It's time... to Believe in YOURSELF.

Dear Friends...

There are going to be moments where you heart will SOAR, the creativity will FLOW and JOY just oozes out of you. But often, bumps in the road will hit you when you're not expecting it, and when it does, i want you always Believe in YOU. 

There will be people who will support you along the way in your journey, but there will also be people who just think you're crazy. Sometimes, these people will be the ones closet to you, and like a quick rip of a bandaid...that will hurt the most.

During these hard times, it's MOST important that you BELIEVE IN YOU. Through thick and thin, believe in YOU. YOU can do this. YOU have things under control, even when you don't feel like you do. I have faith that things will all work out... in time. And BRAVE you.. you will PUSH through the hard times, because deep deep down inside... you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  

And on those days when it's hard, and you don't seem to believe in yourself.. take a moment, please take JUST a moment... to sit and breathe... and relish in the fact that you GOT this!!! In time... you SO got this!!!!

I hope you're having a BEAUTIFUL day dear Friend.

- Jenipher