I am SO very impressed!

 I am SO very
impressed with this necklace! I listed it last week randomly and sold one within a couple days.

I re-listed PURELY for 
'kicks and giggles' 
the next morning not expecting anything at all.

Then, I sold ANOTHER ONE within an hour of my re-list! 
Isn't that Amazing! 

I re-listed it again today JUST to see what will happen and i've had no takers... YET! Both folks who purchased this necklace already had a really good story why they were thankful they found this to GIFT to someone. I LOVE when that happens!!

But i am really stoked about the traffic my shop has had lately. 
I've been working REALLY hard to make it better!

Have you been to my shops lately?
Can you TELL what i've been working on?

Let me know if you can!
smiles and Thanks,

i <3 giving gifts

My friend Lauren has the most beautiful curly hair I've seen, and when i asked her what she uses to bring out her curls she bought me some. So to say thank you i make her a necklace i thought would strike her fancy!

Ha, it's seriously awesome being an artist! You ALWAYS have potential gifts at your finger tips! How cool is that?



Well, my fancy striking worked out, because later that day i got this message.

"I love love love the necklace! I've actually been looking for a new cross necklace, you read my mind :)"

Mission Accomplished. :)

Have you made any fun gifts for people lately?

New Creations!!

It's time folks...it's finally time to post more goodies i have created.

Took long enough eh?


Crystal Woodland Collection


Deep within the woodlands are tiny treasures. Treasures that glisten in the sun like crystals...

Oh wait. They are crystals. Swarovski crystals to be exact.

I quite enjoy this set. I have had it for a while, and just had trouble making the photograph as desirable as it is in person.

These earrings (and necklace set) are Bohemian chic! Two sky colored metal rings present a Copper leaf charm. An allure of opaque Siam Swarovski crystals hang pridefully free on Copper accents. Copper lever back ear wires help keep these earrings secure.

Sandy Beach Dangle

Sandy Beach Dangle

It's warm and balmy. Your walking through the silky sands barefoot, enjoying a cool breeze. You have a cool drink in your hand, and you are loving the nice soothing atmosphere.

While you may not be able to physically be at the beach whenever your heart desires, this necklace will help take you to your favorite beach, mentally.

Sandy Rose freshwater pearls showcase a clear resin pendant laced with sky blue accents. Aqua Wonder Beads, Aquamarine chips, and glass dangle swim a top. This necklace is just a smidgen under 16 inches, and has my signature heart toggle and cherry dangle.


I'm quite happy how these pieces came out, photograpicly...finally! I've had many days of trouble with these two gals. :)

December is Gone?

Holiday Treat

Well..it seems as though, the Holiday season has slipped away from me. I didn't have nearly enough time to devote to Cherry Runway. I did pick up hundreds of hours between my two jobs, and oddly enough, after writing down all of my December sales, i did pretty dern well.


So, hopefully i can get down to business again, writing about new artists, finishing my website and devoting more time to Cherry after i see where I'm working at the start of the new year. (Cross you fingers I'm still working at both places!)

I hope you all have a stellar Holiday, and a safe trip wherever life takes you!!!

<3 Jenipher and Cherry Runway

Mytini, Yourtini

Mytini, Or Yours

A cute Martini toggle makes a statement as a practical pendant. This toggle just cracks me up. I am in love with the bar with the olive on it, and the Swarovski crystal pimento is just a trip! Weather your a martini drinker, or just a fan of how cool martini's look, this necklace will surly express a statement.

Go Fly A Kite

Go Fly A Kite

Do you ever just want to take a day off, go buy a kite, make up a picnic basket, grab a really great friend and run to the beach to fly kites? I'm sure you do, in some retrospect! The day you finally go, the kite will fly perfectly in the air, just to tell you "This was a day worth waiting for". Of course, with a busy schedule, you can't quite just take a "kite day" from work, so in the meantime, this necklace will hopefully tide you over.

Tea Party!


Seriously! How much fun did you have playing tea party when you were little. Heck! I still have fun, only now my plastic cups are china. Carry the nostalgia of having your own tea party, but wearing this cute ecclectic necklace!

Would you like your tea with one lump or two?