Psuedo Cherry Pie + Giveaway WINNER! :D

For the last few weeks i've been CRAVING cherry pie. Like HARDCORE, craving it. Without having time to really make one from scratch [and not wanting to buy a meh piece of pie] i randomly thought of a pseudo version!!! 


So delicious that i eat it almost every day, and since it's healthy, i don't even feel guilty for having 'pie' everyday!!

You just mash up a graham cracker or two in a bowl with your fingers, add some honey, and spoon over some thawed frozen cherries. Stir Stir Stir and BAM! Amazing dessert that doesn't give you guilt. It's amazing!! 

A few weeks ago i asked YOU to tell me your favorite WEIRD super power, and a lot of you did! [either here, or on my other blog or Nightly Doodles Facebook page!] THANK YOU! 

And the winner is.... Angie!! Yay! Congrats lady!!  I'll be emailing you shortly and James will be sending you your book soon! :D

I hope you're all having splendid day friends! Doing anything fun? I hope so! :)


PS: Pooey! I had a cute video of my kitty picking the winner, but for some reason it won't load onto this blog post! ALAS! Head over to my Facebook page to see it. :)