ones. :D


We have a pizza place here called "Lazy Moon" and it is SPELNDID!
The pizza is literally the size of my torso. :)

Guess what this lady is doing friends??

Nothing overly exciting happening yet today. I did make AMAZING apple cinnamon french toast FOR ONE this morning. :D I shall post pictures later. I hope you're all having a BRILLIANTLY WONDERFULLY CREATIVE DAY!!

Smiles and Blessings,


Handmade Love.

These lovelies made my day brighter. I hope they brighten your day as well. :D

Holy cow! THIS. IS. GORGEOUS!! These floral bouquets are made out of Vintage brooches, and made by Amanda from Fantasy Floral.

I love love love this image, but i can't remember where it came from. Does anyone know??

These treats look too good NOT to post! She makes lots of other goodies as well. Her shop name on Etsy is called Jaynel Hollis.

How stellar is this hand carved stamp!? All of her [Sugar Skull 7 on Etsy] stamps are oh so detail oriented which are awesome. Check them out!


Peace and Blessings,


Jewelry; My creative declaration!

It's kind of scary...

It's almost November...i literally have just over a month to make dozens of pieces of jewelry, in hopes to make back what I've put into Cherry Runway this year. I'm trying not to think about it like this. Especially since i kind of took a CR hiatus to let life take a more adamant role in my

It's been a crazy year to say the least. But enough babble! ON TO THE JEWELRY! What do you think?
(ahem...Dan...comment!!) ;) (other people too may comment as well) :)

So simple, and yet, i love them so much!! I introduced a whole line of "Jenipher Lyn Jewelry" filled with copper goodness and fall inspired colors at Timothy's Gallery. I hope the jewelry does well! I made the price point more affordable as well.

These little darlings have been on my mind for over a year, and i just never made them. I LOVE how they turned out! Yay for liking CR jewelry! s'bout time! :)

I was really excited to just sit down on my "crafting floor" last night and just make this. A year ago, this would have been the most difficult task, and yet it [seems] so easy. The thought of making jewelry a year ago was terrifying...and yet I've been doing it for over a decade. Oh, what a year can do for a soul and spirit.

Such a year of blessing!!

I left a thankful g/f and came back and blessed fiancée!!


For the holidays, my family took us to New York for a few days in January. The trip was very fun, but the most exciting part was obviously when Riley purposed our first day.

central park

He took me to Central Park right after we got there and took me on a horse and buggie ride, then we walked around the park talking about our plans for the week. The ice skating rink in Central Park was a must because my favorite movie was filmed there. (Serendipity). (The ice cream place was a must too!!) During the horse ride it actually snowed a tad, which was very pretty.

Then when we were nice and chilled he brought me up to these rocks over looking the rink and asked me to marry him. It was so lovely!! It actually snowed for us then too. (The only two times the whole trip it snowed) I'm so excited and blessed and happy and....thankful. As cliched and overused a saying it is...i am seriously the luckiest women in the world. I have met my prince. :)


So, the ring came with us where ever we went. She certainly liked the Empire State building. The city is so beautiful up there. If you are ever in New York City, this is a must!!


Although my hand is just a tad icky do you get hands to look nice?? Isn't the ring gorgeous??

He actually designed it!! Go figure that!! My Riley is a talented fellow. (Poop, i was going to include the image of his drawing, but he brought his sketchbook to work today) I'll show you later!


Alright folks, more about my trip later. I just couldn't hold out any longer without sharing it with you..(maybe 6 readers?) ;)


A few of my favorite things....

Blogged 6/16/08


Smokey Topaz Ring - This stellar ring has a really unique Topaz cut, and a neat band. Her jewelry is very pretty and well crafted.

Safety Ring - Jenny from Jewelry fool makes exceptionally stellar jewelry. Her unique style strikes my fancy.

Under Glass Ring - This award winning dome-esk ring is utterly creative. Sadly, this artist doesn't have any more images of her work on her Etsy, but I'm sure she could send you some if your interested.

Tracery - Girts and Jan photograph flowers and blooms fabulously! This bloom is called a Chinese Lantern, or Physalis alkekengi, and is the coolest bloom I've ever seen!

I like. :)

Monarch Awakens

Thea actually found my blog through my post about Georgia, and boy am i happy she did!! She owns a lovely shoppe called Monarch. Her gorgeous photographs are wonderful, but she took it up a notch, but turning her lovely artwork, into beautiful pieces of art you get to wear. And nothing gets me more then an amazing jewelry artists!


1) How long have you been crafting?

I started taking art classes in Woodstock, NY when I was 11 years old. My teacher held classes in her home and encouraged us to experiment with collage, sculpture, sewing, drawing and painting. In high school I majored in photography and art. I thought I would pursue graphic design in college but got sidetracked by my love of nature and ended up majoring in Biology instead. I took some years off from creating while in college. It wasn’t until 2005, when I took time off from teaching to stay home and raise my son, that I picked up my camera again. I haven’t put it down since.


2) Did you always craft in this genre?

Jewelry design is new to me. Last Christmas I decided to try my hand at making my art wearable and began experimenting with resin and jewelry design. Taking photographs is when I feel the most joy, although I still enjoy collage and drawing as well. I use jewelry design as a way of sharing my photographs.


3) Who or what inspires you?

This is a tough question because there are so many artists that have inspired me. I would have to say my mother has been my greatest inspiration. Her love of nature and photography were great passions that definitely trained my artistic eye. Next would have to be the artists I have met through blogging. Misty Mawn was one of the first bloggers that I connected with. Watching her work evolve and having her support and friendship really gave me courage to further explore my artistic passions. I have also been inspired following the journey of Kelly Rae Roberts. Her honesty, openness and willingness to share her journey has been invaluable to me. Watching her career blossom has been exciting and inspiring to me.

There are too many photographers that inspire me to list them all.

I am inspired by many art forms. Mary Oliver’s poems speak to my heart, and when editing a photograph sometimes one of her poems will come to mind. You will find many of my photographs have been dedicated to her poems.

Music also serves as inspiration. Listening to The Weepies gets my creative energy flowing like no other music I have ever listened to. I hope to create some drawings or photo collages based on some of their songs.

But the best inspiration for me comes from just being outside in the sun and fresh air, surrounded by nature. My camera helps me savor the details of my surroundings and is a practice of gratitude for the beauty around me.


4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Having very little experience in business and being a stay-at-home mom of a 2 ½ year old has been challenging – especially from a time management perspective. There is so much to learn about business management, web design, jewelry design and photography. Sometimes it is hard to know where to concentrate my time and energy. Start up costs are also a very real issue. Jewelry design has a lot of up-front costs associated with it.


So go up there and click on her links, she's a friendly gal, and would love to hear from you!