Back from California!!

Okay! SOOOO after taking 700 pictures while im LA, i decided it's prolly best to have posts with topics. Hopefully it shall help me be a better blogger since there were so many fun things to share with you all!

This post shall give you some highlights of my trip. :)

* LA was super awesome!

* I climbed up a mountian and got a bloody knee.

* I was on Brian's podcast!

* Renegade was SUPER DOOPER! I met so many amazing people! (a lot more on that!)

* I went to In-And-Out burger.

* I went to Melissa Joan Hart's new sweet shop!

* I got to visit "Reform School" - a neat indie shop in Silver Lake.


* I'm sad to be back.

news FLASH!!!

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So..for the past 24 hours i have been crossing my fingers, my toes, my ears.....?

Alas, i can share my news!! IM GOING TO BE IN THE RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR!!!!! This is such an honor and I'm so so so excited!!

The Renegade Craft Fair is one of, if not THE top notch of crafty fairs out there. RCF has been in the works for six year now, but this is the first year it's going to be in Los Angeles.

I'm so stoked! Come visit if you plan on going ! yay!!

Thank you so so so much to this lovely, talented lady for sharing her booth space with me! I am more then excited to meet you, and see all your beauties in person! :)

I present you...APARTMENT ART!!!

If you actually follow my blog, you know i work at a SWWWEET shoppe called Anthropologie. I work on the visual team with two wonderful, amazingly talented ladies. Elizabeth and Karen. Together the three of us (well..mostly them, put all the crafty displays and details you see in our store. It's an amazing job, and i'm very lucky to be surrounded by so much talent!!

The three of us have been talking about having an art show for months and here is the 1st one. November 2nd. I am more then stoked!

AparmentArtflyer -- flyer curtosy of John Cox

Apartment Art started once upon a time when three "antropologists" wanted to show the local world how fantastic handmade art and craft could be. Thus, Apt Art was born. Jenipher "jewelry extortioner", Karen, "the felt queen", and Elizabeth "illustration genius" are the head dogs of this sweet project. Come see us and many more splendid artists at Austin Coffee and Film on November 2nd from 11-5. We are having a stellar day of cool artists, sweet tunes, and the food and atmosphere are awesome already!!!

Aptartcraplogo2 -- logo curtosy of Riley Tuff

I hope to see you out there!!

PS: Our myspace is seriously lonly! We need friends! Please befriend our Myspace!

Infusional Inspiration.

Infusion Tea

I know, again, i always apologize, but i've been a bad blogger..again!!

Right now I'm at my favorite tea house so it's so much easier to be a good girl blogger. Except...that the internet is on the fritz here, and my computer is dying, and i've only been here an hour. It's been enough to recharge though, so I'm still thankful. It's been a crazy couple months, full of drama and excitement. Many things have been learned, taught, responded to, understood, misunderstood. Alas, at this moment, i can say i have a new appreciation to my jewelry, to my loving boyfriend and his family. To my favorite, and my future surrounded by all of these relationships. I'm in a good place right now, and i hope to move here permanently. Cross your fingers!!

Baldwin Park Art Show!!!

Baldwin Park Art Festival

I just started a job at a children's art studio. It's called "My Art Studio" and we have some amazing art classes for children and quite a few for adults. The studio opened in May of 07' in Baldwin park and it is doing quite nicely. I "trained" for a few hours on Tuesday and the owner asked if i'd like to be in the local art festival. So, yesterday i got the privlege to be in the Baldwin Park art festival. It was extremely last minute but i was thankful for the opportunity! I arrived with a new friend is tow and headed to Baldwin Park at 7am, (ohh Courtney how thankful i am that you came!) and was graciously helped by two of my fellow co-workers. They were just amazing! (as is the rest of the staff i met yesterday) I sold about six pieces of jewelry and keychains and met dozens of great people. It was wonderful breezy Florida day, and many people were there. I did a ton of vocal advertising, handed out loads of my postcard flyers and had many sweet people compliment my work.

The most exciting factors in the day, were two women. One lady came up to my table and told me she loved my work, before heading out she went to take a flyer and noticed she knew me. I've sold her a few pieces before but didn't recognize her that morning. Another girl around my age saw my flyer from a fashion show i did a few months back. I honestly didn't think i received any exposure from the event, but she proved otherwise when she not only recognized my flyer, but previously visited my website.

Joy Joy! :)

Thank you to everyone at My Art Studio for helping me!! And to Ashely and Courtney for helping me and more importently providing me with some wonderful company!