[Moody Monday] Hello Roy G. Biv!


I heart rainbows so much. They BRIGHTEN my day! [har har]. No but seriously, i have always been transfixed by things in a Roy G Biv multicolored pattern. 


Whether it's sippie cups for toddlers, Sharpies, or the towels at Bed Bath and Beyond...i actually stutter three times as long to stop feeling the shopping addition the pulses through my veins when i see products rainbow formation. 

Do you have any addictions like mine?
I'd love to hear about it!
Have a COLORFUL day!
Jenipher :)

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago today...i challenged myself to make mismatched earrings. At the time it was really difficult for me since i liked everything to be symmetrical.

But after that first pair...i never wanted to venture away. I started making a whole bunch of mix and match earrings and deemed them "Junk Jar Jewels".

Now, they are one of my best sellers at craft shows! It's so amazing what a little challenge did for my business! Huzzah! :)

One year ago today...my best friend came to visit me. It was a challenging day indeed, BUT it included this amazing pizza from a local place called Lazy Moon. DELICIOUS!!

I hope you're all having a relaxing, challenging, worth while, weekend!

Smiles to you!

Bloggin' at the Airport!

How super awesome is that? I have INTERNET CONNECTION at the AIRPORT! Smiles all around.

So right now, i am waiting my flight for California for five days of fun, friends, and RENEGADE! I am more then stoked for all of it. I have been prepping jewelry like a fiend, and it was really scary overnighting everything off to LA a few days ago. It's so strange to send off your whole business in two very large boxes. It's like mailing away a part of you.

Here are some of the new goodies i've been whipping up!!

Electic Evergreen
Electic Evergreen
^^ My new favorites!!

Big Red
Big Red

i <3 snacks
i  <3 snacks

The only good part of that is that i am what some would call "a work-a-holic" so not having my tools and such put me in a place where i wasn't able to make jewelry and chill out a tad for a few days.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Do something exciting! Inspire others! Inspire yourself! :)

i heart cupcakes.

i heart cupcakes - earrings

Cupcake Earrings. $20.00

Two itty bitty handmade clay cupcakes, frosted and sprinkled with fun, and a Garnet cherry on top!! Daisy colored Freshwater Pearls dangle happily under the cake cups. All this goodness hanging on Silver toned, heart accented, ear wires.

i heart cupcakes - necklace

Cupcake Necklace. $30.00

The title rings true with this fab cupcake necklace!

Itty Bitty handmade clay cupcakes, frosted and sprinkled with fun, and a Garnet cherry on top!! Butterscotch colored Jade accents this necklace nicely.

Tea Party Blessings


It has been a very stressful week to be honest.

On Wednesday my friend Cynthia invited me over for a tea party. And what a tea party it was! It was such a blessing. So inspiring too! It helped me get into taking pictures again, which is something I've really missed! Alas, here are a few images to inspire you.

She went out and decorated her table so nicely, made her "famous" pasta salad and bought some really yummy rainbow colored cookies. It was a lovely tea party. We had these beautiful triangle shaped teas, which I'm trying to look up online and can't figure out the brand.
Thank you Cynthia! I'm quite excited for our Monday meeting. :)

I hope your all having a wonderful blessing filled week! In case you need your tea fill, here are some lovely items to strike your fancy.


Tea Time Tensha

Tea Party

What an Artsy Man!

Loving Man

I see these earrings and i think of a sculpture at the museum. It's such a unique charm, and i was excited when i found it.

This Copper man wears his face on his sleeve and has a loving face. Show off a true art piece in earring formation, and proudly wear these Loving Man earrings.

One Bird A Hummin'

One Bird A Hummin'

Did you know that hummingbirds are not only the worlds smallest bird, but they also have the worlds fastest metabolism. Their metabolism is so incredibly fast that they need to refuel about every 10 minutes. Each day they consume 50 percent of their body weight just to maintain their normal weight.

These cute multicolored, enamel charms won't help raise your metabolism, but they will bring a smile to your face. They float happily on Sterling Silver ear wires.

Amber Apple Earrings

Amber Apple

Amber and Bullseye Onyx. A wonderful combination!

Amber is such a lovely stone, there are many shades, all of which are in the rich golden color spectrum. 8mm Bullseye Onyx makes an appearance in these earrings as well. Sterling Silver lever back closures protect your ears and the loss of these great earrings.

Don't Just Pencil Me In

Come on! Tell me this isn't the coolest idea? When i saw these steller Pencil earrings i knew Jen Maestre had a brilliant idea! Jen has a shoppe with a name she'll never forget...her own. :) Jen Maestre.


1) How long have you been crafting?

I've always liked making things since I was a kid, but I've only been making the pencil jewelry for about 2 years. My 'normal' job is making sculptures out of pencils, I started with the pencils in 1999.


2) Did you always craft in this genre?

Nope! I was a beader. I taught myself a few beading techniques, in fact, I use some of them to construct my pencil sculptures.


3) Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by Ernst Haeckel's drawings, and by natural forms, and also, by the materials themselves.


4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Well, learning how to run a business has been challenging. It takes a lot of organizational skills, and I am constantly playing catch-up with my paperwork. I'd rather be torturing pencils!


So head on over to her shop, or website and see all of the amazing pencil (and other medium) creations! She's a very clever gal, and would love to hear from you! :)


Eggcellent Earrings

I think these earrings are EGGactly what you're looking for!! A cute enamel miniature egg in a copper frying pan hangs from silver colored jump rings and stis on a Sterling Silver ear wire.

Wear with matching Eggcellent necklace!!

Show Your Sorority Spirit!!


I've been trying to promote myself to soroities for some time now. I guess i'm not trying hard enough, and the times i do try, for some reason i get pushed away. So, when i heard that 70 girls from Alpha Epsilon Phi were coming into the Art Studio i work at, i knew i had to bring in some awesome jewelry for them! (And cross my fingers that someone, any of them, are interested and some beautiful, custom jewelry! What do you think?



Some with their letters. [AEphi]


Some with their animal. [Giraffe]




And...some with their flower. [Lily Of The Valley]

So, if your in a Sorority and want something origional, something that none of the other stores can offer, let me know! :)

Custom Jewelry for friends = really fun!

I have two awesome friends who are dating. When my friend asked me if he could help create a necklace espeically for Courtney, i didn't bat an eye. Of course!!

So, the obvious name for this set is called "Courtney". Faceted Amazonite rectangles, 6mm Spring Green Freshwater Pearls, and an adorable Sterling Silver Flower charm make this necklace a favorite.




Amazonite faceted rectangles and Sterling Silver flower charms make these earrings a stable "go with anything" earrings. Just enough dangle, yet not to overpowering.

Match them with the Courtney necklace, and your accessories will be a hit!