It's time for a YOU day.

When was the last time you gave yourself a MINI day off? 

After arriving home from Chile, and "napping" for 15 hours, i volunteered twice the next day, then babysat the next few days and had a TON of work to catch up on, and a few deadlines due that week. The running around after being exhausted from a kinda hard, very LONG trip made me agitated, unconfident and unsatisfied. 

So today, i'm taking a mini day off.

I didn't get ANGRY at myself for not writing this blog early this morning or last night [which happens], i didn't FORCE myself to do work this morning i didn't want to do [that happens too] and i actually ate REAL FOOD for lunch [this doesn't always happen].

The outcome so far [at 1:34pm] has been MAGNIFICENT. I've only done a few tasks that HAD to get done, took a break, walked outside eating a freshly made falafel sandwich [which was actually CHEAPER then the organic freezer meal i was craving] and now i'm about to watch a cheesy holiday moving while packaging dozens of holiday cards. Do i want to paint after that? Sure, maybe! And if not, i wont force myself to.

I challenge you to have a day where you aren't FORCING yourself to do tasks you don't want to do. And who knows.. maybe you'll just craving doing them anyway because you aren't being so mean to yourself.

Happy Wednesday friends!!