It. Will. Get. Better.

I've been struggling a whole lot anxiety has been at an all time high, and i'm at the point where I'm hibernating, and not wanting to see people or leave my house, but get extreme loneliness every other hour or so.... it sounds like a contradiction doesn't it? 
Seeing as i am a very logical person, i wish i could see it as that and just dismiss whatever issue seems to be the problem. So, instead of freaking out over and over [oh wait no...i DO do that..] i decided to doodle the three statements i need to hear the most right now.

These are VERY important statements i think everyone should and needs to hear daily. So if you're not getting your daily dose of support or optimism, know that I'm out there, wishing these things for you!!!
I hope you're having a beautiful day you talented people you!    

Inspired to Inspire.

My friend Andrea from Paper Sparrow is doing an 'April challenge' which has her painting a new image every day for the month of April...[aside from me just realizing it's May] I'm very intrigued! I've felt in a rut and over whelmed by general life so i've been trying to draw and color more of my doodles. I'm going to try and commit to posting them [and other posts] more often [CONSISTENTLY!] for a month. Hooray! Lets see how it goes.

Enjoy! ;)

Isn't this the truth?
How often to you judge yourself?

Goodness...i know MY life would be easier if i stopped judging myself.

I hope you have a stress free day my lovely friends!

fear = excitment

Pronunciation: /pər-ˈfek-shə-ˌniz-əm/
: a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable
especially : the setting of unrealistically demanding goals accompanied by a disposition to regard failure to achieve them as unacceptable and a sign of personal worthlessness.

In essence...ME.

I am a HARDCORE perfectionist, which has hindered my life for over 20 years. In fact..the reason i haven't even written in this blog in SO long, along with not cooking, disliking my own business i spend hours creating, and hindering other areas of my life, relationships and physical body, are due to an unhealthy addiction of perfectionism.

It seems like a logical thing for many folk to just say "it doesn't have to be perfect" "it's great the way it is" "just DO it!" or "good enough". brain has never understood this way of thinking.

Instead... I reject myself, countless times, regardless of how much support I'm given, because nothing. was EVER enough.

Perfect enough.

Pretty enough.

Creative enough.

Thin enough.

Smart enough.

After talking with a consular, and some INCREDIBLE people in my life [Hello friends IRL and from Dream Boogie!!!] I am FINALLY making the brilliantly large task of taking the steps to REALISE and microMOVE away from this fear of un-perfection and failure.

It scares me to write this; for fear has always been my security blanket...but life is not fun this way, and will not FLOURISH in the way[s] i have faith it will if i continue to wear my perfectionism [and in return FEAR] as my [pseudo super hero] cape.
A very wise women named SARK told me tonight that FEAR and EXCITEMENT come from the same part of the body. Enjoy the exhilaration of fearful excitement!

I challenge you to take a step in the same direction!!
Smiles to you,
Jenipher :)

New "Nightly Doodle" print! :D

"Balloon Boy" is a splendid salute to life! :D

- Lovely. Simple. Happy. :)
- this is an approx 4x5 Color mini print. White rim around.
- wrapped in protective paper and shipped in a backed envelope
- shipped via USPS First Class Mail
- signed on back by artist, unless otherwise specified

This print is available in other sizes. Please contact me if you would like this print in a different size.

Have a happy day!

Looksy Wednesday! - Claudia Pearson

I stumbled upon the wonderful works of Claudia Pearson a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to write about her. Not only does she have a very distinctive style, but she also draws food! And we all know how much that intrigues me!

I love how simple-ish, yet accurate her illustrations are! And i LOVE LOVE the recipes on her blog that she illustrates. :D

She also has a neato coloring book and calender on all the produce that's fresh each month.

Make sure to check out her etsy shop, and her website to see more of her beautiful works.

Creative Endevors..

“With each project I begin I’m reminded of the importance of listening, of appreciating and taking advantage of all the creative, dynamic and wonderfully bizarre people in my life. And like any good listener, I know it’s my duty to share this wealth of influence with others. “ - Ashley Olsen via Jeremy.


The worlds getting in the way of my blogging and creativity again..but I'm so inspired right now by others it's ridiculous! Here's my crafty and exciting goals for right now...

* Make shrinky dinks with friends tonight!

* Work on my etsy and new jewels tomorrow morning with a friend at Panera.

* Have a crafty evening inspired by Rachel's creative journal class on Saturday with a my friend Nikki.

* Meet up with a bunch of crafty local artists on Monday night!

PS: Does anyone know how to make the font on blogspot pretty colors? I saw it done before on another blog but don't know how.

Organizational Unbalanced Creativity.

Pinky and the Green

Today's creative endeavor (or four days ago..) I found an inspirational book called "A Charming Exchange" which is an INCREDIBLE book folks! It's by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae and it's kind of like a challenge in jewelry form. Groups of women all start, send, finish and create gorgeous jewelry. It's so inspiring, and i wish one day i could do something like it. Alas...

Pinky and the Green

CHALLENGE ONE: To get out of my box i would love to make A-symmetrical earrings. generally my brain doesn't work like that.

CHALLENGE TWO: To only use what's inside of THIS container. *

Messy Bowl O' Potenetial

Pink and Green and Red..oh my!

RESULT: I not only made a pair of earrings, which i think kind came out very fun, BUT i made a matching necklace. Yay!!

*I start a million projects at once and get over whelmed, then never clean up, so said box is a mix match of leftovers and never was...

Soul Flower

Soul Flower challenges as you can read from the "Pinky and the Green" earrings" was taken a bit further when i found all these pieces in the bucket as well.

So awesome! I LOVE this necklace. :)


Did i say jewelry..i mean NECKLACE!!


I, Jenipher Lyn, have created my FIRST piece of jewelry (a necklace) for the FIRST time in just about THREE years, Just. For. Me. You heard it here first, Jenipher the work-aholic, took time out to create FOR FUN! (Those who know me, i know your gasping..this is a HUGE success!)


Pretty Color Scheme.

I was inspired by the ultimately inspiring Margot Potter, who wrote a truly fascinating book "Beyond the Beads". This is a color combination from her book, and i came home and made something with the colors in the image. Alas..i show you a piece i called creatively called "Margot". :)


I'm so excited by it! AND the images came out wonderful!

PS: If you are an artist and don't already know about Margot Potter, PLEASE do yourself a favor and click on any of the links above. She will inspire you dearly! :)