Finding a moment to BREATHE.

Good Golly! 

Holy August?? Where did it go?! 

Hello September.

Hello end of Summer. [hooray!]

Hello cooler weather, pumpkins and warm cozy drinks.

My Favorite. :)

I'm finding lately in the hussle and bussle of life, that it's harder and harder to just take a moment to BREATHE. For me it's taking a moment to sit with a warm beverage [even in summer!], often a treat and my sketchbook. To jot down what the daily anxiousness's are, and to randomly make to-do lists to get things out of my head. [even though i already have them on my list at home!]

However that looks for you...i ENCOURAGE you to take a few moments for self care everyday. It really does make ALL the difference!!

My 'self care' has been watercoloring. :)

How about YOU? What can YOU do today to take care of yourself?