2015 - the YEAR of CONFIDENCE!

Happy New Year friends!!!! 
It's crazypants even typing that! 

I know that 'picking a word' is a big deal around the parts of the internets i hang out in.. and for the last few days i've been trying to rack my brain about what word i would use to encompass what i feel 2015 will bring for me... 

At first i thought 'risk'... 'or ease'... but honestly, the thing i suffer the MOST with is confidence. And since i'm going to try and go BEYOND anything i've ever tried in my business - new marketing techniques -National Stationery Show - etc... i thought CONFIDENCE might help me way more then any risk or ease. There's already a TON of risk waiting for me with NSS lol, and i truly believe the ease is already building for me in the future, all i need is a little 'YOU GOT THIS" and i should be good to go, right?! I sure hope so!! :)

Do YOU have a word for 2015? I'd love to hear what your word is. Or, WHY you don't have one! :D 

Now... time to drink some Shirley Temples!
Yay! -Jenipher