"Bones" shines a light on bullying.

Bones is BY FAR one of my favorite shows. The show came to me when i was at my most unstable, had to quit my jobs, and barely could leave my bed. Sometimes there were days where i didn't leave my room or talk to any humans, but my Bones friends were always there to keep me company.  I will love these characters forever. So much, that i think it worries Boy sometimes. :) 

This episode called "The Lost in the Found" deals with depression, bullying, loneliness, and suicide - which was both HEART BREAKING and so APPRECIATED because these subjects NEED to be talked about more often because they are scary and REAL. They handled the episode beautifully and i sincerely hope that it helps people understand how 'simple things' like loneliness and being bullied can truly be enough for someone to end their life. PLUS, instead of the comments below the episode being cruel like usual, it started a conversation about everything from "suffering with suicidal thoughts to being an outsider" which i find so beautiful and hopefully helpful. <3 <3 

I'd love to hear if you watch the episode, OR if you're already a Bones fan. Make sure to say hello in the comments or on Instagram. :) @Jenipherlyn