Doodle Dream news! + Inspiring Podcasts to fill you with HOPE!

Goodness friends! It's been WAY too long! I hope you're having a BRILLIANT New Year thus far! As i'm coming to the end of the rainbow finishing version II of my book, "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular SAVED my Life"... i wanted to share some fun news with you!

I was interviewed during my blog tour by the lovely fellas of Inspiring Awesome Podcast. The podcast has been recirculating on Twitter these past few weeks, and i thought it would be the PERFECT time to share it it with you!

I was also interviewed by the lovely Kelly Galea .  In this podcast, Kelly and I discuss some ways to open communication with the girls around you + to talk about the hard issues in my book! Both interviews are great, + lucky you! You have the CHANCE to hear my mouse-y voice (as i've deemed it!)

My hope is that it some parts of these interviews will give you HOPE that YOU'RE NOT ALONE, as well as help you talk to your children about life's difficulties.

Happy Listening! 
-Jenipher <3