Rachel, Jaclyn, and Bee and Jen share about being YOURSELF. :)

Ahhh so many talented friends i have!!
I asked four friends to draw doodles for "beeee yourself' week and look at all the goodness i was sent! :D

My talented friend Jennie writes... "The tortoise and the hare is for 'be yourself' because when I was starting senior school at age 11 I couldn't read.  I was bullied because I was in the divvy group and you know what.......I caught up and overtook all those who bullied me in the end.  So the tortoise and the hare mean don't worry, you'll get there."

Bee Brown ^
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Confetti Monster ^

^ Rachel Olsen ^
Hooray! I can't believe "Being Yourself" slipped away from me so quickly! 

Next week is a tricky week!

Are you ready to be SAD with us?!?
Love, Jenipher