I give you PERMISSION to take care of yourself.

I'm a gal who overthinks EVERYTHING. Like, ALLLLLL the time.. so it's hard for me on days when i just can't think. Or process. And just feel like poo... This week has been super hard, but today was just, very difficult..

Today was a day where I literally am not fully a human... And although painting is something i am CONSTANTLY struggle to do, it's amazing that ALL i wanted to do was just to finger paint a canvas. I'm feeling super grateful for Tiffany Han's podcast with Flora Bowley that helped me listen to my gut and just to bravely PAINT without worrying about the outcome. Self care is SO important friends. Make sure you're listening to yourself and allowing yourself some time to rest. {However the way "rest" looks for YOU.}

I'm giving you FULL permission to take care of yourself today, tomorrow and EVERYDAY. <3
Love, Jenipher