Watercoloring, to-do lists, and ALL that Jazz!

Holy August!

Lately I've been struggling with super long SCARY to-do lists, and trying my best to catch up with all the things i feel like i 'should' be doing more often... like blog. It makes my heart sad b/c i really DO want to blog more consistently, but other things that need to be done ASAP come up and blogging gets set to the back burner. 

But on the BRIGHT side.. I've been working on an all new "30 Days of Doodles" and it's ALL original watercolor doodles. I'm OVERJOYED and have been happily working on it nightly. It's going to be so encouraging and beautiful and lovely! I would love for you to join me on this 30 days of encouragement if you're interested. :)


I'm going to keep most of them a secret until the launch but here is one of my recent ones on the front page of Women You Should Know's website.Yay!

Today i will CELEBRATE that i got a WHOLE blog post done!! [something off my to-do list! hooray!] ;)

What can you CELEBRATE that you got done today??