A Nightly Doodles SALE + A GIVEAWAY! yay!

Hello friends! I'm back from Chile! Yay!

To CELEBRATE my first time in South America i wanted to offer you a 25% discount WEE!!! Just use the code: CHILE in my shop

I took many photos and videos of Chile, so look for some inspiration on how to travel with ANXITY on my blog in the upcoming weeks!

In addition to the SALE, i wanted to have a GIVEAWAY too! I designed these iphone inspired Holiday cards while i was away and would LOVE your feedback on which you like better. If you email back telling me which you like more i'll be picking a winner to receive a few goodies from my shop!


I look forward to hearing your thoughts & I hope you're having a lovely Thursday friends!! 
-Jenipher :)

What's NEW Wednesday?!

Happy Wednesday!! 

As you're reading this [if you're reading TODAY, lol] I am finishing packing to go to South America! Ahh!!! [scary and exciting!]


Since i'm not a great traveler [eek!] my GO TO will be to draw my way through my fears on this trip! I'm going to take little videos and can't wait to share if my doodling my way through anxiety really works! [cross your fingers!]

I plan to take little movies and draw TONS of doodles on my trip! Starting with the 18 HOUR!!! long journey it takes to get there from NY to Chile. [Layover in Texas included]

I hope you're having a lovely day! Chat with you soon!
-Jenipher :)