Things i LOVE Friday!

Happy Friday!!

On Fridays I'll be chatting about things i Love aka things i think YOU'LL love too! Sometimes it might be a funny video to bring you joy [like in my newsletters] or someone i think is  AWESOME .

 It seems like it would make COMPLETE sense to talk about one of my favorite artists for the first 'i LOVE Friday!' so I'd like to introduce you to Lisa Congdon![although I'm sure most if not all of you know of her already!]

 Lisa is a lady of many trades! She paints abstract paintings, she does hand lettering, she's licensing her work, she teaches, and she's a great speaker - She's genuine and has a sweet voice. I've heard her lectures twice already, and i can't wait for the next one!

The internet is a place where it's so easy to feel inadequate because of how "perfect" everything is: the perfect studio, or cooking experience. Kids that look like they came from a catalog, and a house that's decorated to a Tee. One of the main things i want people to see about my journey is that it's NOT perfect. I didn't spend 40 minutes making my breakfast look like a magazine made it for me, ill just share it and hope that it inspires people the way it is.  

And that's why my ALL time FAVORITE reason i love Lisa so much, is that she is insanely honest on her blog. She doesn't make everything perfect. She shares her struggles, her anxieties, and her progress in a way that makes you realize she's a real person

Take a look around her website, her blog. Count how many different types of work styles shes has! It's amazing. :) I hope you had an inspired Friday friends!!