Top things i learned AFTER opening an Etsy Shop!

One of my best friends texted me yesterday SUPER excited about opening an Etsy shop asking if i could help her. So i decided to make her [and YOU] a blog post tutorial! :)

These are the TOP 10 11 things i've learned from having an Etsy Shop...

1)While getting ready to create an Etsy shop, look around a lot to see how you want to format your shop, what way you want to photos to look and your descriptions. 

2) Make sure you really like your name, b/c it's a PAIN in the A word when you want to change it! Trustttt me!

3) Try to plan everything out ahead of time so you have an idea of what you would like to sell, how you would like to display your pretty thing, and how much you would like to charge.

4) Keep your photos the same. You want it to look like a nice little cohesive shop so it looks nicer when all your photos are similarly shown.

5) Understand that you'll most likely find a better or more attractive way to do something AFTER you open your Etsy shop and you'll have to kind of start over. BREATHEEE, it's going to be okay!! 

^My photos USED to look like this^

^ Now they look like this ^ 

6) This one i'm TERRIBLE at, but consistently add new items. If you have the time, plan ahead and do a bunch of drafts and add them little by little.

7) Don't spend too much time looking at others pages. Don't compare yourself to other sellers. Everyone's journey is different. Some faster, some slower. Just do your thannng and people will be drawn to you!

8)And a piggy back off number 6, try to figure out YOUR style and work with that. If i spent hours agonizing, trying to make my images look really modern and clean thats not me. That doesn't fit my brand.

9) Don't COPY. EVER. It's ridiculous that i even have you say this, but it happens SOOOO often. Here's a good post from my Kelly Rae Roberts about whats okay and whats NOT okay.

10)It's rare that people will just 'find you'. You have to promote yourself. Get a twitter and Instagram and be consistent there too so people get to know you. People like buying form REAL people. Often they buy things because they connect with you and your story.

11) Use ALL the tags they allow you to use. Try to research what others are using. Perhaps that key word will lead people to find you in search. [i am NO PRO by any means in this area! SEO seems very complicated to me! lol]

Phew!! There are MANY more, these are just the first 10 11 that seemed most important! 

Good luck friends!!!
I have faith you're going to have a STELLAR Etsy shop in NO time!!