Welcome to...."The week of an artist"!

I'm thinking of trying to have a weekly post of my favorite weekly photos.
[because MAN i take a lot of them!]

Thus......Welcome to the week of an artist! 

  • This chocolate peanut butter cupcake from 'The Bean" was DELICIOUS!
  • I felt SO pretty in my white lacey dress.
  • I love goofing off with the boy at night. This is one of the photos that came from that.
  • I have been wanting to paint my girl on a plate for a LONG TIME! finally!
 Have you had a nice creative week?
What have been your favorite part?

hope you're having a lovely day!

WANTED: part time goals.

goals goals goals.
i have PLENTY of them.
yet, but that many.
how complex. :)

this is the beginning of my new list of goals. i feel as though i should compile them into a pretty list in one note book, instead of scatting them about, losing them.

such a shame to lose perfectly good goals.

do you have a list of goals?
are they 'obtainable'?
are they in the same lists of goals that feel like dreams?

I'd love to know!

Have a lovely day!
smiles to you,

New "Nightly Doodle" print! :D

"Balloon Boy" is a splendid salute to life! :D

- Lovely. Simple. Happy. :)
- this is an approx 4x5 Color mini print. White rim around.
- wrapped in protective paper and shipped in a backed envelope
- shipped via USPS First Class Mail
- signed on back by artist, unless otherwise specified

This print is available in other sizes. Please contact me if you would like this print in a different size.

Have a happy day!

Looksy Wednesday - Laure Designs

it was purely by accident i came across Laure Designs' shop today...

well maybe not COMPLETE accident. I typed in snail, and while she does have snails in her shop, i was captivated by this light bright print. How STELLAR is this!!

I love how all of her cards have a slight retro feel to them, and how simply lovely they are!!

This one made me giggle. :D I hope you enjoy her work as much as i do. She has loads more in her Etsy shop!

Have a creative day!

Looksy Wednesday - Haunted House of Projects

How awesome are Kathryn's drawings?! I knew when i saw that ice cream trunk print i had to post about her. Her business is called "Haunted House of Projects".

How awesome are Kathryn's drawings?! I knew when i saw that ice cream trunk print i had to post about her. Her business is called "Haunted House of Projects".

Upon looking at her profile, i saw that she has had work published in magazines, newspapers and has trading cards and a book. WOW! That's so incredible! Make sure to look at her other pieces. They are all quite smashing. :D

I hope you're all having a creative day!
Smiles to you friends,

10 good things.

When i came across the "Good Things Daily" blog, it helped me tremendously! Whenever i can remember, i try to come up with 10 blessings. It's a brilliant way to stay positive and so great to read everyone's daily blessings.

I seriously HEART my new drawing!!

It's official!
I am seriously OBSESSED with PB+J.

My free sub was delicious, and [i think?] healthy! AND it fed me twice! How stellar is that!!
All in all, today was a GREAT day!

What are YOU thankful for??

Smiles and Blessings to you all,

BEHOLD! Nightly Doodle Greetings

ALAS, i have finally made quite a few "nightly doodle" greeting cards. I have many more to show, but for now, a brilliant sentiment, and a lovely way to send the sentiment. ;D

These "mini prints" are on this card with four clear corners so you can take the print off and frame it if you like.

Let me know if you would like any. :D

Smiles and Huzzahs to you friends,

A weeks worth of nightly doodles...


i have to admit it was bothering me to have both vertical and horizontal images, so i just posted all of the horizontal ones. :D


We have a pizza place here called "Lazy Moon" and it is SPELNDID!
The pizza is literally the size of my torso. :)

Guess what this lady is doing friends??

Nothing overly exciting happening yet today. I did make AMAZING apple cinnamon french toast FOR ONE this morning. :D I shall post pictures later. I hope you're all having a BRILLIANTLY WONDERFULLY CREATIVE DAY!!

Smiles and Blessings,


Looksy Wednesday! - Claudia Pearson

I stumbled upon the wonderful works of Claudia Pearson a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to write about her. Not only does she have a very distinctive style, but she also draws food! And we all know how much that intrigues me!

I love how simple-ish, yet accurate her illustrations are! And i LOVE LOVE the recipes on her blog that she illustrates. :D

She also has a neato coloring book and calender on all the produce that's fresh each month.

Make sure to check out her etsy shop, and her website to see more of her beautiful works.

New Pretties...

I've been sick on and off for two weeks now...

Aside from it being a big pain in my rear, and missing work, it's been an ultimate blessing too. I don't think i've let myself rest this much..ever.

I've watched a lot of "Greek" and "Parenthood" and have even been creative here and there. :p

i REALLY like how this set came out. I was cleaning my studio a bit because i was restless, and laid my eyes on these resin pieces and BOOM i had an idea, so i ran to my floor in my room and created it.

It was the COOLEST feeling. i LOVE creative rushes. :)

Simple, delightful, and happy. Just the way i like my "nightly doodles".

And last but not least, a new series i'm working on. Huzzah!

I hope y'all are having a relaxing, sick free, creative weekend!

Smiles and Blessings to you!
Jenipher :)

Lovely Sparrows of Paper

Tuesday night i hung out with this talented lady. Andrea from Paper Sparrow. She makes awseome illistrations, and collages mostly, but dabbles in a few other genres as well. :)

I love this picture of her!! :)

I'm so stoked to have someone to bounce ideas off it, and to understand what it's like to try and make it as a working artist. Andrea and I have some great ideas in the works! Stay Tuned!

In the mean time...check out her Etsy shop!

Don't Rain on my Doughnut.

Rebecca from Rebecca Bouche is a delightful artists from New Orleans. She draws and paints with an emotionally folksy style, and i love it! She says it better then me in her mission statement.

"I have created my sensibility and style of artmaking out of a love for crafty, sugary, folk, organic, honest, whimsical objects and settings. I am often exploring a metaphor for something that is essentially human and vulnerable."

All of her work is really great, so go check out her Etsy and see which one is YOUR favorite?