Saves The Day, Saved MY Day!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that i've posted about Saves The Day, quite a few times.
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So right now... as you're [maybe?] reading this, i'm on my way BACK to NY from my honeymoon. [weeeee!] First stop??

 Sayreville, NJ to see Saves The Day!!

It's our FIRST married show!! And we're both SO SO excited it gets to be Saves. :) 

So excited! 
Talk to you tomorrowish folks!!

Saves the Day - "Z" - (Tunes Tuesday)

A couple months ago i started drawing all of my favorite "Saves The Day" song lyrics. Since then, i've been drawing lots of lyrics, but this is one of my most recent Tunes-A-Doodles.

One of my favorite Saves The Day songs (right now) is "Z", off of their new CD, "Day Break". 

STD is a REALLY great band, and REALLY great guys! Listen to this tune! What is YOUR favorite lyric? 

Happy Listening!

[HEAR This!] Saves The Day...SAVED my day.

So...i had the STELLAR opportunity to hear an incredibly inspiring concert; Saves the Day. Afterwards my friend, and his friends [who call themselves "The Buddy System"] invited me to hang out and meet all the Saves The Day folk.
I was so in awe of how down to earth and inspiring the guys were, that I started doodling their lyrics. This inspired me to then doodle other lyrics. THUS 'Hear This' Wednesday was born.

If you haven't heard of Saves The Day, or just don't know many of their songs, I'm telling you RIGHT NOW, these guys are the REAL deal. After you see Chris's emotion when he sings, Arun plays a kick @$$ guitar, Claudio has the best smile and energy, and Rodrigo is just hilarious.  
Have a Musical Day!
Jenipher :)