It's OKAY to take a Break.

Hi Friends.. I'm here to remind you today that Every. Little. Bit. COUNTS.

I'm not sure how many of ya'll are business owners, but as I'm entering into year 9 of part or full time business hood, I'm learning that there will be times in your life where your business is THRIVING and you are kicking-A working hard... and there will be times when work will come second and "Life" with come first. And I'll be the first to tell you, it's SUPER hard as a hard working perfectionist to let that happen.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I've been a little "under the weather". There have been quite a few factors to my saddness, but big scary projects/deadlines, boring grown up things, and ... my best friend sllllowwwwlyyyyy dying are a few of them. The last being the hardest, and hurting my heart so deeply.

During these times, I try to remind myself that its MORE than okay it's taking so much time to do things, it's okay i keep flying back and forth to Florida and have to work crazy hours when i get back home, and that even though my to-do list is THREW the ROOF.. that Every. Little. Bit. COUNTS. Everything will get done.. eventually.

Tonight i even let myself take a little work break, binge watch Castle and color a doodle just for FUN.

And gosh, it helped so much. I'm here to give yourself PERMISSION to let yourself take a break, BREATHE and settle in the fact that EVERY. Bit. Counts.

Happy Tuesday Friends,