Holy Progress BATMAN!

This week has been pretty crazy! 

Aside from finally FINISHING my book this past week [ahh!!], I had my FIRST book press!! YAY!! Daily Quirk posted about me and my book, and they asked a LOT of great questions! My friend even said reading the interview was like chatting with me, so i'm really glad that i answered them well! :)

I've been working a TON of my portfolio and NEW website for the SCBWI conference that's coming up next week! [how in the WORLD is it February already?!]

And.. I wouldn't by any terms say my card went viral, because it's FAR from that... but for my work, this card had a LOT of interest this past week! 

Buzz Feed and Etsy both posted it. And even before that, i was selling a TON of them! It also did super well at Story! I don't know what happened, but I'm SUPER thankful!

All in all... it's been a pretty hectic, crazy, awesome week. [as long as you don't count being sick for four days of it!] ;) 

Happy Birthday ME!!!

It's my birthday!!

Right now i am GALLIVANTING through South Carolina! I'm so excited! Tonight, i'll be eating at a stellar restaurant called Magnolias to celebrate!

Whoo hoo!! 
To celebrate with ya'll i'm offering 10% with the coupon code BIRTHDAY! I'll send your parcel when i return on the 2nd. Enjoy!
It's my birthday!!

Hello Martha, It's me, Jenipher.

So two weeks ago, i, along with LOTS of other Etsians were invited to the Martha Stewart show. The entire audience was made up of crafty folks with amazing hand made products; it was fantastic!
Mr. Jellyfish was with me at the Martha Show, and HOPEFULLY showed up on screen too!
Erin from Harp and Thistle and i are SUPER EXCITED! ::enter happy dance:: Miss Erin was the FIRST in line outside Martha's studio with her stellar husband and i came shortly after. :) TWO.5 HOURS later, we were in the studio taking this photo!
Always need a feet picture! These are mah buddies!!
In Orange we have Caroline from New Hope Beading.
In Green we have Mary Jo from Mercurios
In Blue we have Erin from Harp and Thistle.
And of course, in Yellow, it's ME!

I had a great time, it was a superb opportunity and I'm so blessed that i got to partake! I've been working a TON of my Etsy shop, and can't wait to attend more events at the Etsy Labs and beyond soon!

Happy Friday folks!

Runaway Cherry, Runaway!

After participating in so many Etsy events... [although, i've done a TERRIBLE job blogging about said events] i've been working a TON on my Etsy shops. 

Today was 'Runaway Cherries" turn. Runaway Cherries is my supply shop, and i was STOKED to add these lovely little owls and art pallets to the shop.

Now...it's time to write some hardcore blog posts about all the Etsy adventures i've been on since i moved to New York!

Off i go!!

I am SO very impressed!

 I am SO very
impressed with this necklace! I listed it last week randomly and sold one within a couple days.

I re-listed PURELY for 
'kicks and giggles' 
the next morning not expecting anything at all.

Then, I sold ANOTHER ONE within an hour of my re-list! 
Isn't that Amazing! 

I re-listed it again today JUST to see what will happen and i've had no takers... YET! Both folks who purchased this necklace already had a really good story why they were thankful they found this to GIFT to someone. I LOVE when that happens!!

But i am really stoked about the traffic my shop has had lately. 
I've been working REALLY hard to make it better!

Have you been to my shops lately?
Can you TELL what i've been working on?

Let me know if you can!
smiles and Thanks,

MOODY Monday: Erin Ashley Art

STAND BACK Moody Monday! You just can't have a bad moment after seeing this beautiful/COLORFUL painting! I LOVE it! It's not SUPER often that i have to STOP what I'm doing to blog about a piece of art i love, but in this case, i just had to!

This piece is called "Metro Mix 4" and it's by Erin Ashley. 

Gorgeous on white or blue walls! Hooray! One day, when am settled, i would LOVE a piece like this for my home. :) 

Have you been inspired by any art work lately? 
I'd love to hear about it!

smiles to you DEAR friends,

Hooray! NEW card images!

My INCREDIBLE friend Alyssa showed me how to create new product images of my cards and prints and they look SO AMAZING! I'm excited, and i wanted to share them with you! 

Clearly, these are all my holiday cards, but i'm [ s l o w l y ] working on making ALL of my cards look a nice as these! 

I hope you have a LOVELY thanksgiving folks! 
smiles to you,

Old Skool Record { l o v e }

^ danny phillips art ^

In the last few months, i have found a NEW love of records, record players, and a lot of new TUNES. For that i am super grateful!
                                                                                             Source: ohdeedoh.com via Megan on Pinterest

                                                                                      Source: larkmade.com.au via Marlena on Pinterest

And lastly, these are the CUTEST wedding invites and gifts i've EVER seen. #superCUTE!

                              Source: kellianderson.com via Thélissa on Pinterest

Thus...I'm also grateful for so many cool artists who make nifty things with record related items. :)

Have an musically inspired Friday!

Amylee Designs: inspiring artwork

Meet Amylee Weeks...
She goes by the name Hidden in My HeART;
"Hidden in my HeART is original scripture art designed by Amylee weeks. Shop for Christian art here -- where God's word becomes art! It is honestly WORD art."

I have had the GLORIOUS pleasure of getting to know AmyLee for the last year, and i think she is the BEES KNEES! I love her spirit, her love for her family, and i love her art work. 

She's a wonderful person and talented artist! Make sure to say hello and check out her art work at her Etsy shop. :)

Have a creative day!

12 FIRSTS in 12 months.

My friend Andrea from Paper Sparrow inspired me to post 12 photos from 2010. One from each day month of the year. AND almost all of these are FIRSTS. What a blessed year!

Above....my first. painting. ever.

My first time making pendents with clay! Thanks Patti!

THE first birthday i ever FULLY enjoyed! I am SO blessed!

My first printed "nightly doodles" EVER!

My first time eating this INCREDIBLE sandwich!

My first time painting SUCH a large doodle. AND! It was ON STAGE at church during worship. Ha. So stellar. Thanks Alex!! For asking me to do it, even though i said no. :)

My first time using real clay, and making beautiful pieces from molds. Thank you Rachel!

My first pieces that got accepted into Raphsodic Vegan Bakery. Katie's love and amazing sweet shop was one of my favorite parts of 2010. :) If you live in Orlando, you SHOULD go!

My first time in Jacksonville, visiting Chad and Georgia, with my friend Torin.
It was the Best. Trip. Ever!

I can't express how excited i am for 2011. There is already so much hope, and love, and opportunity, and I. Am. Ready. Thank you to all of those who loved me in 2010. I really couldn't have made it through without you!! I am forever grateful!!

Oodles of Love to all of you.
My readers, my friends, and everyone in between.
I feel blessed to know you all!
smiles to you,

Looksey Wednesday! - Michele Maule

My internet friend Michele Maule draws SUCH beautiful prints. These are a few of her new ones. I think she's uber talented!!

Ohh this one ^^ is so pretty! I've never seen it before. Make sure you head over to her Etsy or blog and see her lovely work. And take a looksie at her cute pup Chloe. :D

Have an inspired day!

Looksy Wednesday - Jessica Swift

I found out today is Jessica Swifts birthday!! Jessica paints beautiful paintings, fun, and brightly colored! She's having a special sale at her Etsy shop.


The only problem...is that i want more then two!!! Head over to her page and wish her a happy birthday, or buy a really beautiful print!!

Happy day to you!

Looksy Wednesday - Laure Designs

it was purely by accident i came across Laure Designs' shop today...

well maybe not COMPLETE accident. I typed in snail, and while she does have snails in her shop, i was captivated by this light bright print. How STELLAR is this!!

I love how all of her cards have a slight retro feel to them, and how simply lovely they are!!

This one made me giggle. :D I hope you enjoy her work as much as i do. She has loads more in her Etsy shop!

Have a creative day!

One Year Ago this week.... Califonia Roll IRL!

How the crap has a year flown by SO fast?

This week, one year ago, i was in California. My life was upside down. I got accepted to Renegade. I was seeing my best friend i hadn't seen in years. Did i mention my life was upside down?

Renegade was super amazing. I shared a booth with Andrea, who is so talented, and friendly!

I had sushi at the bar of a place Sean frequented, so we got loads of free [scary] things to try. I tried [successfully] using chop stix. [and failed.]

Brian drove me all around, ate cupcakes, brought me to Ralph's [who makes the BEST cherry jam] cracked an egg with one hand. drove like a maniac. :) and made fun of me on his podcast.

Twas a lovely trip indeed.
I only have one real disappointment....

The California rolls are better in Orlando. :]

Are you going on any fun trips this summer?
Mucho love to you,

Looksy Wednesday - Little Odd Forest

Oh my...I'm literally drooling over this beautiful purse by Little Odd Forest. I've known about her work for a while, and have even blogged about it once, but couldn't help myself from posting about this purse i stumbled upon this morning while on Etsy.

Isn't it LOVELY?

She has some amazing pieces, i think you should check them out!!

Have an inspired day!