Sweet Somethings..

I had a tooth pulled yesterday and the medicare they gave me for my sedation made me very ill. Alas, It's so easy to feel extreme joy after such a horrible previous day.

Unseen Beauty.

Joy number one: [from my co-worker]

"You're like who we all go to when we need cheering up around here. I was so happy you worked with me the other day, you really cheered me up."

Joy number two: [Katie from Etoile Boutique]:

"Bring in whatever jewelry you like. All of it is amazing and everyone loves it, so you can just bring in anything."

Highlight of my day:

My room mate and his girlfriend just broke up, so he joined Okcupid too. And today he sent me a girls page to see what i thought of her. I thought it was nice he wanted my opinion. :)


I leave in 8 DAYS!!!
Yay! Life is grand. Now..off to Kung Fu i go.. :)

Have a stellar day ya'll!

I can tell you about NC in 6 images...

I returned home from North Carolina a couple of days ago, and it has been quite hard to adjust back to reality after being in a fantasy world [ie: vacation] for 13 days. My trip was definitely an interesting adventure. It was nice to get away, and i enjoyed seeing my friends. I had the best travel buddy, successfully learned how to use the NC bus and train system, and ate and drank a large abyss of wonderful goodies.



I believe one of the biggest differences between Florida and North Carolina are the trees. NC had the most amazing trees. There was such a variety, some flowering, some waiting patiently for spring time. This tree captivated me. This tree was found on a nature hike Mel, Camilo and I took in Charlotte.



I love this picture. I think it's one of my favorites. This image defines why my friends are so much fun.



Polka Dot Bakery had THE cutest ad in this local women's newspaper. Just based on the ad alone, i was determined to visit. I was slightly disapointed in the decor of this small, somewhat hidden bakery, but honestly, you MUST visit Polka Dot if your ever in town. The cupcakes were exquisite. Very flavorful. Great presentation. Highly recommended!



I have an obsession with houses. Doll Houses. Cottages. I love any home in a sweet spring time color. Honestly, one of my life's goals is to find and buy the perfect "doll house". There were many in NC that came close. This house was definitely a favorite, plus it had a ledge outside it which was perfect for taking timed images. This was my favorite pose when i was in middle school. Quality pose eh?



I really wanted to take touristy images, but there weren't really any touristy places in Charlotte. There were dozens of beautiful churches though. I wanted to take pictures in front of them waving and such, but they were just to terrible. I like this perspective of the church much better.



Pizza is one of my favorite foods, but honestly, 80% of pizza places suck. We had pizza three times in NC. Fuel pizza had a really cute atmosphere, but the pizza itself wasn't wonderful. We ate at a yummy pizza place (I'm sorry i can't find the name right now) in South End, close to Uptown Charlotte, and i was quite impressed. On the way back from Asheville Camilo and I stopped at the CUTEST town called Black Mountain. [More about Black Mountain later] and had salad and pizza. It was absolutely delicious. The pizza above is from "My Father's Pizza" place in Black Mountain.