Tomorrow. I'm getting 
:: m.a.r.r.i.e.d :: 

I wouldn't be able to do a THIRD of what I do without this boy.  He's generous, encouraging and the MOST loving person. I'm so thankful for him, and hope that whoever is single, that your patient and wait for your perfect counterpart. It's REALLY worth the wait!!!!

 It's SO crazy! After months of planning, lots of stress, and a VERY TRUTHFUL greeting card created... I get the PLEASURE of getting married to my best friend. 

You're stuck with me love!! Forever!!

I leave you with wisdom that i've learned by getting engaged... 


Happy weekend friends!!


Nightly Doodles @ Chelsea Market Baskets!!

Exciting News! 

...and an apology for my lack of blog posts, but goodness it's been SO busy since Chelsea Market ended! I've been selling at the Artist and Fleas in Brooklyn for the past two weekends, making new merch for the lovely Brooklyn folk. [more about that later]

AND... My work is NOW sold at Chelsea Market Baskets in NYC!!!!

I've been working my little tushy off preparing line sheets, and after a few persistent weeks, they placed an order! 

I'm so VERY excited! I love CMB. I think they have amazing merchandise and a friendly staff. Above and below are some of the STELLAR cards they will be selling there!

They picked up my whole line of "Hello NY" cards you see above. The boy actually came up with the idea, along with lots of the new prints i offer too!! 

[it's such a blessing to have a creative friend around all the time!]

 Lastly but NOT lease, they picked up my BRAND NEW card [above] i actually designed JUST to show them!

Because of this adventure, i have almost 20 different NYC inspired greeting cards. Now... to figure out if i should list them online?

What do YOU think? 

Now...back to regular blogging i hope! More adventures to share next week!

Thanks for reading friends!
-jenipehr :)