I'm exhibiting at National Stationery Show!!! AHHH!!!

Holy MOLY moly friends! I never 'officially' shared on where what i've been working SO FREAKING hard on these last few months. (although, if you follow me on IG and FB you know already!) This year i am exhibiting at NSS (aka National Stationery Show) this May.

Even though i had an IDEA of how much work this show would be, there are SO MANY details, that often i feel like I'm drowning... SOOOO many! Things i never THOUGHT i needed to even think about. (How many watts are my bulbs? Did i pay for enough outlets and electricity? Where DO you buy vinyl sticker? Put my booth number on my catalog? Buy Stickers? And don't even get my started on the pre-mailers! AHHH) but alas, i'll just keep kicking along and reminding myself that it will be WORTH it! <3 

This FANCY (ahahah) drawing is my potential booth! I sincerely hope you'll come visit me if you're attending NSS or Surtex! I'm booth 2264 and i'd love to say hello! 

While this was ALSO happening, i spent Nov - Feb working on a FULL business plan to try and win a local grant... THAT alone is enough to drive someone MAD, let alone doing it WHILE planning for a trade show. 

So, after months and months of working on my business plan, i found out a couple weeks ago i didn't win the grant. BUT, that night i did see those pretty #rainbow lights at the top of this blog, ate Mexican food, pet a HUGE doggy named Bono and Boy bought me an ice cream cone. So, i'd say i still came out a winner!

Are you working on a CRAZYPANTS hard project right now? How are YOU pushing through it?! I'd love to hear in the comments if you'd like to share! 

Mucho Love, Jenipher


PS: I'll try to post a clearly post on what goes into NSS when i have some time!